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  1. NWS mentioned the end of the growing season...I don't know. I just mowed my grass and its not done growing. Could see 70 on Monday.
  2. Are those the doors that swing open anytime someone German walks near by?
  3. 64 IN THE HOUSE right now :-). I cannot open the windows wide enough.
  4. As long as it stays below 75 then I count that as Summer over! :-)
  5. The Wundermap is showing several city reporting stations in the 90's right now. 7-10 degrees higher than forecast.
  6. I did not look at precip but the waterways over here really need it so very welcome. That would be a raw Tuesday!
  7. I just looked at the 12Z Euro on an El-Cheapo model site, for this time next week, and temps in the 40's (actually low 50's, my mistake) mid afternoon. Edit-Here is what happens to Summer after tomorrow:
  8. When I want a quick look at trends without having to scroll through models I look at the Accuweather month long Outlook, which I think is just the GFS in graphic format, and it indeed does advertise that anything resembling Summer weather is done for the year tomorrow.
  9. Lets hope the whole forum gets some showers this week. Tired of watering. LOL. Plus it is costing me as we are on city water. Some 6-7 weeks now with only 1/2" of rain.
  10. Well a drought has been officially declared for a small, far south east portion of this forum. I was so used to everyone saying how wet it was I wonder the last time an official drought has been in place? Next map comes out in a week and I am guessing much of the LSV will officially be in a drought.
  11. Looks like some appreciable rains for parts of the LSV right now. Missed us here but seeing some yellows south of Harrisburg.
  12. I think one thing that is making this seem worse is that it is still growing season albeit the end of it. All of our veggies need watered every day at this point (the cool/DRY weather is actually exacerbating the situation) and I have had to cancel my plans to plant grass this fall. Mid to late October is too late...now was the time. The ponds and lakes near me seem normal so this drought is not a severe one just an inconvenient one.
  13. The rain just moved through here....never got the pavement wet. I see MDT got about 1" of rain Sept 2nd but this area did not get that large of a benefit and my closest trusted observer, next street over, is at about 1/2" for the whole month.