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  1. We got zip from this line as well. Waiting for Ian to get us some real rain over here.
  2. Euro has 1-2 feet of rain for a large area of western Florida.
  3. Just got home to .25" breaking the streak of less than .1" at two weeks. Was hoping for a lot more but will take what I can get.
  4. Both MDT and MDbub are under .1" total for 13 days running now. Tomorrow could break otherwise we are going for 20+ depending on the 'Cane.
  5. Thanks. Just was not sure where epic or drought came from. Lots of drought talk this year from others but none recently except the irony of Marysville being in D0. You are officially in a drought per the latest map but the 2 or 2 plus weeks with less than a tenth of an inch of rain total at mdt is pretty darn dry. They only got .04 today. The complaints were flying here all summer when it did not rain for a week so this stretch is the worst in quite some time.
  6. I see your winter lack of reading skills are getting tuned up. Lol
  7. Slightly late nooner. 87 and sunny in OC, MD. Only warm day I will have here but took advantage as Fiona is kicking up 9-11 foot waves that threw me down into the surf more than once. Love the big wave action. Cold front coming to end my beach days.
  8. Just finished mow #25 to close out September. A salute to Blizzard of 93 the group mow master.
  9. Yep, the science is there that if it turns in at the wrong angle, its lights out. I evacuated Bradenton for Irma in 2017, changed course at the last moment, and the water in Tampa Bay pulled back into/toward the Gulf. People were walking in the bay.
  10. GFS with a drought ender and major Florida panhandle hurricane is in the mid 200's hour wise. Just for interest of viewing. Actually a bit of a dangerous depiction for this area though it will change.
  11. While looking for the year of the Sauss Hawaiian Christmas party, I noticed the MDT Christmas High Record of 66 set in 1889. Turns out that is the oldest record in their books. I find it interesting that the Christmas MDT High Temp record is the oldest record the station has. It also hit 66 on Dec 26th, 1889 which is also a record. Wonder if those wankers were complaining about global warming over the 1889 Christmas table? Note the period of record for MDT is: 1888-07-01 to 2022-09-19.
  12. The MDT record high for Christmas eve is indeed 2015 at 70.
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