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  1. Yeah can’t buy a drop of rain, could see it raining by ski Roundtop and not even a drop at my house. Starting to get frustrating. Not much rain look forward to either.
  2. Really weird day. Looked like I was going to get nailed few times. In the end all i got was some very light showers.
  3. If you don’t mind me asking what is a SAL. Always interested in the tropics but nothing Showing in the long range yet. Seemed active early and now nothing. Thanks for any info.
  4. Wow wind is crazy and just had heavy wind blown snow with some lightning. All at the same time power went out now. Crazy day
  5. Saw this posted in NY forum, this is really amazing that only one storm went under the Mason Dixon line this year. That storm staying way south at that. No coastal storms to speak of.
  6. Brings up a good point, I know we don’t get crazy wildfires. I know is has been damp but don’t they say we need snow cover to keep the fire risk down.
  7. I must say one positive is we won’t have much discussion about sun angle this year. It sure does feel warm in the sun.
  8. I miss seeing Allweather posts. I do believe he might be done doing weather all together. Wasn’t his name Matt. Saw a matt had left wgal.
  9. Well another one missed in this area. Hoping for little luck. Quick recap on next week on models. Icon was a solid storm, gfs suppressed , Cmc was close. Euro almost wants to cut it and with UKmet being great. So we got great track on UKmet and icon. See what happens. Euro icon Ukmet
  10. I got snow mixing in now. York by ski Roundtop.
  11. Can we bring her home boys. Let’s go all in get it done.