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  1. A.K.A Blizzard of 93 Fall. Not sure how that became the name but seems to have taken hold.
  2. I am sure there is a thread in the MA where that chance is being dissected.
  3. Queue up the "when it is cold in Alaska, it is warm in the east" .
  4. HRRR and 3K are both poo-pooing today as being just a scattered nature event.
  5. Happy Birthday. Philly might not have a snowstorm for you but if you look hard enough (not really hard) I bet you can find some snow blowers cleaning up some white stuff from Colombia.
  6. 67 here this am. Waterlogged air with a dp of 66 and cloudy.
  7. Hopefully some of the goodness gets to our northern PA members.
  8. Everyone focused on their 4-7 degree AN temps that this was missed just a week away. Verbatim it is 40's in Mid August for colder LSV locations. Frost on the Dog Days of summer? one so
  9. 87 for the high today. Getting hard to break average here much less 90.
  10. Friday AM soaker at this point. Mod rain and down to 64. About .15 since 6am
  11. Craiglist....A good way to clean my safe and bank account as well!
  12. Most Globals keep parts of the LSV in the 70's today. Meso's say mid 80's.
  13. I wish they would finish my floors before spending time on this.
  14. 67/66 this AM with light rain. Not too bad out.
  15. You will be 90/75 and Voyager will counter with 105/45.
  16. LOL. When I read this post Voyager's name was on the leaderboard. it is not anymore. LOL
  17. SE York and SW Lancaster county are getting hammered. Going to be some 2-4"" totals there.
  18. Voyager has you down as his split in his absence
  19. Woot, score one for Bub. It turns out I am not a Nut after all.
  20. Man, I thought that was something everyone knew. My bad for not building it up before the trip. The thrift store was a joke build up. The antique mall in Dover is pretty good though.
  21. Pillow comes through in the clutch and validates my post from a couple days ago! Thanks!
  22. Reesers is the bomb and they keep you guessing with different flavors each week. A small ice cream at Reesers is like a large anywhere else.
  23. So the models predicting extreme temps were full of it. MDT hit 95 but pretty pedestrian for early August. Happens every year.
  24. In one of the more major radar failures in my history, a quarter mile from me is banging 2-3" right now. 0 here.
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