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  1. A lot of the Philly some of the MA guys started a forum phillywx.com
  2. Good many tree and wires down in York. I think I am pushing around 4 inches so far.
  3. 9:15 some white stuff falling . York
  4. Some reports of snow already in MD, @psuhoffman is reporting a few flakes already, Gainesville reporting some snow at 38 that’s great to see.
  5. Just some morning wake up maps to catch everyone up.
  6. Don’t know how looking at radar but still snowing. At times moderate to heavy. York, Pa near ski roundtop area to Dover, Pa.
  7. 10 clock update so far.
  8. Will check in later to compare numbers.
  9. Very fast as of 4 P.M 110k now in Pa alone.
  10. The wind is on its way. Saw on the other site Latrobe gusted to 66 mph about an hour ago now.