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  1. Is Harrisburg still looking to break the record for lowest snowfall?
  2. Its not looking good at all for York county. I was reading many weather sites and most are starting to point to an early spring. Day 9 big warm up again and it's getting late in the year now. No storm to track at all. I was just talking to my friend that's a teacher they have not had one delay or snow day this year. I am right at one inch of snow and sleet. Harrisburg has recorded 1.9 inches so far. The record low is something like 6 inches back in the 70s.
  3. Yeah in York, pa I believe our total so far is 1.2
  4. I will say this has been a terrible winter for snow in York county. I think we have an inch of snow total for the winter. You want to see how bad it is check out ski roundtop. I would say that is the worst I have seen it for this time of the year. Lots of mixed reviews on the February pattern. Not looking so good but long range models have done terrible this year. https://www.skiroundtop.com/live-cameras
  5. Solid coating in York been snowing good for about an hour or so. Moderate snow now. quote name="Superstorm93" post="3968261" timestamp="1454992912"] Anyone around York? I'm impressed how steady the snow is accumulating given the fact that the returns are pretty much non existent here.
  6. This is the year for it, look at the nam everyone said no way for the blizzard. Come on CRAS score one. JMA caving to the CRAS, lol. Wouldn't it be something if this was the once per year CRAS coup??
  7. Never seen that high before Adams, York and even Harrisburg. Wow
  8. You guys see the new state College snow map, wow
  9. RPM model huge hit is that model any good
  10. I think this guy might be right from accuweather forum Class GFS nonsense. Jumps the energy out too fast and too far east. With the amount of cold on land and the very warm water, the natural baroclynic zone will along the coast. You can see it try and reform a SLP farther west, but it messes up the QPF fields. I would not get discouraged by this. As it gets closer in time, the GFS will fix this shearing out issue Yes. It shears out the energy too fast and tries to pop a new low over the heavy convection out to sea. It does this a lot. You can see it fighting with itself. Expect a tighter compact low closer to the coast. Maybe not to the extreme of the NAM, but not what this is showing
  11. When do the ensemble come out.
  12. Any one have the ensemble
  13. When do the ensemble come out thanks
  14. When do the ensemble come out thanks I'll get a bit concerned if the ensemble agree. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk