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  1. Didn't even know they went through, lol. At one point I looked up and thought oh it's raining.
  2. Wow. HRRR was right on the money. Probably the first 94 degree reading in June since 2012.
  3. Looks like the highest heat index we ever reached was 114 degrees, and that was July 15, 1995...the last time we hit 100. Conversely the lowest wind chill of all time was -47 degrees in January 1985, lol.
  4. Any sources for heat indices in Pittsburgh? I've looked but can't seem to find historical data. It'd be interesting to know how hot it's felt here in the past. I'm particularly interested in know heat indices during the 2012 heat wave.
  5. HRRR may end up kind of close. My weather app shows downtown at 95 right now. 93 at the airport.
  6. Heat Index of 99 also, maybe should have had a heat advisory, as it may still reach that 100 mark. Edit: in an off hour it hit 92. Tied for the warmest day so far. Also, a wild gradient is set up. 90s here, and 68 in Philly. Not something you see everyday.
  7. 1pm temp is 88. 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. Barring any storms, we should make it to 90.
  8. It was throwing that out earlier too. If storms hold off or form further east, we could see some pretty high temperatures.
  9. Thought the same thing. I could take this weather all summer.
  10. HRRR has us in the low 90s today, and around 95 tomorrow. NAM 3km has us upper 80s today and about 90 tomorrow. We will see.
  11. Yeah, that is good news. Would we like it to cool down quicker, sure, but I'd rather there be less damage and stay hot, than be comfortable and damage be crazy. That 74 degree may hold on through midnight.
  12. There is one further east. Maybe the better dynamics have shifted that way.
  13. I wonder if being on the western and southern edge of the enhanced risk gives us a chance to escape the worst of the storms and they blow up to our east?
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