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  1. Just a few drops on the walkway last evening. That was all just cloudy an cool temp 58 here
  2. um the Voyager truck looks a little different then that one. not sure about the driver though.
  3. Yes I was I was going to Gessner Sawmill on top of the hill for mulch
  4. Hey I waved at you this morning right as you turned off of north crossroads outside of Pillow.
  5. Made it to 94 now clouded up and thunder in the distance.
  6. 95 was my high today. I don't think my weather station is off, it's just where I live with the surrounding hills and at the bottom of the mountain.
  7. I don't think you want the shits after drinking Schmidts.
  8. At one time Schmidts was the official beer of the Philadelphia Phillies, is it still the official beer of the Phillies?
  9. Was 41 here hopefully a lot less wind today. Do the models still have a tropical system around Memorial day?
  10. That would have been the summer of doom. Even Voyager can vouch for that. Hopefully we can rack up a few 90 degree days before we enter June.
  11. 80 for my high today 45 was the low this morning
  12. Hopefully a Warminsta victory will be in the win column.
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