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  1. In N MD today. Sunny and hot. Making a run for 80.
  2. It was my fault. I replied to an EC post and did not mention GFS until I went back and edited it. The rain woke me up at 4AM and I could not get back to sleep so I was tired and posted with out all the info :-).
  3. Looking at Wunderground it looks like Western areas of the LSV are coming in between 1 and 1.5". Healthy rain. Need it for the dryer week coming up. At least it will not be above normal temps this time around with the dry. Does not hit 60 at MDT on the GFS until 10 days out (after today).
  4. That's because you are looking at yesterday's 18Z run of the EC. Lollipops of 30+" on the GFS. I should have specified.
  5. Quick 18-24 inches on the NW periphery of that spinning and retrograding gyre on today's 6Z GFS. Rare for a mid April snow map.
  6. Plus if you wait until May to buy mulch (bulk at least, Lowes is $2 a bag this weekend) the suppliers lower the price quite a bit.
  7. Cool 47 this Am. A bit dreary. Maybe brighten later?
  8. Outside loving to see snow my main hope is a pull back to the early heat so we do not risk setting up another dry summer (at least dry for some). Sunny and 60 is a lot less of an issue than sunny and 80.
  9. As long as we agree it is a slim chance for us LSV types. LOL. The anomalies show it being quite cold during that period though.
  10. That April 15th time frame has been our next snow chance for a few days now. Keeps coming back on the GFS,
  11. We got to 54 today but are now backpedaling and down to 52. I do see MDT is up to 57 so not too far from 60.
  12. Yea, Sunday is warm. I should have clarified next Mon-Friday outside the weekend. NWS has it above 60 every day through Thursday. I thought they really relied on the GFS for those forecasts. The 0Z GFS, which is what I assumed they would have used, does not have MDT getting above 60 any week day next week and actually staying in the 40's one day.