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  1. 5:45p Williamsport: The weather just scared me! I was eating and watching TV and suddenly the window showed light where there had been darkness and I could see a long thin bluish white line was stretched across from left to right. I was startled and then I realized of course it had to be lightening. As I recall, we were only supposed to have .25 rain mostly during day which I figured should be ending soon. Now we have .36 rain tonight; updated forecast still has no mention of thunderstorms even though I see others have gotten them, too. Yes this is funny but it shows how little raining and storming we have had for months. I'm not used to it anymore! I didn't use my umbrella for over a month this fall and didn't use it much this summer either. Not much rain, especially during daylight hours. The sky when it wasn't raining today was about the same as when it was. The dreariness was intense. I am glad this happened today instead of earlier in the holiday weekend. 6:15: Another phenomenon! I was getting more food in the kitchen when things suddenly were darker. I turned around, looked up and yes, one of the lightbulbs had gone out. I am now armed with some LED bulbs so when I replace the halogens tomorrow, I should have to do it again for years, i guess. I hope I am left in peace now for the rest of the night. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.
  2. I am the least likely person to answer but I looked up some maps and stuff when no one else responded. I can only say after what has been going on in Western NY and around Erie, if I were doing this I'd get on the highway running south from near Montreal and travel to near NYC and take things from there. I used to go from Williamsport to school in Pittsburgh, usually on the bus but my loyal "just a local driver" Mom went out each year and came back to move me and my stuff in and out of the dorm. Good old Mom. The first time we took 80 and dropped down near Pittsburgh and realized that took too long. After that, it was 220 to 22, we picked up 22 around Altoona, I think. I cannot say how much I would make sure I avoided anything near the collosal highway mess this storm is causing now and still will be causing on Sunday. Far better to go out of your way but be sure you can keep moving at normal speed the entire way, especially if you are on your own. Hopes this helps you and your friend.
  3. This reminds me of when I still lived in NJ and Christie closed the roads for a storm and I was quite surprised. But back then I thought of all the businesses who want to stay open no matter what and insist employees come in and/or don't go home when they should and I realized what a smart and necessary decision it was. Now I am sorry to say we have to add in people who don't seem to know what common sense is in a big snowstorm, which I would say is greater than it used to be. Again, I have to say this is right and necessary decision. When roads are closed, that's it.
  4. This is great! I know I am not the only one from the Central PA forum checking in here. I hope everybody stays safe and keeps reporting in so we know what's happening. Looks like there may be a big one next week, too. Wild days for November, especially when it was in the mid 70s just last week here in Williamsport.
  5. We had an OK start here in Williamsport but around 8:15 I opened door and saw nothing but it felt very cold so I scurried back inside. Maybe an hour later there were raindrops on window. Doesn't look pretty out and we've reached the end, I think, nothing overnight to speak of. Have to rate this one a letdown. Glad others had a much better experience. They still have advisory up until 11a tomorrow, though. Why: "ADDITIONAL DETAILS...The heavy snow has moved out and only patchy drizzle and light snow is expected. Temperatures are rising, and should rise a couple more degrees overnight to go just above freezing in most places. Sub-freezing air coupled with the drizzle will still pose a threat to make light accumulations of ice."
  6. Surprise! Looks like more than expected coming our way. At the Library, finally checked again on weather for Williamsport. We didn't get flakes -- nice big ones, which I was very happy to see -- until shortly after 3:00 but I guess we will make up for the slow start. It is just 33 at Montoursville Airport and will be for several hours, then it will go to mid-upper 30s. We were not supposed to go below something like 36. Snow amounts now saying 3"-5" instead of 1-3; 3" just from 6:00-8:00. I wasn't expecting that at all. On the other hand, I thought we'd get more overnight but I see only .6", all rain, at 35-36.
  7. There is a weather map on the front page of washingtonpost.com with rain totals for Nicole. Oddly enough among the biggest totals outside of the northeastern FL coast -- which will be around 3.5" or so -- will be here around Williamsport, which is supposed to get a bit under 3". As it goes north the highest numbers still don't drop off as much as you might think. Maine's highest is a bit above 2". But of course we all know the real totals will be different. It will be interesting to see by how much.
  8. Gotta love this: We hit the daytime high of 72 here in Williamsport by around noon, which is a bit higher than predicted. Glorious blue skies and sun. I checked the 10 day at wunderground.com and there was the first snowflake graphic of the season for 11/16: no accumulation, high 46, low 30. Things will move along quickly now I guess since we had an extra month of early fall, more or less.
  9. 11:45p Williamsport Report. We are still at 71 at the Montoursville airport and have another hour to go above 69, which coincidentally is supposed to be tomorrow's high. I had the bedroom window open while I slept this morning and switched out comforter with the lightweight cotton blanket. Can hardly believe what I am typing myself. The rain I didn't want didn't come today and it isn't coming overnight, either. It occured to me last night we are less than six weeks away from another weather extreme: The anniversary of the early and biggest snowfall we ever had in Williamsport on December 16-17, 2020, 24.7".
  10. Nice surprise at 2:00: Bright and sunny instead of cloudy -- for now, 74, in Williamsport. Calling for rain before 5:00 but only around 50% chance. Hoping it stays away until later tonight. Record high to break is 77. Record low is 20; it was still 69 around 5:00a and tonight at 11:00p we are still going to be 66. What a day! What a week it's been for November!
  11. Williamsport Report at 5:21a. It is 69 at the Montoursville Airport. I reopened the closed front porch door and turned down heat to make sure it didn't come on while I was sleep about an hour ago. What weather! Looking ahead, it's 40s during day and lower 30s-20s at night starting next Sunday. Not ready for that. Will also have to see completely dark sky an hour earlier tonight to really believe Daylight Savings is gone. But I guess ready or not, the end of summer is really here this time.
  12. Surprise overnight Little League news. This is the headline at the Daily Mail: "Dad of Utah Little Leaguer Easton Oliverson, who fractured his skull in fall from bunk bed, is hopeful of a full recovery as he reveals he is 'grateful' his son is alive after being told he had 'zero percent chance to live" We are having too much rain and drama up here in Williamsport after our two year break. How did that family stand to wonder if and when their kid was going to die? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-11133353/Dad-Little-Leaguer-Easton-Oliverson-fractured-skull-hopeful-recovery.html
  13. I am late to this but I did want to say that I completely disagree. First of all, SAD is a weather related condition, this is a weather site, the connection is clear. Second, I am willing to read most anything people want to say, especially when it is something important to them. I put a lot of stock in friendliness and listening to other people and I think most everyone here feels the same. That is how I was brought up here in Williamsport. That is one of the reasons I like coming here.
  14. The unairconditioned Williamsport report is: Ugh. This is first week the heat has really bothered me. At 8:55 we are now at 80 with dewpoint of 75. Ugh. Never went out all day. Around 6:15 got hit by sudden strong sense of running out of gas. Went upstairs for nap. I sure hope this week is it for Misery this summer.
  15. I hit the NYC button by mistake instead of PA/NY. Now that I know it was 89, 93 and 96 in Maine today, I feel even worse. I lived in Jersey City and worked in the City for years and used to post occasionally here. Jersey City used to have the Main Library open on Sunday when the heat was really bad. I sure could have used that relief today. Thanks for the good information and summary.
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