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  1. Well I won't make the set of Gameday because they are doing it in front of Old Main and I'll be tailgating all day over in the lots by the stadium, but exciting nonetheless that they are making an appearance for the fifth straight year. Man, you're always taking it to me with your totals. Have fun up at the game! I had to sell a number of my games this year, you know, the baby and all make trips a little tougher to swing these days. Got to pick and choose my battles ha.
  2. .37" from a solid little storm last eve. Getting ready to head to Happy Valley tomorrow for the whiteout. My excitement and anticipation are starting to reach dangerous levels.
  3. Damn, we're running out of places to grab a beer up there. Haven't been to the Coach Stop Inn, will have to pop in the next time I'm up. Couldn't agree more about the state of the labor market.
  4. Were ya at The Log Cabin Inn? Or perhaps the Wonder Bar in Galeton?
  5. 1.06" of heavy stuff and a nice T&L show. My monthly total is..........6.66"
  6. .21” total for me, a big Penn State W, and a mostly beautiful stretch of weather on tap. Life is good.
  7. Overnight low here of 54 with heavy dew. The dog and the baby are much more amped than I am this morning.
  8. I know, isn't it!? F'n crazy! Honestly one of the best close encounter 'nado videos I have ever seen, maybe THE best. Glad you all enjoyed.
  9. Oh yeah that's what I mean, all pre-game. Penn State doesn't have booze inside the stadium either, outside of the club seats and private boxes. People get extra lathered up because it needs to carry them through the game haha. Doesn't end well for some, especially when you throw in extreme heat.
  10. I hope this posts okay because it is worth every second, especially towards the end. Wow!
  11. Of course alcohol is never a factor in those incidents haha. Heck, we even see plenty of that up in Happy Valley.
  12. What's new ha. Just a factory of talent there. I will say, while their skill talent is very good, the defense is a bit susceptible and I don't think the quarterback is quite to the level of other guys they've had recently. They are still heavy favorites to win the league but even the mighty OSU gets had by an unsuspecting foe most years. Eh I don't quite subscribe to that. I think no matter who wins the game tomorrow, both PSU and Wisco can still have the seasons they envision. Of course, fans of both programs will wildly overact to the results of a week one game, but the reality is that the examples are endless of teams laying a stinker in week one and then going on to have great seasons, or vice versa. This being college-aged guys and there being no warm-up games only adds to the unknowns. Teams can look quite different from week one to week two. Again, the only guarantee is overreaction on both sides ha. We have a wedding tomorrow as well (my wife's brother) but at least it's not until 6pm. I should be able to get through the game just fine, outside of the normal hand-wringing from my wife about "getting ready". Black shoes. Basic blues. No names. All game. We Are!!!
  13. Watched college football last night and woke up to a temp of 51 this morning. Yep, it's that time of year. Damnit life is good.
  14. Ah ha! @Itstrainingtime unintentionally saving me face
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