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  1. Looking at Wunderground, most of the LSV is in the low 40's. Mid 40's far south part and Upper 30's far North...so all makes sense I guess. MDT is 41 and THV is 46.
  2. Throwing out the fool word! Early bird nooners...45 and filtered sunshine.
  3. Peeked at MR progs this AM and see a bit of can kicking STILL as it pertains to a really good pattern. It started last week when the second week of Dec looked great pattern wise...now tailing off into later Dec. Speaking specifically to the chances of well BN cold and systems that we could expect to produce dry power. This Friday's instance is a sloppy situation even if the 850 goes under us.
  4. I passed the Tamaqua exit but that is pretty far from Tamaqua. LOL. It looks like full winter up at Mt Pocono.
  5. Coming down 81 from Hazleton today there was a very obvious change in grass color as you got a little south of the Pine Grove exit.
  6. The hrrr threatens near 60 the whole way up here at MT Pocono today.
  7. Mixed rain and snow...39 near MT Pocono. If Joe Bartlo were still alive, I would be on the watch.
  8. Carlson managed to take both himself and another Cap out on the OT goal.
  9. 20 for the low here so far. GFS still trying to get the Blizzard of 86 storm on board though it is a weird evolution.
  10. Runs like the 18Z GFS make the MA forum super fun.
  11. Drink up (except you @Voyager) if looking at the 18Z GFS...as in get drunk and not look. Chalk it up to the models not handling blocking well.
  12. To me one big difference is that storms are hit or miss.
  13. Stole this one from MA just for you @paweather #1. Interesting...
  14. The majority of the US is now in a drought. We are the lucky ones in the NE.
  15. Fingers crossed you miss the wave and stay healthy.
  16. Even worse than before? Tripledemic. Some of my friends have 'C' again.
  17. Currently 37 here and quite breezy as well. Chilly. Missed the Noon roll call.
  18. The CMC is a bit faster with the Southern Slider 7-8 days from now...gets in before as much suppression takes place.
  19. Welcome! You might need to speak up for Altoona from time to time as many members are from the Harrisburg/Lower Susquehanna Valley area.
  20. We need that New Yorker to come back and post another snow map showing 20" plus at the M/D line
  21. The whole run is drastically different out in the upper 200's as both you and I joked about happening:-). From a blocked cutter to a southern slider. At 12Z the PA weather 540 line was in PA on Dec 11th...at 18z it is in Central Alabama. How much for Cape Hatteras?
  22. The 12Z GFS had the temp around -14 degrees in Northern Minn the AM of Dec 9th. The 18Z has the same area and time showing -35 degrees!
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