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  1. .06” total precip here. Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you weather fools. Cheers!
  2. I know the look and feel of those seats all too well haha. Been catching the early train for more than a decade, never gets easy!
  3. Hit 21 in the car thermo while going through low-lying rural spots.
  4. Well, the weather station at my old house is still hooked up and randomly started working again, so I can confirm a low of 19 here in west central Lancaster County.
  5. Aaaaaand the leader in the clubhouse so far is 66” as of 7pm last night in Orchard Park. Goodness.
  6. Whether it’s snow or rain, Maytown just can’t hang with West Hempfield.
  7. Had my first flakes here, mixed with some rain. Wouldn’t even rate as a Trace
  8. Yep, gonna be a doozy. Isn't Orchard Park where the Bills play (I know their game is moved for Sunday)? I see they already have three feet.
  9. I am oddly excited by this map A couple feet of snow already south of Buffalo, gonna be one for the books. MDT officially recorded a Trace of snow yesterday hmmmmm.
  10. Just dropping by to show off my new signature, and oh yeah, to mention that the 18z HRRR throws 5-6 feet of snow on the south towns of Buffalo.
  11. Official tally from Tuesday's event was .93" QPF. Can't wait to see where the final numbers end up with this lake effect event, particularly in the south towns of Buffalo.
  12. Allen is also my QB. The only guarantee is if you bench him he will go off for 40+ points haha. You have good friends. Signed a lifelong Packers fan.
  13. No white stuff down in Lancaster. Highest totals I've seen are around 5.5" from some areas in Somerset County on north towards Altoona and State College. Nice little early season event for the midstate. I won't have my total rainfall until tomorrow since my gauge is still at the old house and I only get there occasionally, more of a PSA for @Itstrainingtime ha. I was checking out some record lows for Harrisburg and Sunday and Monday come in at 20 and 19, respectively. Probably a smidge out of reach but worth keeping an eye on. So, I know we're all familiar with the Tug Hill Plateau but is there a similar-type nickname for the upslope lake effect region between Erie and Buffalo? If so, I haven't heard it. They should be in for a nice thumping in the coming days.
  14. Just walked through some moderate snow/sleet on the way to the train station in Harrisburg.
  15. Can confirm, sleet falling as I walked around the Capitol Complex. If you squint hard enough you can see an occasional flake mixed in.
  16. Funny you should ask, the wife and I were debating going up with her brother and his wife (first timers). Not sure where things stand with that but like most things we want to do these days, I wouldn't bet on it because babies and toddlers have a way of derailing all plans ha. I always hate taking first-timers up for the home finale when it falls after T-giving because the student section is bare and they don't get a feel for the true atmosphere. The boys in blue look good though! Manny has 'em playing fast and loose.
  17. Howdy y'all, little late on this but I got .78" of rain last Friday. In other news, we landed on the moon. Car thermo hit 25 this morning, still don't have a weather station set up at the new house. It's on the to-do list but not exactly high priority. Glad to see the excitement building as some of yinz get ready to see your first flakes. I'm hoping to see a bit of white rain before I leave Harrisburg today. Not expecting anything down towards home. Congrats to those in the money. Don't be shy with those pics -- snow that is. Toodles.
  18. It's the best time of the year! God we are such losers haha.
  19. Well gents, I am back in the mowing club. After not mowing for the last ten years (HOA did lawns), I mowed at the new house and hot damn did it feel good. Good to be back in the saddle.
  20. How ‘bout it. Crazy winds out in the midwest today.
  21. It sure was. Could barely see on my drive though the farmlands to the Mount Joy train station. My car thermo also hit 39.
  22. That’s about the only reason to pull for Houston ha.
  23. Hmmmm curious, plenty of fog over this way, particularly near the ridges. Nothing like what Bubbler was describing but fog nonetheless. I must have missed most of the heavy stuff you got around midnight — .22” of total rain for this guy.
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