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  1. We truly may get spoiled if it maximizes the cool and comfortable periods.
  2. And I have found that people just do not respect you at a party with a Four Loco in your hand in an effort to get the light or fruity taste with 8%+. 99 Bananas has the same negative effect. Ha.
  3. That Burg cell went to your west like so many have the last month.
  4. Regardless if its the symbol you are are going to be partaking in it if you drink lots of it. Definitely better than drinking Malt 45's with brown bags covering them.
  5. Sometimes the budget demands what the budget demands. Key Light is decent for talking, sips in between, and not getting plastered. With that said I always appreciate when I see someone bring out a Schlitz. A good classic choice.
  6. He needs them to dry out from the constant rain.
  7. @pasnownut, the 18Z 3K farted out about 2" over Rouzerville
  8. About time you took me off the stealing list. Maybe the 'Burg will share the next cell head their way?
  9. Much more zonal, ridge type long and fantasy term. Did not see any over the top temps but some hot days in a quick scan. But nothing like the 6Z which was nothing like 0Z just like you mentioned. Something larger scale that I am not seeing must be adjusting it each time.
  10. I think someone is getting storms today. Just fear it may not be widespread and closer to evening.
  11. Not the most reliable as of late but enough to warrant a comment, that is one fearsome line heading due south of the 3K. Limited effects on the LSV but this would be a newsmaker in that form. So definitely going to be an interesting watch day tomorrow with a signal like that.
  12. I agree and this is with the fact that MDT had their 3rd warmest June ever recorded. It was close to record setting but nothing like many others records.
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