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  1. The opposite of rain over us with low in SE VA on the Euro. Bizzaro world.
  2. Feels sort of like last year. Like seeing Ned Ryerson over and over.
  3. And like I commented earlier, that 47 is lower than the Rgem and EC show now. Quick rise. On the flip side, seeing some single digits again for Friday night (LSV) on the meso's.
  4. LSV zones have a slight chance of snow showers tonight and some meso's show some streamers reaching the LSV tomorrow daytime as well.
  5. It is certainly a fair assessment if having to make a forecast now, but I am not seeing any crazy torch looks so keeping hopes. Certainly, no signs of below average temps for any long periods of time over the next 2-3 weeks. Just more of what we have been dealing with. We just finished the third warmest Jan ever but the temp never hit 60. Stuck in the middle ground.
  6. 12Z Euro has the Super Bowl Sunday Storm Cut initially before being blocked and moving through Central VA. The lack of cold air already in place with not enough high support means most of the East Coast is toasted too much despite a low taking a track that would "usually" give us snow in mid-Feb. It is nothing like the GFS so just more day to day changing as yesterday the Euro had an East coast snow at the end of its run.
  7. I need to get a new mower this year, so I am closely watching the timing and sales. LOL. Euro has a high of 30ish on Sat and mid 50's on Sunday for this weekend. Cold retreats quickly.
  8. I also agree with the caveat that I would like the chance of snow in the future during Dec-March. If it is not going to snow then weather like now (low 20's WC) is simply not comfortable. I do also fear for plants sprouting early. The second day of Feb is too early for Spring plants.
  9. Speaking of cold, Nooners is Mostly sunny and 34 but winds sustained in the mid teens making the Wind Chill in the low 20's.
  10. You, and those that jokingly said it will be gone in 6 hours, had the right idea but congrats Bermuda instead. The potential system is in part squashed by a stronger than previously forecast cold push/High. Quite cold for SB Sunday though. Ha
  11. There were some charts posted by Don S, on the MA forum, which showed a continued downward trend to both snow amounts and the "snow season" at DCA over the last 100+ years. Information like that is hard to debate as much as CC may be. I definitely do not think winter is done for the MA or PA going forward in time (years) but it would be hard for me to argue that the average snow season/cold (avg temps) when looked at per decade or longer would snap back to what was seen 50/100 years ago based on that Don S Tweet. I think there may be more than some credence to your thought that some of our recent (last 20 years) run of big snows could possibly be attributed to some warming in a similar manner to people who say the melting polar cap will make ocean waters cooler.
  12. All the people that cancelled receive their comeuppance from a furry critter. LOL
  13. 22 this AM. 2 Eastern PA snowstorms on the GFS at 6Z.
  14. No different than the people who said winter is over. A healthy balance.
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