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  1. Central PA - March 2018

    Gfs run this morning for March 12 let’s just hope this holds next 20 runs. Is that too much to ask. As Nut said all in. Euro was basically Maryland line south with 15 to 20 inches. Around 8 inches into southern tier. I know I shouldn’t post clown maps that far out, but it is to good not to take a peek.
  2. Central PA - December 2017

    Check this out the 348 hour GFS run for this storm. Wonder if we can get it back to this. Big storms get picked up early. This run was Dec 21st.
  3. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    http://weather.graphics/hrrr/2017031323/pennsylvania/hrrr_2017031323_ref_15min_pennsylvania.gif check this out.
  4. Central PA - March 2017

    Last one for the nam
  5. Pittsburgh PA spring 2017

    That map is yes.
  6. Central PA - February 2017

    Took this from Facebook but just north of Lititz
  7. Central PA - February 2017

    Is Harrisburg still looking to break the record for lowest snowfall?
  8. Central PA - February 2017

    Its not looking good at all for York county. I was reading many weather sites and most are starting to point to an early spring. Day 9 big warm up again and it's getting late in the year now. No storm to track at all. I was just talking to my friend that's a teacher they have not had one delay or snow day this year. I am right at one inch of snow and sleet. Harrisburg has recorded 1.9 inches so far. The record low is something like 6 inches back in the 70s.
  9. Central PA - February 2017

    Yeah in York, pa I believe our total so far is 1.2
  10. Central PA - February 2017

    I will say this has been a terrible winter for snow in York county. I think we have an inch of snow total for the winter. You want to see how bad it is check out ski roundtop. I would say that is the worst I have seen it for this time of the year. Lots of mixed reviews on the February pattern. Not looking so good but long range models have done terrible this year. https://www.skiroundtop.com/live-cameras