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  1. Quick quarter inch. Comes at a good time (night) to help the grass still left
  2. Holy moley it's raining. Score one for the Hrrr and gfs. Heads up @Cashtown_Coop
  3. We have less than 1/10 of an inch. The remarkable number is since the start of May we have less than 3".
  4. Thanks, and @MAG5035 as well. Its like we are in the NBA Covid bubble where it pertains to rain.
  5. We are in D1 right now regardless of what the US service says. Some people may start having well problems soon though I do not know where underground water level actually is. I just see the corn and grass dying. Some farmers corns stalks have bent over and died especially around the outside edges of their fields. At this point nothing short of a tropical storm like event is going to bring us out of it fully. A 5" gully washer will only account for .5 to 1" of water down in the soil.
  6. HRRR really cuts it off. Downtown Harrisburg is not over 1" on it but Harrisburg does get appreciable rains.
  7. The GFS already has more qpf for us by this Monday, on the 18Z run, than the entire 12Z run combined.
  8. I am posting more this summer as well. Extreme weather draws me out and this drought has been a doozy. Worse than the one we had last year now. Do not know exactly where Mag lives but near him has been expanded into D1. I realize these maps are regional based but my specific area is easily a D1 at this point pushing D2. If the 12Z GFS is right we we have doubt digit deficits for the year by months end. Hopefully not.