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  1. @losetoa6 are you in the Hanover area today? That stuff in York is crazy heavy. Going to take a drive soon but flash flood warning has to be coming.
  2. Man Etna, Pa near Pitt is having some major issues already. Evacuations of the town currently.
  3. Second time this morning very heavy rain. When you get under the red cells it pours but not for real long period.
  4. Was just going to say Bedford to Chambersburg getting slammed already.
  5. Harrisburg: 8.5 Lancaster: 6 northern, southern 3 to 4. York: northern York 8, southern 4 to 5. Tamaqua: 7 Williamsport: 2.5 State College: 2.5 Chambersburg: 8 Clearfield: 3 I am going bigger on this event. See a lot of upside potential. Who ever gets under the Convection and training could get 8 to 10. I think we might see one or two localized 11 to 12 inch amounts.
  6. Boy that would be crazy way to kick off this rain event.
  7. Thanks for posting those maps. Looks like all models agree pretty well right now. Going to say 6 to 10 is a real possibility around Harrisburg, Adams, York and few other places.
  8. Storms starting to fire up, whoever gets hit will make Tuesday worst if euro is correct.
  9. Took this from mid Atlantic forum, might be another active evening.
  10. I think this is the most active I have ever seen this group since I joined in 2010. Summer was always 5 post a week type deal.
  11. Rescues getting dispatched as we speak. 2 active few road closures.
  12. I was just saying this, got a pretty solid downpour but didn’t last long. I was telling my wife it has rained more days in a row then I can remember.
  13. from last night storm that area got hit hard. Newberry Township is coordinating the following in response to the widespread power outage in the Grandview Section of Newberry Township: There is a water distribution station at the NTPD Field Operations Unit located the the intersection of Grandview Drive and Hill Drive until 1400 hours. There is a cooling / comfort station opening at the Newberry Township Fire Company located at 2145 York Haven Road. Facial coverings will be required to enter the cooling/ comfort station. The Newberry Township Fire Company will also be traveling through the effected areas to distribute water to residents. Residents are encouraged to follow Newberry Township official social media outlets and the township Website for updates. Newberry Township, York County Pennsylvania Newberry Township Fire Department (103)
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