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  1. After looking at the last few pages of comments, some of which lack our usual friendliness, I am going to go ahead and lapse into poetry. Before anyone panics, it will not be my poetry (I don't have any) but that of the Russian author Boris Pasternak, who wrote Dr Zhivago and I am sure knew a lot about snow and drinking, too. What could be better than to read First Snow while talking about it? First Snow Outside the snowstorm spins, and hides The world beneath a pall.* Snowed under are the paper-girl, The papers and the stall. Quite often our experience Has led us to believe That snow falls out of reticence, In order to deceive. Concealing unrepentantly And trimming you in white, How often he has brought you home Into the town at night! While snowflakes blind and blanket out The distance more and more, A tipsy shadow gropes his way And staggers to the door. And then he enters hastily... Again, for all I know, Someone has something sinful to Conceal in all this snow! ________ * Pall, noun: something that covers or conceals especially : an overspreading element that produces an effect of gloom
  2. Forgot to post this earlier. Sorry. WYOU in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre is having a weather special starting in a few minutes at 7:30. Winter Weather Outlook will be a first as far as I know for a half hour show covering their snow predictions. Glad to see snow getting the attention it deserves. Maybe other stations will start doing this too. Update: I didn't see the middle as I was fussing with groceries and eating my donut. But I did see the end where they called for below average snow and possiblity of several Nor'easters coming up the coast. No snow map! Williamsport's average is just below 36" so we could be below average but still get a lot more than last year.
  3. Just saw this irresistible picture which is far more interesting with its blemishes and colors than the typical moon shot. Definitely zoom it up and look closely when you get a chance as photographer advises. It reminded me an atmosphere like ours is a wonderful thing to have. It does not seem like a place for any advanced life from Earth to live however nor does anywhere else in our solar system, I'm afraid.
  4. I thought at first he was doing a fantastic takeoff on kids today then I thought no, I think this is really him and not a made up character. What seemed so great as comedy was the opposite of funny in real life.
  5. No more Freeze Warnings for us up in Williamsport. Montoursville Airport is now 30 and we are supposed to go down to 28. It is so strange to think that hit 75 just a week ago last Wednesday and I think the following day was 80. Plus of course on Sunday it will be completely dark before 5:30, I believe.
  6. I was surprised to see when I got downstairs this morning that Williamsport was supposed to hit 69 or 70 later on. No such luck ... it never got past 62, which is what we are supposed to have tomorrow. Now that it is October 12, there won't be any more throwback weeks to summer where I have the windows open and it is in mid 70s or even low 80s for days. I will have to get used to fall being here to stay plus force myself to accept losing an extra hour of light soon, on November 5. Weather is such a heavy burden on the mind, isn't it?
  7. 4:50a I see PA made the cone. I wonder when that last happened? I was in Jersey City where I had lived for years, just 10 blocks from the Hudson and a few blocks from NY Harbor for Superstorm Sandy. I went down by the river and the harbor for the last time before it hit during the late afternoon of the day before, I think. I wish I could say I remember it well but I don't. There wasn't much going on as I expected but I wanted to see for myself. I kept going around the neighborhood and down to the river that weekend trying to imagine what would happen. I ended up talking to and then kind of clinging to a cleaning lady from a nearby building also there. We shouted our good-byes. Lucky you will have your new girlfriend to cling to as necessary. I am definitely interested in seeing a video and hearing about what you see.
  8. You raise some interesting points. What countries have weather satellites focused on the Mediterranean? What countries track these storms and issue warnings? Don't the Big European Three of UK, France and Germany provide sufficient information and coverage for the smaller and/or poorer countries to the East?
  9. The sun was shining again in Williamsport at 7:00p. Montoursville Airport rain seemed low at around .3 so I checked two weather stations in Williamsport on Wunderground at they were .44 and .55. We never did get any lightening after all that earlier thunder. Local TV news is full of reports about Nanticoke and a fair getting hit by strong winds and have some damage. Some power outages in counties in northcentral and NEPA including my own of Lycoming but I do not know where. We up here will have more rain locally over the next week just like the rest of you but that will be competing for my attention with the already remarkable Hurricane Lee. It will be something if we get any rain or wind from it, even indirectly.
  10. The rain has finally started to fall in Williamsport after more than an hour and a half of thunder but no rain and half dark clouds-half blue skies with white clouds. The lights in the parking lot just came on at 3:25. Still thunder but no lightening -- yet. Air seems so cool yet I see we are at 86, not much of a drop at all.
  11. You really think so? Seriously, what are the chances?
  12. I can tell you guy on Channel 16 brought it up at 11:00p forecast on Labor Day as something that could possibly affect us depending on track. He kind of dismissed it as unlikely but still he brought it up. I kept seeing things about Lee all day I didn't want to see. And we still have plenty of time for more bad hurricanes this year.
  13. The Williamsport-Pittsburgh bus used to stop there when I was going to school in Pittsburgh and the two years I lived there after graduating. I know it did. I am sure of it. Nevertheless I cannot remember a darn thing about Dubois. I can remember a bit about Punxatawny, home of Punxatawny Phil the groundhog of course, but who knows if that is really from my bus trips or from seeing the Bill Murray movie they filmed there on TV through the years?
  14. It has been raining with thunder and lightening in Williamsport for a few hours now. Lights flickered briefly and TV switched off but cable box stayed on. The Weather Channel was constantly sounding off over flood warning & some other things too for about two hours but now I turned to another channel and i am relaxing again without any toots. Yes it is annoying to have local weather interfere with my plans to watch hurricane coverage.
    1. CoralRed


      Thanks for the link. There is so much to know about weather. I am sure glad I am not in Florida waiting and worrying about wind and water ruining my stuff soon.

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