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  1. Low of 47 here. Beautiful day on tap. Random factoid, through yesterday our average temp for the month is exactly (down to the tenth of a degree) equal to what it should be at this point at 61.4 degrees. That will obviously change after the heat this weekend but interesting nonetheless. Also, Mount Washington scooped the national low yesterday at 20 degrees. Carry on.
  2. Haha glad you like, and yes I saw that, a brief heat spell for the 'ol Sinks.
  3. .26" of rain yesterday and a low of 52 last night. Outside of being a bit breezy, should be a near-perfect type day today.
  4. No hail here but some intense gusts that knocked some chairs over. Got about .15” from this round and .1” from the earlier lunch time storm. Again you pummel me in the totals department.
  5. Must be that hefty rain shadow cast by the mighty Chickies mountain range
  6. No worries friend. I don't even bat an eye anymore when you bludgeon me with totals haha. Things still plenty green out this way.
  7. Nope, spot on. Yesterday I recorded .05", for a whopping three-day total of .15".
  8. High of 79 here with what looks like about .04” from a few short-lived scattered showers.
  9. Exactly, wish it wasn't the case but is what it is. I actually hit 82 yesterday, 60 for a low last night.
  10. Yeah first hint of slightly more humid air. Looks like MDT only topped out at 78 officially yesterday. Showers the next few days should be of the more loosely scattered variety. My overnight low was 49 last night.
  11. 76 for a high here and porterhouse steaks with fresh asparagus off the grill. I mean, it just doesn’t get much better. That MDT sequence is indeed suspect for that time of day.
  12. A low of 41 here in the Farmdale region of the beautiful township of West Hempfield. Another perfect ten on tap.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. High of 73 here today but with a dew of only 35 I’m down to 61 already.
  14. Indeed. I have a fascination with high elevation inversion spots, just allow for such extreme cold and variance. You would earn the title of ultimate weather weenie if you actually visited that desolate hole in the ground haha. Do it!
  15. The rightful kings have returned to their thrones, as the national high/low temps were 112 at Rio Grande Village, TX and 0 at Peter Sinks, UT, respectively.
  16. High of 71 here yesterday, low of 40 last night. Utter perfection on tap for the next few days.
  17. 37 here, all is right with the world. The week ahead looks unimpeachable. I'm not sure if that makes any sense but it came to me, so I typed it ha.
  18. Man you really scored big on me this time. I added .88” yesterday for an event total of 3.16”, a full inch less than you. Crazy. But let me guess, my low of 41 outdoes you?
  19. Nice. My step dad worked at Exelon’s (formerly PECO) plant in Peach Bottom his whole career, just retired.
  20. They said you’d be a hotspot with this setup and sure enough….
  21. A low of 48 and 2.28” of total precip so far. Gonna be a raw mid March type day.
  22. Looks like we're over an inch here already. Another 24+ hours of this and I'll be in sponge yard mode.
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