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  1. Pretty sure early October 2013 or 2014 had light snow or grapple. Late September is almost unheard of, so that’s super unlikely to actually ever happen. Those patterns will return, we’re just not there right now.
  2. This certainly isn’t unprecedented late season heat. 82 is not unheard of in October. Mostly though I meant it will be very Fall like next week. 50s for highs, maybe 30s even for lows?
  3. My heat came on this past weekend. My house got cold.
  4. 64 in mid-September is Fall weather by all definitions here, lol. Yeah, we really can’t call anything Indian summer until late October or November anyway. Anyone using it is pushing a narrative.
  5. I'd say we say true fall weather, we just didn't see a frost or freeze, but last weekend was very Fall like.
  6. Took an L today too it seems. Seemed like the story was maybe a passing shower over the whole weekend. Pretty consistent drizzle/light rain since yesterday afternoon. Opheila was underestimated.
  7. Must be. It is raining at my house, which is a little further west.
  8. 5 minute obs have AGC temp at 57 for 1:00pm. That’s seems really low. I was just out near the airport and while cool, it didn’t feel that cool. Interesting.
  9. Looked clearer towards the end of the week and highs still only upper 60s and low 70s, wouldn’t be too hard. We’ll see though. I was noticing the amount of trees starting to change colors already. Not a lot, but definitely noticeable. No doubt the dry weather and cool days and warm nights lately have helped.
  10. Next week looks fairly cool. Wouldn’t the surprised to see some 40s as the week progresses.
  11. Looks to stay below 70 today. Probably first time since June.
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