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  1. That line over N/W PA is pretty crazy as well.
  2. Model temp forecasting has not been great this spring (it seems). We could almost have daily pinned topics to talk about them but after a while its gets too boring :-).
  3. All of the other day 7 plus snow chances, over the last few weeks, have dissipated fast, so I would not curse this one just yet. LOL.
  4. Just close. No cigar for us yet. Pivotal is running behind so this map is probably inflated but where it snows is pretty accurate.
  5. All 3 12Z models I just peeked at have snow "in the area" on Sunday.
  6. Already 62 here. Will have to see what, if any, storm activity pops up.
  7. Jealous RE: Hershey Park. Might be an a/c day today.
  8. Those FV3 snow maps on TT are the devil! LOL.
  9. Surprised CTP is not playing up tonight into tomorrow...EC really going gung ho with cold air sticking in with accums and temps well below freezing.
  10. The wind today, at my place, is worse than the great Wind Storm of 2019 (Late Feb?). Have seen a couple gusts over 60 near me and sustained we are getting 30-35 right now.
  11. We just need one of these waves to go under us, give us a plowable snow, and make the lack of spring worth it. FV3 showed 6-12" on the 6Z model (for early next week-southern half of PA) so the synoptic weather chance is there just need the actual results to happen.
  12. This looks more like well below average after this weekend (well maybe after mid next week-edit). 0Z EC has NE PA getting 2 fairly decent accumulating snow events in the next 240 hours. About 6-8" between the two.
  13. Whatever Voo Doo dance the winternista's are doing it is working. Several chances of snow for different parts of PA, over the next two weeks, with no sign of sustained warm temps (well above average).