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  1. mid-late next week looks great for Fall. At least for now.
  2. Is what it is. Surprised though, as that fog and cloudiness hung on for long while. My lunch walk was nice though cool and a little breeze.
  3. We do have a way of holding on to fog for a longer periods of time than forecasted.
  4. Looking like the middle to end of the upcoming week gets Fall-like. This warm spell hasn't been too impressive at this point. looks like low 80s for the rest of it. Nothing unusual by any stretch.
  5. Really wasn't the day I was expecting. Thought it'd be sunny, but definitely was at least mostly cloudy.
  6. https://www.almanac.com/winter-extended-forecast-farmers-almanac Let us pray!
  7. See what the GFS was throwing out in the long range, would be interesting, a little early for the time period you mention, but very cool on that run. However, GFS long range, so grain of salt and all.
  8. Yeah, when looking at Pittsburgh that has about 150 years of data, this year isn't too impressive overall.
  9. Probably lows, because there weren't many 90 degree days (below average on those).
  10. low 80s require an air conditioner? At least it's lower humidity, that helps immensely.
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