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  1. Late 2002/early 2003. #usenet and Wright-Weather prior to that.
  2. Its sunny and hot over here now. 78 humid degrees. NWS ignored short term forecasting last night. Looking at the radar and all short term models it was going to rain for many in the LSV.
  3. Its been raining on and off here for about 13 hours and we have still only dripped our way to .11". But still a good bust for once.
  4. Same here though I would call it more of a heavy drizzle. Last night it rained fairly hard for a short time with no radar confirmation. Sat shows clouds and fog back into Ohio and way to our south so does not look like it will clear out too fast. HRRR has VERY scattered showers in the LSV into this afternoon.
  5. It was raining here last night with no radar presence on the national radars I was viewing. We ended up with about 1/10th of an inch and radar estimates say 0 so yea its all about eyeballing it this time.
  6. There are little blips of rain passing over. Not even making the road wet. Had to turn on the wipers on the way home though.
  7. Compared to the previous runs of rain missing even N VA the models were way too far south with this one. Its actually raining here right now...very lightly.
  8. Its raining out in Western VA which is why I said radar looked good.
  9. Yea, nothing coming tonight to help that unfortunately.
  10. Just a mention but the HRRR is suggesting the eastern part of the LSV gets some decent rain tonight. Edit-As does the NAM and EC for southern and eastern LSV. Think the 20% zone forecasts should be upped a bit for some areas. Hopeful. Radar looks good for some rain.
  11. GFS drops the hammer to the tune of 3-5" of rain mid week in Eastern PA. Fun to look at for 6 hours.
  12. I have never lived in Texas. My parents were Skin's fans so I had to do the opposite.