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  1. I personally do think next week is our best chance. The surface is torching this week so if a coastal just grazes us and throws precip back over the area it is going to be rain. We need a coastal tucked in the Southern DelMarVa and bombing out to bring cold down the backside into the N/W Deform zone. Take the FV3 at hour 90 (6Z run) and notice how it actually tries to form a feeder band over us at the last moment when interacting with the front coming from the West. However it is 40 degrees.
  2. We ended up with a dusting on colder surfaces. Too warm for the pavement. Looks like some snow in Cumberland county right now...if reading the ground.
  3. Yea, just had to post something other than my temp for the day. LOL. But there is no way I would rule out snow for anyone in the LSV and southern tier.
  4. Not a lot going on right now but clipper radar looks betetr than progged though I did not check what is and is not reaching the ground.
  5. My worry with the clipper is that it has been mostly a GFS thing and we all have our opinion on models but the GFS in my eyes has been abhorrent as of late including several consective days of temp busts. So hard to trust where the stripe of snow, if any, may be. The temps seem so marginal so I am not sure it can lay on the roads even at night without better rates than being depicted Late week just does not have any a lot of surface cold air to work so need a monster creating its own for snow in South PA even if it comes a little closer.
  6. Wish the Nam would catch on.
  7. Someone will try to add that to their yearly snow totals. 80 degrees and hailing on March 15th. Sheesh.
  8. The winner is...Mechanicsburg. 80 at 3PM.
  9. 77 just south of Carlisle at Boiling Springs and 79 just south of Millersville are the two highest temps I see right now. These are unoffical of course but as long as they are not more than 2-3 degrees higher than their neighbors I think they are fairly legit.
  10. 12Z GFS is getting serious about Sunday Night.
  11. Which will be the first town in the LSV to 80 today. Glad to say my house is lagging behind after several days of being the hot plate of the area. Dover is 74 right now, Columbia 73, Middletown 71.
  12. Yea, another government shutdown could be in the cards. Did you guys hear that the FAA was testing a fix for the 737 Max airplanes and it was delayed due to the last shutdown otheriwse it may already have come out prior to the last crash.
  13. By then it will be known as the GFS :-).
  14. Looks like most of the Western LSV stayed above 60 last night. East of the River there are some uper 50's now. Yea, it is so humid that the AC almost came on here as well.
  15. Wind woke me up and I had this thought to check the gfs and it did actually have a fun looking clipper bomb in ten to eleven days.
  16. I suspect I do not get below 60 tonight but Saturday is going to be bone chilling cold with the wind...wind chills may be in the 20's all day. Yuck.
  17. Currently 74 here. This place is the frying pan of the forum although it is 75 in Gettysburg.
  18. I just looked at your temps and you rose 5 degrees in 50 min! Are you out burning wood beside the equipment? LOL.
  19. So no tracking Monday's clipper on the Euro? It certainly did not look robust at the end of the NAM run.
  20. I have been keeping my eye on Western PA as there are several 80 degree home station reports now. That is pretty warm. We went down a couple degrees here when some cirrus tempered the sun a bit so 68 now. Lots of 65-70's in Adams and York county. York itself is at 65.
  21. GFS Twins have a low to our south, through the Delmarva, last day of March but that lack of cold air still haunts us.
  22. It is 70's in SW NY State as well. That Super Hurricane Bombogenesis storm, or whatever they are calling it, is pumping air straight from the equator up here. LOL. I just walked outside and I would have guessed it was 75-80 based on how it feels. Still not as impressive as the upper 70's last Feb.
  23. Currently 78 in Latrobe! May hit 80. Wow. I was actually surprised when I saw the 67's and 68's around York. May hit 70 there as well.
  24. Yea, we get no valley/CAD help over here. It is in the mid 70's in S/W PA. Wundermap shows it is near 70 in York.
  25. Just hit 70 for the first time this year (I believe). A lot later than last year!