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  1. Didn’t expect this but heavy sleet with some snow two miles from ski roundtop.
  2. Looks like the gfs drops near a foot Thursday for most in LSV.
  3. What your location that’s pretty awesome congrats.
  4. I think as @pawatch just said a lot of dry air overrunning part don’t look great. Big tick East on all models. I didn’t believe the nam at first but now has a lot of support.
  5. I would not it seems most models have trended this way. I think now Tom Russel map was right. Big lean East and north with the heaviest. Kind of unreal two for two this year showing big amounts then as the storm is starting fades. Still happy with what we get but think more in the 4 to 8 range around Harrisburg, Lancaster, York .
  6. Looks like euro and gfs actually tracked the low little closer to the coast tonight.
  7. Well it’s really going to come down to low position. East, west and when does it stall. Won’t be able to nail this down till nowcasting.