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  1. It really is uncanny some of the extreme weather they’ve recorded up there.
  2. As of 8pm EDT the highest temp for the day was 124 at Death Valley, shocking I know.
  3. I love where your head’s at! But don’t you dare denigrate the county seat of McKean County like that, ‘tis the booming metropolis of the Route 6 corridor haha.
  4. Yes it has an obscene high elevation desolate arid inversion microclimate. Not really fair to be comparing it to most “normal” locations haha.
  5. Sorry for the errant posts but what I was trying to display was copied text from the WPC about the national high and low temp for the contiguous United States, which had Death Valley, CA and Stovepipe Wells, CA both reaching 118 and Peter Sinks, UT hitting 27.
  6. Edit: I don't know what's happening, tried from mobile but that didn't work either, whatever...
  7. That would have made her tied for tops in the nation, wow.......sidebar, Peter Sinks seems to always take the low title ha..... Edit: for some reason it's not displaying the text I had pasted into my reply about the national high/low data. Anybody else ever have this problem with copying and pasting from websites?
  8. Man this upcoming stretch of weather looks absolutely gorgeous, might keep my windows open for four days straight.
  9. I matched ya, eight hundredths here as well. Yeah not much of anything substantial in the forecast, except of course possibly Saturday which is the day of our annual summer party ugh, but even that doesn't look like like anything more than scattered.
  10. Yeah it's kind of wild for what was really a more stratiform type rain to have that type of sharp cutoff but that's exactly what happened and the fault line fell right over our area. A couple miles to my south near Mountville people got 2 inches or more and just a couple miles to my north around Mount Joy the tallies were more in your neighborhood of a half inch to an inch. The radar estimates of total precip were wildly off as well, as much of it came via low clouds that the radar had trouble picking up, particularly around our area with it's notorious radar hole and all.
  11. This right here, this is gold, great stuff JNS! So, I was thinking about my post from yesterday about Harrisburg only topping out in the 50s once in its history for the months of July and August, and that means that out of 8,184 possible days (POR July 1, 1888 through present day) only once has it failed to reach 60 degrees at Harrisburg in July/August, that being a max of 59 on August 26, 1940. Pretty remarkable.
  12. Well the inner gauge hath overfloweth, so I'm certainly over an inch, a really nice steady soaking going on here.
  13. Yeah the eastern part of the county and in particular over into central Chester County really got in on the action, whereas I was sitting at a whopping .15" for the entire week coming into today. Now, we've had a steady rain going all morning here so I'll have give the cylinder a check here soon but for the most part I've missed out on all the good thunderstorm activity. You guys are really getting it good here the last day or two, as I suspected you would.
  14. As others have previously mentioned, looks like the 'ol midnight high will bite us again today. Was just scouring some records and it appears as though Harrisburg has never had a high temp in the 50s in all of its history for the month of July (and only once in August), was a bit surprised by that.