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  1. Sterling did well with it though the under forecast farther east.
  2. News extended the advisory into Franklin County PA.
  3. Jersey Shore will be abuzz with beach goers.
  4. The GFS on TT is not even to the Wed storm yet but the PAweather 540 line is north of the LSV prior to the system so that is all I need to see unfortunately.
  5. Clouds moving in here. Made it to 63 but going back now. Look at Cap City sitting at 63 and MDT at 61. That 67 record was not "too" far from being challenged.
  6. I have been leaning more warminista (in a sense of how I think it may go vs. what I want) so far late fall and early winter so not really panhandling around looking for snow in places I will not find any. But I do post what the models show regardless of how correct they may end up. More importantly, let's use the word tricks instead of trix, right chief? LOL
  7. 240 Euro is not good news but not nearly as bad as the GFS. SER is there but displaced hundreds of miles to the east. Need it displaced more for good news.
  8. Atomic is already crafting a reply to the bolded area. I do agree that if one wants to forecast long range and go with blended averages, the tellies are a much better route than the models.
  9. It was not directed at your post, it was directed at the teleconnection forecasting being as limited as ground truth forecasting. Lots of erroneous assumptions made based on past performances of the numbers. With that said, I do not like the look of Mid Dec at all just because the models are all bailing on it.
  10. It turns to rain eventually but a good tracker for now.
  11. I am still stuck in my LSV way of thinking, I will try to do better. I cannot get out to Mag and include you unless I have less stations. The board balks at the pic size.
  12. Just coming in and looking exciting for the Wed storm.
  13. I think we all busted too low (those that made any type of forecast). Its overachieving. Big surprise.
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