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  1. Posting this via talk to text. Have lost my sight. Blinded by the Red Sox yellow uniforms.
  2. I only have one IR slot so not so interesting to me. Ben, get in there and get your assists, steals and rebounds.
  3. And for the owner to allow you to hire a Cashtown Jr. Let you manage some vs. having to be 100% hands on.
  4. You must have had one of those tropical downpours. We are still under 1/2". I had asked on the previous thread, in an edit, how your recovery is coming. It should be a not used enough Chamber of Commerce weekend for your outings.
  5. I expect the rain to be done here by then based on what the models are showing. PS-how is recovery coming along?
  6. One positive on the recent short term modeling is the speeding up of the heaviest of rains. What was going to be a rush hour issue for Harrisburg is not a bit closer to the Lehigh valley if you could 8AM as rush hour. its breaking up in the LSV around rush hour.
  7. Nice "so far" addition from the first iteration :-). Its a nothing burger over here right now. Storm cancel? LOL. Almost totally dry after about 1/3" rain this AM. Quite breezy. No trash can issues yet but the one squirrel corn feeder that hangs by a nail was down until I noticed it and fixed. HRRR has 5-7" totals in the MSV and USV.
  8. Another below average high day here. Just cracked 70. we have only been above average 7-8 days of the 22 so far (highs).
  9. Glenn Doc Rivers just told Stephen A Smith that he wanted him back. But for my purposes, I just want him in training camp or traded. I also drafted Kawahi late in the draft so I a boom or bust team.
  10. @Itstrainingtime, I drafted Ben Simmons in the mid rounds. Have to get him on board and bring him back.
  11. It's a monster. For them its seasonal temps in our area.
  12. Have not seen gray on this map too often recently.
  13. Sing it brother. They should close it down before winter starts. Mask Up Euro because you are not breathing your germs around us anymore.
  14. It does everything it can to keep some semblance of an extended trough over us. Dry as a witches ****** though...after tonight.
  15. EC is an improvement over yesterday going into next week. Not great but better.
  16. EC event qpf. Preponderance of info saying 2-3" now so have to believe it I guess.
  17. The radar over E-Town shows some of this.
  18. Late nooners. Most 12Z models still have 2-3" tonight. .2 here so far. 69 degrees which is also the high for the day.
  19. That is two vaca's for you in short order! LOL.
  20. Yea, snow maps are a no no on TT unless we are cold through the whole event. This forum can never get enough snow maps it seems.
  21. The 6Z HRRR has the 2-3" but the representation on the radar map is a little fast for it to happen IMO. Most of this falls in a matter of 4-5 hours over night.
  22. Yep. A matter of how slow it moves through. I personally think the call for 2-3" seems a bit high.
  23. Just light showers. The calls for rain on Wed daytime have been over done for days now. Rain should be here tonight.
  24. I think dealing with fires has made you more warm house capable. I would need to take the roof off my house to be ok with no A/C when temps outside are in the upper 60's. LOL
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