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  1. Chattanooga Choo-Choo issues. When is the last time we had a low sweep from the Low Miss Valley and straith us with 4-8"?
  2. Today was as a terrible winter day, IMO. 50's all day, fog, clouds...cannot enjoy cold or warm weather.
  3. Last Christmas was the only real cold period of the entire season. Ironic if it gets extremely cold again this year. We had one pipe burst (external spigot which routes through the garages.)
  4. Late nooners. 48 and in the clouds at The Masland Mansion, Kings Gap State Park. Christmas Open House.
  5. I think so (clouds) and some water influence. CXY got 54 and Mui 50 so the 50 at MDT is a bit low.
  6. A balmy, damp 49 this Am. A big yuck to that. LNS and HGR got to 60 and THV 59 yesterday. MDT only 50.
  7. We would die (literally) if the digital snow all fell.
  8. Is it worth it to you to collect $200 from 20 people but have a smelly house? To me it is because I love animals but probably not everyone's cup of tea.
  9. The cafe part fooled me the first time we came here. I thought I could get an Italian soda with the cats but it is just cats and a gift shop. It is WV through.....
  10. There is a house here where you can pay 10 a person a walk around and visit with dozens (hundreds) of cats. We love animals and it is a fun way to see a lot of cats and give them some money to help take care of them. Going on a hike too. Town is busy.
  11. Nooners in Berkley Springs, WV....sunny and 64. 56 back in rou.
  12. I have not been paying attention but some meso's show mid 60's today for southern parts of the LSV.
  13. Good call! Except it moved up a couple days. LOL.
  14. Eh, missed that this was created. 44 and on and off light rain at noon
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