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  1. @Blizzard of 93 will be doing a live online discord this evening at 8PM to discuss the drought with the unlucky ones today.
  2. Las Vegas talk! HRRR keeping the hopes alive for the less fortunate.
  3. I do not remember the HRRR have that much for the yesterday. Just scattered.
  4. The best rains for the LSV northers are not until later tonight on the HRRR
  5. Those of you North of MDT looks good on the HRRR. Drought on down here. Drought group mentioned they are getting ready to color some of us in the next week or 2.
  6. Last time when I got there it was long before the game started. Rain has been a nothin' sammich so far over here.
  7. I am preparing to stand in line for 45 min for a pretzel (Sun).
  8. Maybe the Celts want to win on their home court? Mavs could not get over the hump in the second half of the last 2 games. BUT these are in the NBA Championship so...
  9. GFS and CMC still ho humming the heat wave with 18Z temps being near 90 until 7 days out when the CMC goes crazy with 100's. GFS mid 90's next weekend. GFS has 1/4 to 1/2" of rain next week for the LSV.
  10. Sox need all the wins they can get to stay in the WC race. 2 games out right now.
  11. He is 200-400 feet under me. I have dozens of 90's in the bag the last few years,
  12. Maytown, PA. For today, MESO's looking better the further North and East you are as to the LSV.
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