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  1. That is 2 degrees warmer than Dulles airport recorded this AM. The HIA is spreading north. Here is my water company when they send out my next bill after 12 hours of grass watering the last 10 days
  2. Chilly Juneteenth Long Weekend/Fathers Day weekend.
  3. I am a big modeler and models have been back pedaling for several days now. The Nam suggests some people would see less than 1/4" so that is not encouraging. The GFS is even worse. I had a nice rain in early May and it has been totally zero (2 T's) since then.
  4. They finally checked the models I guess. Checking in from Dry Gulch... 46 here this AM. Pretty incredible as to this string of mid to upper 40's.
  5. I remember a certain fire pit related post from you that started the old folks home posts. Lol
  6. No drought over then. I was joking but some of these cells looked impressive. With that said that is .28 more than I have had in about one month.
  7. In my eyes we are keeping the stuff alive even if it is browning. I thought grass would never die until 2020 so now I water brown grass. Sucks about the burn ban....It is cool out a fire would feel pretty decent.
  8. Just spent almost 2 hours watering my yard. Sad.
  9. LSV lined up for the next line if it survives that long.
  10. I think a lot of towns have already enacted restrictions. At least that is what people on AmWx have been saying. This first step will be no watering yards which is not all that abnormal.
  11. We got T'ed over here. Did not even wet the road. But first drops in since Mid May. The water restrictions are starting next week per what I heard this afternoon.
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