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  1. Yep I hear ya. Never say never but man, 37 at noon is gonna be tough to beat as that sun angle keeps getting steeper. Amazing. I almost wonder if it's one of those mountain micro climates where, when in the right type of pattern/airmass, the mountain basically makes its own snow. What a year.
  2. Pretty good depiction here of where the snow fell last night....
  3. Doesn't look like any precipitation fell here but man is it brisk out there this morning.
  4. It's always felt to me like modeled peak winds fail to live up to their billing in real life. Am I off on this?
  5. Nope, didn't take it that way at all. Was just clarifying that it wasn't graupel. It's all good, and I must say, being called Mr. Snowman left me feeling quite titillated haha. Has anyone checked on @Itstrainingtime? After checking the snow cams at Mammoth this morning his heart may need monitoring! Also, big thanks to @MAG5035 for that hail clarification yesterday, 'twas very helpful. I had a feeling you would come through with something enlightening and you didn't disappoint. You continue to be one of the bright spots in being a member of this board. Don't ever think your work doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. If I ever meet you in person you best believe you're being bought the finest of ales! Happy hump-day to all! *whispers* national low of -35 at Peter Sinks, UT.
  6. Hmmmm in my spreadsheet I don't have anything for June 1 but I do have that I received an extremely heavy rainfall of 3.4" on June 11 with multiple flash flooding rescues needed. Also that there were two confirmed tornados in York County on June 12, less than a mile from my parent's house in Red Lion. Additionally, I have that three tornados were confirmed in central PA on May 23 and another four on May 26. 2011 was just a bonkers weather year. Are you sure it was 2011? For June 1, 2012 I have that heavy storms were all around and dumped 2.89" at my place but I don't have any notes about tornadoes; doesn't mean they didn't happen though. My notes are far from complete.
  7. Haha yes I'm familiar with those random summertime hail snow reports. Hey @Itstrainingtime I'm sure you're aware of this but Mammoth said they actually missed about a foot of snow reporting back during one of their mega storm cycles. They adjusted their totals to reflect that omission and are now up to 667" on the season and should eclipse 700 shortly. Can't imagine how much the summit has received, 900?? Amazing.
  8. Thank you thank you, good stuff. The thing I'm struggling with, at least around here anyway, is that I've never seen hail that didn't at least have somewhat of that milky white appearance to it, whereas this stuff was crystal clear. Then on the other hand, I also haven't seen anything from an atmospheric standpoint that would indicate sleet was possible in that environment (i.e. no layers where a melting and refreeze would be possible). My head tells me it had to be hail but my eyes were telling me another thing. The only thing that's certain is that I've spent way too much time thinking about this haha.
  9. I’m very familiar with graupel and have experienced it many times. This was 100% not graupel. Temp dropped to low 50s while the heaviest stuff was falling. I just know I was watching translucent ice pellets bouncing off of numerous surfaces, and I fully acknowledge the various reports of hail in the area. Who knows ha.
  10. Well I'm doubting myself! But seriously, hard to discount my own firsthand account. From looking at some skew-T's, I do see some very steep lapse rates are in place today so that would obviously help with convection and hail and whatnot, but not sure about possible effects with regards to sleet reaching the ground. Intriguing nonetheless.
  11. Yeah I heard it on the house first so went outside to check and sure enough there was some sleet pinging around with the heavy rain. Funny enough, some people near me appear to have reported pea sized hail on mPing but what I witnessed was most certainly small ice pellets and not the more rounded milky white opaque nature of hail. I don't know man I'm struggling with it too haha.
  12. Very heavy shower just erupted here with copious amounts of sleet mixed in as well. Took me by surprise.
  13. It’s one of those nothing on the radar but it rains all day kinda days. #LowClouds #Easterlies
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