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  1. LOL, I did not even see it...I have been so busy I have only stopped in here a few min here and there. But thanks.
  2. I am going with about 1.5" here. Side roads are covered. 2 hour delay in local Waynesboro schools at this point.
  3. On the plus side, and has been commented a lot I believe, this year is already better than last as far as not having to deal with a frying pan December. I know we in or near the LSV were already at 5-10" by this point but a warm December and Christmas is the worst. Still could be warm by the time we get there but so far so good with only occasional spikes in temps.
  4. Seasons first Winter Storm Watch is in the queue waiting to be released Saturday.
  5. Not posting much with being in Florida but had to post the 0Z EC snow map with it's almost all of PA sized snow hole.
  6. The 12Z Nam is going to be warning criteria accums for Western LSV on Wed. Just a bit warm at the surface.
  7. Let's hope so. I will be tired of hearing how the changes between warm and cold are making everyone sick. Time to just be cold.
  8. Current mid range models really suggest an unsettled, up and down week for the LSV...a soaking rain Monday, temps near 60 on Tuesday, Snow on Wed (at least falling), potential for 2-3" of rain over the rest of the week then up near 60 again Sat.
  9. I will chime in my agreement to this thought. The Canadian is the Jim Carrey "so your saying there's a chance" model. Its on par with the NOGAPS/NAV outside of a day or two range.
  10. The 12Z Euro suggests you will be getting your favored Florida weather, in PA, next weekend.
  11. My company is no where near the beach (Ocala) so it is just like going to Alabama or Mississippi. LOL. It is warm in the winter though!
  12. That is a lot of flying for you. I go to Florida about 13 or 14 times a year so I have to go but it just seems every time I go we have a storm. I am in PA for 3 weeks and the weather is serene then off to Florida and its tracking time. It would not surprise me if @Blizzard of 93 reads this and suggests I go to Florida more often so he gets more snow :-)
  13. 12Z Euro is a significant storm. Too Warm for LSV but too far out to worry about that. I am unfortunately supposed to be flying back from Florida that Saturday so as usual travelling in the winter sucks.