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  1. Also tied record high of 82 from 1875. Two records in a week a record low and a record high. Only Pittsburgh in the Spring, lol.
  2. Also a rare warm home opener for the Pirates tomorrow.
  3. 79 Currently. Warmest day of the year. 80 is very possible now.
  4. We're definitely not having "permanent" 80s at all. If we make it to 80 in the next few days, looks like it will be awhile before we're there again.
  5. Could we hit 80 in the coming days? TWC app keeps increasing the temperatures over the next few days.
  6. I feel like I heard that the got a new sensor right before that and it had been calibrated incorrectly, and later corrected. If that's the case, they should try to retroactively correct the data.
  7. Just imagine if this was January or February we’d likely be seeing a few inches.
  8. Yeah, like it at least flurries almost every April. And was doing it in May last year. It's not abnormal.
  9. But you always like to forget the incredible Dec. 1-February 22nd period. 55” in less than 3 months. Good times.
  10. It will be April 1st. It isn't a letdown, it is very typical. Multiple inches of snow in April is hard to achieve. It always has been.
  11. Looking like a very up an down week. High at 71 Tuesday, and a high of 34 Thursday. Not much precip but Wednesday looks to be the rainier day.
  12. Only made it to 72 yesterday. Cloud cover and spotty rain hindered the warming. Still a nice day though.
  13. Also looking very windy on Friday. Is it me or has March become windier? Just seems most days this month have had high winds.
  14. Officially the warmest day of the year. Hit 69 so far. Update: First 70 degree day. Currently 71. High today: 73! Beautiful today.