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  1. According to the CPC, next two weeks don't look great for cool weather.
  2. Absolutely, I hope we get the wintry pattern throughout December. However, I don't want to waste it all too early in the month.
  3. I agree, in a month it definitely will lol. Weather Channel does show us with a cooler than normal December and just on the cooler side for January. Don't look at February.
  4. Oh, yeah, missed the timestamp. Still time to trend better, but usually once it goes warm, so it goes.
  5. A little hope for the after Thanksgiving storm.
  6. We're at 2.2" of snow for the month just .2" off of average. Not a bad start.
  7. NWS Pittsburgh @NWSPittsburgh · 17m Our official snowfall today for Pittsburgh is 1.6 inches! Our average first 1" snowfall is about December 4th, so we beat that by a few weeks. In fact, an inch of snow this early has only occurred 4 other times since 2000. Snow weenies, rejoice!
  8. Switched over to rain. The heavy burst was nice while it lasted.
  9. Might just be. Nice little early season excitement. Also, obs at the airport are interesting just before noon it was 38 and light snow, now obs are 32 with snow. Interesting how that heavier burst cooled the air. Would never happen Dec.-Feb. but nice to see it can happen here, lol.
  10. Radar still indicates heavy rain in downtown. It most definitely is not.
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