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  1. Dry as a bone is the name of the game. Absolutely nothing on tap. I'm going to mow today but things may slow down after that. On the plus side, it's going to make for one heck of a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. A couple of interesting culprits that I'm not sure I've ever seen before in the national high/low hunt -- 104 at Elroy, AZ and 19 at Canada Creek Ranch, MI. Have a heck of a holiday, everyone!
  2. No rain at all here last night from the frontal passage. Very disappointing. Baring a surprise late this weekend, the MDT record for driest May looks extremely likely. We should end up almost exactly 2 degrees BN for the month as well. Not sure how many people had a below normal temp and record driest on their monthly bingo card. June looks to start hot but I don't see any records in jeopardy. Let's get summer started!
  3. Good stuff. It's amazing what a little elevation and lack of UHI can do.
  4. Given the prospects of moisture from the late weekend storm seemingly looking less and less, I really hope something materializes with this line moving through this evening. The Mesos are pretty mixed. Fingers crossed.
  5. No. I have been to Lauxmont a couple of times for weddings though. Beautiful scene overlooking the river. It's on the other side of the river just south of Wrightsville, whereas I was right by Mount Joy.
  6. It was a private venue on a farm just outside of Mount Joy. Absolutely stunning setting down in a meadow.
  7. Youngest?? I wasn't aware 41 qualified for that haha. In fact, I thought I was part of that group that was being haggled by the youngsters a few weeks back for being old heads. I could be wrong. I by no means think 41 is old but I also know I don't feel like I did at 20 or 30 or even last week ha. Totally agree about MDT, would love to see a bubble over it with a good soaking everywhere lese. Yes, you have the right of it with the whore stuff haha
  8. Whew what a weekend. I built a firepit on Saturday and I'm sore as a whore from carrying all the stones and kneeling so much, which speaks to two things: (1) how old I'm getting and (2) how out of shape I am. Pathetic ha. But the pit looks great! Then had a wedding yesterday afternoon and despite being in a full suit in full sun it wasn't all that bad, with the humidity being what it is and a solid breeze going the whole time. Looks like another beautiful but dry week ahead. Goes without saying but could really really use some rain at this point -- sitting at .37" for the month. I will say, I'm almost rooting for MDT to break the record at this point. Should be fun to track. Have a great week everyone.
  9. A couple lines of light showers ended up popping late. You should end up with a few hundredths, per all the local WU stations. One in Maytown showing .04”. Small victories ha.
  10. I graduated from Penn State in 2004 and I recall nothing from that prior summer. Just wanted to add that super useful info
  11. Yikes. Euro and Canadian not looking any better. Both with mega donut holes over the LSV. That May record inching closer with every model run.
  12. It seems we got down to about 35-36 here but some low-lying rurals nearby did slightly drop below freezing. No real signs of frost but I brought the plants in last night to be safe. Looking more and more like Saturday will just be another strung out frontal passage that dries up upon approach. Really hope I'm wrong because outside of that and some very spotty convective activity there isn't much of anything in the extended forecast. This really could end up as one of the driest Mays on record if things keep up, as someone mentioned recently (forget who, apologies). Anything around an inch or less would put us solidly in the top ten and half an inch or under would be top 3. The record for MDT is .29" from 1902 and we currently sit at only .15". Will be interesting to follow. The eastern US captured the national low, with Mount Washington checking in at a brisk 12 degrees. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Let's hope for some moisture Saturday, and in any case, it looks like another beautiful Sunday. Cheers!
  13. Just a perfect crisp spring week ahead. Really digging this spring. Could sure use some rain though. Cool nighttime temps will help to stave it off but the grass will start to show it soon if things don't improve.
  14. Light to steady rain here most of the day amounted to .2”. Thought it would be more when I checked the gauge but we’ll take it.
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