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  1. Certainly possible. Rare to see that big of a discrepancy between us for daytime temps.
  2. Not in a position to look right now but I believe highest average temp occurs around third week of July, similar to coldest period being around third to fourth week of January.
  3. High of 90 yesterday, low of 70. Still sitting at a dewpoint of 69. We got home last night to find that a pretty nasty storm had moved through the area. A lot of small to medium branches down and our Adirondack chairs were strewn across the yard. Had a buddy lose a tree and neighbor says we had some small hail too. .47” in the gauge, much needed.
  4. I’m at a family cookout in Rohrerstown just west of Lancaster City and we had a nice 15 minute downpour earlier and now some storms intensifying over York and trying to head this way, albeit ever so slowly.
  5. I’m at 79 and agree I’d be shocked if we go below 70 tonight.
  6. A high of 93 here and not a drop of rain. Juuuuust missed out on a couple potent cells.
  7. I touched 92 a little earlier but now down to 90 as it appears a cell is trying to pop right overhead. Will be interesting to see where the day goes from here.
  8. Looks like the hotbox of CXY did in fact hit 91 yesterday. Statewide, IPT and PHL were the only other 90s, with both also hitting the 91 mark. MDT, LNS, THV, and RDG al topped out at 89.
  9. Yep but the one thing that's guaranteed is the humidity. Take extra tee shirts to your picnics
  10. A high of 90 yesterday and low of 66 last night. Now we get hot hot hot for the next couple days. Relief on Sunday. MDT ended up exactly average for June.
  11. Believe it or not, I actually hit 90 here briefly earlier, now down to 88.
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