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  1. We’re down to less than a quarter of inch of rain for our forecast. We will take any rain we can get, but an inch would have been nice. 52 degrees this morning. Pleasant weather.
  2. Bubb Tuesday was up at 4:30 am and it was 74 degrees out. What a difference.
  3. Chilly here this morning. Date is not right on my station. Had a power outage. Earlier in the week.
  4. Nice morning to sit out and drink my morning coffee. 59 degrees...Feels great!! No precipitation yesterday.
  5. 74 degrees at 5:00 am this morning. DP in the 70’s. No rain as of late. Mostly all just to the north. 89 for the high yesterday but very humid.
  6. Rain all around us this afternoon. We ended up with mostly wind and a trace of precipitation. 48 mph gust...A lot of tree branches down in the area. Highest wind speed 37 mph.
  7. 71 degrees this morning. Just picked up a trace of rain yesterday and overnight. I see we have a chance of rain tonight. Thursday looking like scorcher. Had a drowning on the river over the weekend. Don’t know the details. But I didn’t think that area had very deep water. “Muncy”
  8. Picked up 0.57” of rain here this morning. Rolled in around 5:00am. Happy with that! The bulk was to the north of us. Currently 85 degrees, Don’t think we will hit 90 today.
  9. Getting some steady rain this morning. But looks like most of it is north of I-80 with some smaller showers below.
  10. Picked up up 0.35” of rain off that thunderstorm. Also set a record high at the airport 98 degrees. Which I think I had 99 degrees here at the house.
  11. Hit 97 @ 3:48 pm A few sprinkles but no real precipitation. We had a few good storms pop up on radar but either North or South of us.
  12. Predicted high today 96 degrees. Low overnight 67. Have a day scheduled with AC today. The river, my one fishing stretch at the start of the year was 3’ Now it’s down to 8”, hardly enough to get a boat up on plane. Eveyone stay cool today, Except Voyager....Enjoy
  13. 94 - 5 days in a row. Today hit it at 12:27. Then we was dodging showers in the afternoon, but no precipitation.
  14. I ready for winter...Sorry Voyager
  15. Back to Back 94 degree days. The sun is hot, but the breeze makes it at least bearable.
  16. Rainfall for July 0.15” at the airport Normal 2.37” I picked up 0.40” the other night. Hopefully pick up some tonight and tomorrow.
  17. Picked up 0.40” with a pop up thunderstorm overnight. First rain in awhile.
  18. Bub we always seem to be in the gap. Looks like mostly south...Few stray sprinkles maybe. We get the wind.
  19. Hit 90 today @ 2:30. Fingers crossed for some rain tomorrow.
  20. Was a pleasant 52 degrees this morning at 6:00am. With the sun, temperatures are almost 70 now.
  21. Canderson See a Lime green tanker down there today? Old Lycoming township , it’s the township I live in. Could really use some rain. My jet is shutdown in a few places.
  22. Picked up 0.34” overnight, from big storms that came from New York State. Sprinkles this morning.
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