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  1. Really beautiful right now, but winds are picking up.
  2. I mean, yeah if the threat lessens, good. Widespread damage and power outages are not good.
  3. Where do you see that? 60+ gusts don't seem garden variety. This morning Ron Smiley said he expects wind warnings to be raised soon. Now I may have missed the exact location he expects that, but he did say even Pittsburgh could see over 60 mph gusts.
  4. Wonder why it's been so windy lately (like the last year+)?
  5. Seems like the rainier forecast for this week is busting like over the weekend. That's good. We'll see what this weekend has, or if it can bust low again.
  6. This was a weird pattern, way drier than expected which was good. Wasn’t expecting the wind. Despite the wind, kind of a nice day today. Should be a nice one tomorrow.
  7. So, is tomorrow the wettest day or Saturday, or pretty even? Originally I thought I saw Friday was big day.
  8. Where is tomorrow's rain originating from? After this stuff pushes through, the radar looks sparse, but I assume the big stuff is in whatever is currently over Oklahoma and it will pull from the Gulf? The sun right now is surprising me.
  9. To you, I guess. To each their own. I do agree humidity is terrible, but I do like heat. We also could have different definition of what is considered too hot.
  10. Or we can post anything in the Spring thread now, because that's the actual season we're in.
  11. Not me. After mid-March, I'm done. Bring on the warmer weather.
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