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  1. Is Friday still looking good? Some models didn't seem to look too good.
  2. Would be nice to get this month over 20". We'd have two seasons in a row with one month over 20" of snow.
  3. Radar looks to dry out for a little, but is back filling in Ohio.
  4. I don't think that next storm is ours. Seems it'd be a lot to ask the universe to send two storms that far west in the same month, lol.
  5. I know, haha. Despite our area's bad luck, the last few seasons haven't busted too often on storms. Let's hope that trend stays.
  6. It’s not about you saying the model trended the wrong way, it’s about you throwing a fit 2 hours in when you have .5”, and declaring a bust.
  7. Even a bit more at 3.1” officially though it fit the 2-4” WWA. Let’s see what the next one can do.
  8. Officially 2.5" at the airport. Another bust in the books! Just a joke. Pretty much right where they said, but still snowing, might make it to 3".
  9. Yeah, I probably hit about 2". Haven't measured, but eyeballing what was on the cars about an hour ago makes me think that.
  10. No problem, you’re just so back and forth, it like bipolar. First you complain because you have a half inch total with like four flakes falling and now you’re ready for 3”. You seem to react too quickly about everything. Just wait and see what happens before declaring a bust. The constant negativity makes it unpleasant to read these posts. I may have to stay away on Tuesday, because if we don’t max out I won’t want to be here reading.
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