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  1. Can we bring her home boys. Let’s go all in get it done.
  2. This is incredible not one storm up the coast or below mason Dixon line. Got this from another forum but had to repost it.
  3. I drove up to Ski Roundtop today. I would say this is one of the worst years I have seen for the mountain. We go up a good bit and the attendance is way down all relates to lack of snow. For mid Jan I don’t think I have seen it this bad. Picture is from webcam but in person it’s worst. I know next week they should come back to life but in a short season has to hurt.
  4. I’m sorry I had to do this, I apologize in advance for the banter but all you need to know about worms. Felt it was a good time to post it. God please let it snow Saturday.
  5. Anyone else have fog? I can’t remember a snowstorm with fog right after. Ended with 6.5 today great surprise.
  6. Took measurement on glass table and plastic pipe around 6 and half.
  7. Hit three inches and still coming down hard.