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  1. I was planning on hitting the links Friday or Saturday.. maybe not such a good idea now? I have played in the heat before, it's just miserable. And no alcohol, of course.
  2. Here's a couple images from last night that I captured on that final severe storm of the evening. This was on the very southern edge of the cell. First is the possible wall cloud. This isn't the best it looked, but it's the only real view on tape I managed to grab of it (this is actually a still from a video). It looked a bit more defined as it approached. There was a clear inflow band, as well (extending off to the right of this image). Unfortunately, I didn't end up attempting to get any more pictures or videos of it for some dumb reason. Here is a quick GIF of some lightning I captured. It got pretty intense. Evidently there was hail with this storm further to the north, but the core of the storm missed me. (If image isn't working, click here.)
  3. Just caught the southern tip of that severe storm. No hail, impressive light show, looked like a wall cloud as it moved in (hard to make out at night for certain but thanks light pollution). Some nice video, as well, but my phone is almost dead so I'll see what's worth revisiting tomorrow.
  4. If today busts for the southern regions, the enhanced risk area shifts south for tomorrow, but it might end up putting the city locales on the northern fringe instead of the southern. Could still be a miss. There will be a final chance region-wide on Thursday. The probabilities look lower in severe terms, however, at least for now.
  5. Couple more chances for severe upcoming, but thus far this year there hasn't been much locally. I think June is our peak season, though.
  6. Around here there wasn't much action of which to speak. Seems we got stuck in the outflow dominant/downdraft portion of the squall line. There was a funnel cloud spotted near Conneaut Lake. Not sure if anything ever touched the ground, but that same storm has held tornado-warned status for a while now.
  7. Took quite a while before the roads caved. Light snow in general. Definitely been in a subsidence zone most of the day. Doubt we verify on the high end.
  8. I think the question a lot of folks have is whether we have entered a new normal with snow in these areas, or if it's more of a short-term decadal trend.
  9. Even if this wave stood on its own, it would have had way more potential. The fast flow would have prevented HECS labels, but all these little pieces of energy had to fight with each other in the last few days. The coastal helped robbed this main storm of some energy and pushed it south. We were looking at a 12" event a couple days ago, now we're down to 2-4" if we're lucky. In March, that just doesn't cut it. Hopefully coastal enhancement means it overperforms for you folks, though.
  10. I see we were downgraded to an Advisory. lol
  11. jwilson

    Elliot Abrams to Retire

    Voice of my childhood there. Enjoy retirement! He's probably half the reason I got into weather as a kid.
  12. jwilson

    March 3-4, 2019 Snow/Rain Event

    Hope you fine Philly folks get nailed on this one, especially given this slummy winter. I'll be watching from the bushes.
  13. Pittsburgh NWS twitter explains their reasoning behind the warning: (https://twitter.com/NWSPittsburgh/status/1101932802080157696)
  14. Yeah, I get why they were complaining (I think they were at historic levels of futility for snow), but everyone knew they'd play catch-up before long. Some people just need perspective, really. There's quite a few in the MA forum especially that would go insane living here. I can't imagine some of those guys making it 10 years without a double-digit event.
  15. I've seen this on the coast and they tend to be modeled somewhat by the meso models. I don't see a single model (mesos included) getting anywhere near 6" for Pittsburgh metro unless I'm missing something. The closest is the Euro with 4" (and it maybe paints a small strip of 6" in eastern Washington county). Warning (in this case) means 6" in 12 hours is imminent. I don't know that that's the wording I would use.