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  1. It actually skips around me and hammers Cashtown. Plows out (sparks). LOL
  2. This guy should be the motto of when the story of models being wrong all the time will come to an end. Maybe too obscure.
  3. Scotland might be getting into the game before we know it.
  4. Bad look for the Nam this time around if this does not turn around and change. Terrible depiction just 24-36 hours ago. The Euro is not far behind with the badness though. -Signed, Nam Sympathizer
  5. LOL, random spots not random sports. Wish I had more time to spell check.
  6. Those official model scoring scenarios, used by the Government, just use placement of fronts and pressure points vs. ground truth on weather. I can' seem to find it but there is another system that picks random sports around the country and uses actual vs. front locations as a scoring method. They just grade the Globals. Last I looked, GFS was one, Icon, 2 and Euro 3. UK was 4th.
  7. Second largest come back in the the history of the NBA.
  8. Clippers scored 7 points in the final 8 seconds. Kendard.
  9. Trough a tiny bit too far west (IMO) at 84 but also think that as depicted, the Nam precip shield should be more expansive at 84.
  10. @Itstrainingtime @Atomixwx, the Wiz just made the Sizers Clipper collapse look like Childs play. Maybe a top ten ever NBA collapse. Lost a 35 point 2nd half lead and give up 7 points in the last 8 seconds.
  11. The reverse physiology and self sustaining feel goodness posts of AMWx. Ha. Every "at least we are still tracking it" post falls under this category as well.
  12. To me, it's the key here vs. hoping for this to track along the coast.
  13. So now the L post means Low and not loss, right? :-)
  14. I would never post it as a hail mary (Hail Kelce?) but its really not that much unlike the EC.
  15. I am sipping my "liquid refreshment" slowly today so its still quite full
  16. Yea, this area is a frying pan when the air is coming in from the Southwest. There is a path between ridges straight up from West Virginia.
  17. With Wayne Heights and Rouzerville, that stretch of 16 is quite busy now.
  18. Down and to the right of where that person is standing.
  19. It's much more responsive, back our way, to the SLP which is way east. So not something I would put in as "gonna happen"
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