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  1. Looks like a little under 1/4" for me but official measurement will be tomorrow morning. Beautiful windows open type afternoon. The line of storms associated with that cold front dropping southeast seems to want to bring us some action down here but hard to tell whether it's strengthening or weakening ha.
  2. A big .26" here, you may win the snow battle but I'll take the rain title haha
  3. LNS just recorded a gust of 52 but had a period of 44 sustained prior to that, which is mighty impressive. Don't think that Harrisburg gust of 62 will get topped, as the peak seems to have passed here. I'd call this a five-club golf wind, or perhaps just unplayable ha.
  4. Echoing what others have said, I also got .08" of rain yesterday and am not looking forward to these 50+ gusts later this afternoon/evening.
  5. Yeah really, it can quit anytime now. Not looking forward to tomorrow, got to bring in some stuff ugh.
  6. That will be awesome, enjoy the sights! It's amazing how far away everything is in Alaska once you get out of Anchorage proper, "Hey we're going to go to the next town over" is an all-day affair haha..... I love the small touristy town of Talkeetna and the views of Denali from there along the Sustina River, just breathtaking. Yes places like Seward are truly one of a kind! I loved the village of Whitter, you have to drive through an old one lane train tunnel carved out of rock (traffic is stopped for hours on each side of the tunnel and has set times of day you can go through) and when you come out on the other side you are greeted by this tiny boating town nestled along Caribbean-like blue waters with glaciers surrounding you, in the middle of summer, surreal.
  7. That should be an awesome trip for you. I went to Alaska for the first time a couple years ago (over July 4th) and happened to be there to witness weather history -- that being the first time in history Anchorage hit 90 degrees. Still got to frolic in some snow on the mountain tops though. It never stops getting weird when you leave the bar after midnight and it's full light out. What a place, everyone should visit once. I've never seen beauty like it anywhere else I've traveled, not even a close second really.
  8. I'm at 87 here in the lowlands, was not quite expecting that but I'm always one of the warmer locations around during this type of weather.
  9. I only got .39” last night. Should be another nice spring day, albeit a bit breezy. Yesterday was perfect, wife and I took the baby to the winery, couldn’t have been a nicer day.
  10. Believe it or not Twitter, and they responded very quickly.
  11. Yeah I told them I didn’t care for their methodology but that I would allow it haha. You should definitely contact Pittsburgh and see what they say.
  12. Low and behold CTP responded to me! My question: @NWSStateCollege why does the 5 min interval METAR data for KLNS show ten readings between 6-6:45am with a temp of 30 but the same site shows a 6 hour low of 31? The NWS regional roundup also shows LNS with a low of 31? Have noticed this in the past and with MDT as well. Thanks! Their response: It has to do with rounding. The 5-min obs are rounded to the nearest °C, converted to °F, and rounded again. So the low temperature was likely no less than -0.8°C, which is 30.56°F. This showed up as -1°C ~ 30.2°F in the 5-min observation, but the temp never got below 30.5°F.