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  1. Low of 61 with just a trace of rainfall. An absolutely perfect day on tap. A great day to be on a boat, some would say.
  2. Indeed, just a stray chance for something. Wife and I plan on taking the boat out for the first time Friday afternoon. Should be glorious.
  3. Low of 56 here. Looks like a pretty solid cloud deck over most of us this morning. Seems to break right around @Bubbler86 http://www.meteo.psu.edu/ewall/PSUGOES_PA2/IMGv_0.jpg
  4. My target for retirement is Lancaster, Pennsylvania Who has it better than us!? #LSV4Life
  5. I’m sure Florida is the extreme but sounds like pretty much everywhere recently. Housing market wasn’t much better than that here in the Lancaster area the last couple of years. Believe me, I know, my wife and I were stuck in it for almost two years.
  6. Low of 60 and .18” of rain. Seems we may finally dry out for a bit.
  7. On the train on the way back from Philly. What a win! #MildlyDrunk
  8. Got an impromptu invite to the Phillies game tomorrow night. Free ticket for a suite behind home plate with all food and drink included. Used my Amtrak points for free rides both ways too. Best part was my wife was okay with it despite having some kids parties to attend tomorrow. Sometimes the best trips are the ones that pop up last minute. I think the weather will end up being fine down there. Haven’t been to the Bank in a minute. Should be a fun little afternoon!
  9. Low of 52 here with .09" of additional rainfall. 1.4" over the last 7 days and 2.48" for the month. MDT now only 1.3 AN for the monthly mean temp. Looking forward to what is hopefully a dry day. #WindowsOpen
  10. Low of 58 with .25” of daily rainfall. It’s a yucky one out there.
  11. Official measurement in the morning but looks like maybe a sixth of an inch so far.
  12. Low of 55. Snuck a mow in last night. Beautiful morning.
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