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  1. We made it to 54 yesterday and 53 so far today so actually down a degree but it is certainly a lot nicer feeling out!
  2. Same temp today as yesterday but feels 10-15 degrees warmer...all about that wind.
  3. That bar chart you posted definitely includes snow outside of met winter so maybe they just keep two different kind of records.
  4. They need to change their wording on their charts and posts then. They just posted 3 days ago that there were only 10 days left in the season and Harrisburg would end with the 3 worst snowfall total. It's all semantics. If we get 30" of snow in March we are counting it. Lol
  5. Those charts they keep putting out are true met season only so they end next Saturday. Not sure it matters and we can count anything we want. A lot of stuff online is actually yearly totals of Jan 1 through Dec 31. Will be interesting to see if they make a final standing post next Sunday.
  6. The mountains and surrounding valleys looked brilliant today. Definitely a great day to have out the binocs. A bit windier than I had hoped.
  7. I think we see snow flakes but believe this ends up being top (bottom 5) as to snow rankings for the history of recording keeping at MDT. The thing is I believe the deal is done in 7 days. They do not count March snow from my understanding.
  8. Depending on whether one considers 2020 the new or old decade we had more snow than that before winter even started twice this decade (pr past decade).
  9. I guess I need an energy person to walk my house. I had to keep the heat on this afternoon just to keep it in the mid 60's.
  10. In this house its either heat or A/C. I guess we are old.
  11. Maybe Itstrainingtimeinmaytown uses a stove as well. He probably told me as such before. We use 3 different kinds of heat at different times. Oil, electric and a propane fireplace. Keep it around 67.
  12. I still do not know how you can deal with no heat so many nights. It would be in the 40's on my house.
  13. In the LSV it's going to be a borderline Chamber of Commerce weekend. 50ish, sunshine and light winds both days. Maybe a bit breezy late tomorrow. Time to get out and enjoy it.
  14. In winter Americanwx.com without a snow storm shown on LR models is kind of like a casino that forbids gambling.