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  1. MU always finishes with a significantly higher departure than MDT because they compare against the entire period of record (which I like), whereas NWS just uses the most recent 30-year period.
  2. .24" of rain for me yesterday -- 2.5" total for the month on only 8 days of measurable precip. Certainly feeling like winter out there as we roll into December.
  3. Can confirm bountiful sunshine upon my face as I trekked to the train station.
  4. Skies clearing just to the west up here in Harrisburg. That peak of sunshine may just yet happen.
  5. Yes sir! And more importantly, what should be an outstanding O-line, especially with Fashanu coming back and hopefully Scruggs doing so as well. Yeah the Michigan game was a complete debacle coming off a bye but the OSU game was a pretty even affair outside of a couple splash plays towards the end. I guess if you just look at Penn State's results versus those two it's a not a complete shock how "The Game" played out. I will not even entertain LSU beating Georgia; nope, won't do it!
  6. I did see that the Sierras were in for a nice hit and thought of you. Yeah, pile it up nice and high for that late spring arrival of yours. We decided not to go up for the game, sadly. The 4pm kickoff meant we wouldn't be home until close to midnight and it's just too much to ask of anyone to watch the kids at night right now. Let's just say sleep has been hard to come by in the MJS household lately. Better days ahead, hopefully. Must say, the Nits exceeded my expectations this year. Hearing the Rose Bowl is a real possibility. Very excited for next year's team.
  7. Looks like we'll end November ~2.5 degrees AN, not too shabby considering we were running 13.5 above on November 7th. National high of 92 at Falcon Lake, TX and low of -19 near White Sulphur Springs, MT. I'm with @Itstrainingtime in thinking we see some late day sun, hopefully it at least pops before sunset. Carry on.
  8. .06” total precip here. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you weather fools. Cheers!
  9. I know the look and feel of those seats all too well haha. Been catching the early train for more than a decade, never gets easy!
  10. Hit 21 in the car thermo while going through low-lying rural spots.
  11. Well, the weather station at my old house is still hooked up and randomly started working again, so I can confirm a low of 19 here in west central Lancaster County.
  12. Aaaaaand the leader in the clubhouse so far is 66” as of 7pm last night in Orchard Park. Goodness.
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