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  1. Your guys have won 66-75% of the months in recent so your tribe may be small but your winning percentage is solid. If we ever have a -6 departure month again, in winter, some of your warminista's may implode. LOL.
  2. Wed is suddenly looking much less interesting as well.
  3. I saw it on the radar and thought it might get you but was afraid to say anything in case it dissipated. You are above me for the whole 4 day total now.
  4. It'srainingtime. We got some rain but dry under the trees. LOL.
  5. I am not allowed to speak of the word for which those of whom we do not speak.
  6. Euro still suggests someone may high triple digits on Saturday. A backyard Therm, etc...not much over this way with the front passage. Some parts of the LSV see little to no qpf for 7 days. Today's failure is going to sting a bit for those that missed out earlier this weekend.
  7. I think Sauss is Team Pillow-Voyage in the summer.
  8. Just as likely not to happen. But 'Cane or no 'Cane, the GFS seems to have it's sight set on that weekend for the last several days.
  9. Your 540 line is in PA. Can MU give graupel one more run?
  10. Would avoid throwing the weekend under the bus. Memorial weekend is still the one in the shitter on the GFS. Wet Saturday and hardly breaking 50 at MDT Sunday.
  11. I saw that the last few runs but it was not as impressive at 12Z. 24hr QPF map has little to nothing for the LSV. Hopefully it does come through in some manner.
  12. The 'Cane is basically gone on the 12Z GFS. Actually a fairly benign period with not a ton of qpf. Some occasionally chilliness. 540 line just N/W of PA.
  13. Partly Sunny, very windy and 73. Fingers crossed line 2 comes through with some rain.
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