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  1. Time limited today but there is also this
  2. Cloudy day. Got up to 79. Humid though so not fall like. This pic however...
  3. GFS looks pretty good this AM. Headed out today so no 12Z run down from me but happy with 6Z.
  4. Just spoke with a friend in south eastern Adams county who said they are getting street flooding in their development. Radar does not look "that bad" but it must be coming down there.
  5. You guys should work with the Capitol (Harrisburg) area crew who cannot seen to ever stay below their forecasted temp. Find a happy middle ground where everyone's forecast is right.
  6. 2:30. Should be some cells developing in (mostly) Central and Eastern LSV soon.
  7. I look up a lot of stuff under Multi-Station then pick the state under station selection. You can also do the bounding area with Lat and Long numbers.
  8. 76 and delightful out. DP is 67 which is not perfect but clouds and breeze make up for it.
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