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  1. Rainy Saturday am for Western lsv. Still not scoring down here...hopeful soon. Steamy 68.
  2. And the handicapped space is quite appropriate in this case...as it pertains to the trees predicament.
  3. Next round starting to get going out west. Come on lucky cell!
  4. HRRR has another line forming this evening. Hope it is right.
  5. Missed your post. Good catch on the missing OB but the "6 hour totals" are still 10-11 hours apart which is not the norm. See them go 8-9 hours sometimes but 11 is odd.
  6. Something starting to form just west of the LSV.
  7. Rouzerville Pen Mar split in effect. Down to 75 though. 90's are toast it appears.
  8. Nooners are a tad wet tomorrow evening. Back to a slower front passage.
  9. Prayers for your weekend to go well with her.
  10. Nice, Training said I was in line for rain yet you get it. Itsrainstealingtime
  11. That is MDT worthy. That may be why they stopped the 5 min readings....temp jumps/drops of 5-7 degrees over mere minutes.
  12. You are now the coldest reading in the area!
  13. Still just 82 here. I wish I did not have grass that dries so quickly. I like the workout in mowing.
  14. You now have more 90 degree days than I have mows. If it does not rain today or tomorrow my mowing is on total hold.
  15. It is possible I come away from this with no 90 days at all. it is mostly cloudy here now. Later next week there is some warmth around though.
  16. Good catch, I had not started the watch yet. 81 here so still on track for 90 but those storms could have a say.
  17. Phrasing but it applies all around. It is a holiday weekend so should start it off right. LOL
  18. I hope most of us get it good this afternoon and night.
  19. I figured something was wrong with their reporting page as it only shows 88. (Edit-I think I think I see why, the 88 is 8 hours from the previous report)
  20. I hope we (at least here) stay near 80 Sat :-)
  21. No official stations around the LSV hit 90 yesterday though CXY has a 90 in their hourly but their 6 hour high does not so may be an issue there. Already 75 here. The rain may be the only thing stopping all from busting well into the 90's today but seems likely we get one 90's day.
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