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  1. GFS hasn’t been showing us much cold love lately.
  2. Not much cold air on that map. Picked up 0.50” of rainfall overnight.
  3. Seems you guys below 80 are getting some good rains. 43 degrees and some drizzle up here this morning. We going to hit 50 degrees today.
  4. I’m ok with the board. Not like the weather has made it super busy. I don’t follow sports that much, but ok with the guys talking about it. I follow MU on Twitter. Hell even sometimes in the morning drink my coffee and watch Weather Nation. Thankful for a handful of people on here. Edit: Everyone on here!
  5. Blizz Just appears that the northern jet stream on the GFS doesn’t appear to have much dip for us. Thanks for the maps At least we have something to watch!
  6. Rain instead of snow...Gee what a surprise. 16 degrees here this morning. A chilly start.
  7. 0.25” of rain this morning. Some good Alabaster coffee this morning $. Have a good weekend!
  8. 42 mph wind gust over night, steady 15mph wind. Ended up with 0.26” of rain yesterday, Far cry from the 1-2” They was calling for. Snow flurries today...So good start Blizz! Sandstorm your welcome! Thanks Mag.
  9. Forecast for tomorrow....South wind 14 to 18 mph becoming west in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 38 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between 1 and 2 inches possible. Not sure about the wind forecast, But I think they are a little heavy on the rain. Looking for less than an inch. On the grass mowing this year?? snow in the morning and the mowed in the afternoon.
  10. Decent amount of rain this afternoon. Now thunder and lightening. 0.83” wow
  11. It’s irritating all this cold air in the mornings. it’s 18 degrees this morning. And we’re looking at rain coming up. No cold air to be found.
  12. In the Teens this morning, 18-19 degrees. We could use some of this cold for the weekend. Stove feels pretty good this morning.
  13. Somebody got behind on their shoveling
  14. 34 this morning with the high predicted to be 40. Average wind today 14 mph, with 24 mph gusts Going to be busy clearing stadium seats in Buffalo. Ha! Jim Cantore live in Buffalo
  15. I ended up measuring 2.1” of snow here, just north of Williamsport. This morning the grass is still covered with snow but the roads are bare. A reminder that winter is here.
  16. Definitely an overachiever from what was predicted 24 hours ago. Mag, 4.5” nice first storm of the season. Buffalo LES is starting up.
  17. Started about 2:00 pm. Been snowing pretty good.
  18. Let’s see what the Oz shows tonight.
  19. NWS is on the snow train. Not quite reaching the southern tier though.
  20. Bub that would sure be a nice start to the season. I picked up diesel for the tractor today. Bills game, very poor officiating against both teams. Boy what an exciting game though.
  21. 59 degrees, currently winds calm. Total - storm total was 3.16” of rain. Picked up 1.76 overnight
  22. Rain started about7:15 this morning. Still raining 7:15 to 3:30 pm 1.40” of rain. Liking all this snow talk Make me realize I should probably get my snowblower around.
  23. we sure could use some rain. River is getting super low. 0.4” would be nice to head into winter with a little surplus. The sun sure was intense today. Short sleeves today.
  24. Low temperature yesterday morning 67. And we set a record yesterday at 74 for the high. Mowed the grass yesterday, hopefully for the last time.
  25. Hit 68 for a high yesterday. 38 here this morning. I didn’t think it was supposed to get that cold this morning.
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