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  1. Thinking you may be referring to August of 2018, which was my wettest month ever with 17.79 inches. I had three separate daily rainfall totals of greater than 4" that month. On August 31st I got 4.45" but just a couple miles to my north Mount Joy Borough got 8-10" in a 3-4 hour period that resulted in atrocious flash flooding. It really caught everyone off guard as the storms just stalled out over that area. I distinctly remember leaving the liquor store in downtown Mount Joy and thinking "oh shit I better get home quick", roads were already starting to flood, just barely got through in the nick of time. Lots of people stranded that day. What a summer that was. July had a crazy event too where like 10" fell over a 4-5 day period and at one point Mount Joy was an island, cut off in nearly all directions due to Chiques Creek flooding. My wife and I had to get to a Phillies game that day and were supposed to take the train from Mount Joy but couldn't get into town and had to rush to Lancaster train station instead. Fun times.
  2. Yeah I'm seeing a number of 3-8" type reports across NY, VT, MA, etc.......looks like the Laurels also got a bit of snow, as the Seven Springs snow cams show a fresh light covering
  3. Some white stuff appearing on the Sweeden Hill snow cam in Potter County.....
  4. Yeah those maps are rough estimates but at the very least you can use them as an approximate gauge as to where the heaviest rains fell, and clearly it was picking up on something very heavy and isolated right around Washington Boro, which lines up with what @Itstrainingtime comrades were telling him. Just another piece of evidence to support the claims.
  5. I recorded 1.24" Sunday but yes there were some extreme amounts in a very isolated area (see dot on the map below around the Boro). Couldn't find anything on Weather Underground much above 3" but gauges are kind of sparse down that way. I definitely believe them, have seen it many times. Plus the cells sunday night were very small, huge differences over very short distances wouldn't be shocking. Just wasn't widespread enough to get much coverage, unfortunately.
  6. Welp, last night ended up being a lot more interesting than I anticipated. I got quite the L&T show as a couple cells went right overhead of me, at one point dropped ~.5" in ten minutes and even had a brief spell of pea sized hail. All told, I totaled 1.24" yesterday, this on top of .67" from Saturday. It's looking like Ireland out there, beautiful greenery.
  7. .03" for me yesterday, .02" the day before, .01" the day before that.......nickel'n'dimin my way to the top
  8. I only tallied eight days of measurable precip last month, tied with March of 2014 for my lowest March number ever. The fewest number of days I have recorded precip for any month ever was September of 2013, with only four. The most days I have ever recorded precip occurred in May 2019 and March 2020, each with 21 days. However, I have only been keeping detailed records since 2011. There is your useless information for the day. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled programing.
  9. Don't get me started. I still have not received an adequate explanation for this travesty
  10. Oh I indeed I am. Looks like I topped out at 71 here.
  11. Nice little shower just rolled through here, dropped one or two hundredths of an inch. Temp holding at 64 but skies starting to brighten now, can see clearing looking north towards Mt. Gretna.
  12. Snowman is fully aware of the propensity of the Goofus to light up the snow maps at the post-300 hour and has accounted for that accordingly, that is to say, not at all haha. But he is always ready to eat crow if the circumstances demand it!
  13. Hear ye hear ye! Mount Joy Snowman decrees to the board that he has labored over every model, studied every almanac, and spoken to every Seer, and after rigorous deliberation of the foregoing, he hereby declares snow season over for the LSV. It brings him no joy to make this proclamation but he has the authority to do so because, well, he is the self-anointed Snowman of Mount Joy, a title with limitless power. In honor of this declaration, let's hear your 2020/2021 seasonal snowfall totals. I shall start by announcing a grand total of 33.4 glorious inches. Fire away friends!
  14. Correct haha Yes very low, only a smidge above 360’ while sitting at the base of a ridge. I’m quite prone to cold air inversions on calm clear nights.
  15. Looks like I bottomed out at 24 again last night, thinking that may be the coldest temp I hit until next winter. And don’t get me started on MDT being the official representative for our local climate ha.