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  1. We made it to 86 yesterday, and picked up 0.53" of rain. We Got 4.44" for the month September Up in the mountains earlier in the week, some leaves are starting to turn.
  2. Don't have time to do all of them this morning. Harrisburg 5.11" Williamsport 2.55" Somebody is going to be an overachiever. River up here is supposed to crest around 7' which isn't to bad. I should be fishing on it this weekend.
  3. Picked up an additional 0.45" overnight. I just checked my rain gauge. Which was some much needed rain for us.
  4. Some pretty ominous clouds last evening. Picked up 0.35" off of this storm. River is currently holding steady.
  5. I haven't posted in awhile...my iPad isn't agreeing with forum. It doesn't give me an option to post. Definitely has been a hot week with some decent thunderstorm activity. Picked up 0.50" of rain overnight, to go along with some pretty gusty winds.
  6. Picked up 1.40" of rain from yesterday till 6:00 this morning. "Currently raining" Had one really heavy downpour yesterday.
  7. And it's Monday....Up at 5:00am and its 70 degrees, Hi 93 today with real feel hitting 100...Yuck!!
  8. 46 degrees here this morning. Yesterday was sure a nice day. Looks like we hit 90 this weekend and Monday.
  9. Looks like some more rain today. SYNOPSIS... After a relatively tranquil morning, a vigorous upper level disturbance will track southeast from the Great Lakes Region and spark another few rounds of heavy showers and scattered strong to potentially severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Locally over one inch of rain will fall over portions of Central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley, near the path of an organized area of surface low pressure.
  10. 60 degrees at noon...with some drizzle I switched to jeans instead of shorts.
  11. Hit this bar up, excellent food!! They have a couple big smokers. Top of the mountain 44 north. Come to the T - the restaurant you can see on the left. https://m.zmenu.com/mountain-top-and-provisions-lock-haven-online-menu/ They got some huge rattlers up there...careful. Have Fun!
  12. Downpour and a few rumbles of thunder. Coming from the north today. Just finished up mowing the grass when it let loose.
  13. 51 degrees here and currently raining. I'm going to be having roasted bird if a certain Robbin doesn't stop shitting in my rain gauge.
  14. Only got .08" rain yesterday, pretty much skirted to the south of me. I saw that there was reports of hail yesterday.Anybody buddy end up with any of that?
  15. 89 for the high today. Average temp 72. As mentioned it's been cooling down pretty good at night.
  16. 34 degrees this morning with a decent frost. A repeat of yesterday.
  17. 34 degrees here this morning with frost on the windshield. Once the sun come out it starting warming right up.
  18. I Have a Harman stoker stove. Every other day empty the ash pan and load hopper with rice coal. It runs off a thermostat. This kind of weather every 3 days. I think coal puts out more BTU than pellets. Been burning coal for 30 years.
  19. Picked up 1.0" of rain yesterday. How bout that snow up north!! I have had my coal stove fired back up since Friday. 70 degrees in the house. Looks like some decent winds the next couple days. Have a good week!
  20. Not many days can you mow your grass with snow flurries. Got to take advantage of that .
  21. Earlier today. Philly 63 degrees and Pittsburgh 32 degrees...crazy system.
  22. Wednesday and Thursday especially. Below average temps. Don't put the winter coats away just yet. Looks like tomorrow is going to be the warmest day of the week.
  23. Rockies getting hit this weekend with some heavy snow. Freezing rain yuck...Bubb would sooner have a couple inches of snow. Could you work on that? Fired the coal stove back up last night for a few days. 71 degrees in the house this morning.
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