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  1. Pretty benign. Was windy before the rain started. Have some pretty common thunder and lightning. Run of the mill here, and that’s fine. Not the case everywhere I assume.
  2. Might actually get nasty this evening. The extra sun probably helped the instability.
  3. The line around Slippery Rock looks vicious, but looks like Allegheny largely misses the worst as they slide south east. Thats good to me, already lost power twice today with the, don't want to see damage or more rain at this point. We just don't need it.
  4. Absolutely perfect out there right now. Looks like our first 80 degree day of the year. Feels nice with the low dew points too.
  5. A slightly above average summer with below average number of 90 degree days. That's the theme.
  6. The record will be irrelevant as there’s no chance we’ll have the warmest March anyway. 2012 will stand for a long time.
  7. Then that could reverse in the latter half of the decade. Such a small sample size cannot be used to make such sweeping statements.
  8. Let’s not jump off the bridge with just the past few years of data. Before 2016, February 2015 was literally the fourth coldest month of all time.
  9. Yeah, there was an easy 5 probably 6 in my area.
  10. Still don’t see how they aren’t going to get 3”. Seems the whole area should hit that 3” threshold.
  11. There’s a 6.5” report in Imperial. I don’t see how the airport doesn’t reach 3”. And if it doesn’t I don’t think I could trust the recorders. The airport was absolutely seeing parts of that heavy band.
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