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  1. 77 for the high today I was impressed considering I don't see the sun until 8:20am and it's gone @515pm
  2. It's only a 45 min from Harrisburg. And I guess one could say it's somewhat in the boonies
  3. Yes there wild swings in temp. That's what happens when I live at the bottom of the mountain and beside a creek that's about 120 ft wide.
  4. Currently @7:57pm temp 50 cools off quickly here.
  5. It gets cold in this valley by my house in fall and winter. But it also gets hot here in the summer too.
  6. Dropped to 35 the cars have frost on roof and ice on windshield!
  7. 36 here this morning. Sure missing those 60s for the overnight lows that we had just a few days ago.
  8. Dropped down to 39 sometime during the night but rebounded to 46 @0600hrs.
  9. I had 46 this morning thought I would be colder then you.
  10. You and I like the warmth of summer, everyone else seems to like -20 an 2 feet of snow on the ground with 40mph winds.
  11. Happy to report that the high was 85 today
  12. In the winter here with snow on the ground with wind an limited sun, it feels like Alaska.
  13. In the shortest days, the sun will disappear around 3:00-3:30pm
  14. Took notice this morning that it was 8:12 till the the sun rise. That's the non benefit of living along the mountain. Till the shortest days I won't see the sun rise to close till 9:00am. And people wonder why I love summer.
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