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  1. Looks pretty bad, at this time, for the Pittsburgh area. What are the chances we see this slide further south? Obviously, still time for that to happen, but are chances decent?
  2. Southwestern corner of the State is having a pretty damn good winter. 33" of snow already (more than Erie, which has to be incredibly rare) and likely more in the forecast, could surpass the seasonal average by the end of the month. We've had light accumulations for 4 straight days now, and a surprise 3.2" of the weekend, that was after the 2nd snowiest December of all time. So, the entire southern 2/3 of PA are not suffering by any means.
  3. I'm just stopping in from the Pittsburgh thread, hopefully this works out for all. Based on the runs I've seen I'm worried western PA could be flooded with warmer air to change to ice or even plain rain.
  4. Better update from the last time I saw this map. Still in the 10-12" range, but we are now straddling 12-15", so I guess 10-15" area wide.
  5. I agree. We seem to be on the winning end of many systems this winter. Sometimes things just click. Hopefully that continues. Things haven’t been that bad at all this winter. We are double our average so far and only 10” from seasonal average.
  6. Luckily that ice model is from the GFS. At least they aren't as spot on, but something to watch for sure.
  7. Coming down hard again. still no power, but looks like it’s only 24 customers, so guess Duquesne Light doesn’t care too much. Supposed to be 4 before we get it back.
  8. I just measured 4”. Also have no power, just in my neighborhood. Not sure it’s snow related but definitely annoying. still snowing pretty good. Another overachiever.
  9. Had to have had a quick 1" here. Just beautiful. I'd be amazing to get these kind of rates and flake size with a storm over a period of hours.
  10. Over in the the Central PA thread, there's a map of the Euro ensemble mean snowfall (I believe), that puts the snowfall at about 10" over the next two weeks. That's been going up over the last few days too.
  11. Ron Smiley's forecast today showed snow chances everyday from Friday on, and colder weather. Looking up hopefully.