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  1. -5 degrees this morning. I need a slight warm up. Keep and eye on things you never know with these models. But looks like this is up the coast.
  2. Picked up 0.3” snow overnight. Snow flurries this morning 28 degrees.
  3. Just under 4” of snow. And 2 degrees this morning. Fell on the ice last night. Boy I don’t bounce like I use to.
  4. Ha It’s the storm I wasn’t even paying attention to...3” and still snowing.
  5. Actually that picture is a little deceiving. that’s the coldest spot in the whole house. It’s a semi heated sunroom.
  6. Minus 1 here this morning. Blizzard of 96 we had people die up here with ice flooding.
  7. Good Luck everyone in the southern tier! With the the lows tonight hopefully you will have snow cover.
  8. This is something. Bub everything currently froze solid up here.
  9. Dusting this morning. Lane and vehicle is covered. I probably will go out with a leaf blower and blow everything off here in a little bit.
  10. Coop getting a little LES off and on today. All adds up.
  11. This storm was crazy!! I ended up going to bed with a lot of snow. I should have measured. Got up in the morning and had 5.5” of snow. And my weather station was showing 0.87” of rain. I’m guessing I had over 7.0” of snow . Talk about a miserable snow to clean up. 300’ driveway. The weekend storm on the GFS look like it has 2 lows.
  12. 5.5” but the rain washed some of my total. Currently raining “Drizzle”
  13. Maybe someone can answer this. NWS has me currently having snow and freezing fog. I never heard the term freezing fog before.
  14. It’s just starting...you need to relax and enjoy.
  15. Ha! talk about confusion My high today was 21. Currently at 3 degrees.
  16. 6 degrees this morning. Shame all that cold going to waste. This place is pretty much dead.
  17. I would think that’s kind of early. The storm just come ashore let it hit the Rockies. Then put a map out based on them conditions. Would give you a truer picture I would think.
  18. I’ll be back Friday....Fingers crossed Edit:Friday
  19. Has the storm made it ashore yet? West coast. wiggle wiggle wiggle.
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