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  1. I have had a good one week period but areas just to my east not so much.
  2. That place may be raising the temp in the area.
  3. I am just not feeling comfortable with just an inch forecast over 240 hours. That is bare minimum this time of the year.
  4. EC is cold considering it is the EC after the front passage next week. Portends to more 40's possible. Both EC and GFS are way too dry (LSV, not W PA) for my liking through 240.
  5. It depends on who is watching. If Voyager makes the call we may pay :-). But in our defense we just hoped for cold/cool weather without belittling anyone in the process.
  6. Sounds like some years had the idea of punking the first day of Astro Summer.
  7. Check out the first full day of Astro Summer 540 line on the Euro
  8. Yea, I checked that first. Mid night around 70 then mid morning temps in the mid 70's before the heat is cracker jacked.
  9. Actually highs would be earlier in the day....but yes mid day temps around 60 and not moving up front there.
  10. Was worried that lack of 12Z GFS chatter meant the heat was trying to slip back in but then saw this mid day super front passage FTW. More firewood. Take that Astro Summer.
  11. LOL. It will be a salute to Canderson as he is flying over and out to the Texas frying pan.. Two gun salute.
  12. If you look at the shaded 2M maps it really does show a big difference between western LSV and eastern as to this AM. 3-5 degrees.
  13. Well during the lull I guess anything can be interesting. HRRR says MDT just misses 40's tonight. Will be a slam dunk for colder locations though. I expect 45-47ish here. It is still only 61 right now here with full sun at 9:30.