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  1. Say it ain’t so.. The loss of traditional fall has been my biggest grievance with the new normal by far. Haven’t had a BN September since 2013 or October since 2015 here.. and that’s using the toasty 1991-2020 avgs. Sweating bullets while tailgating in the heart of the BIG10 schedule aggravates me to no end. This isn't SEC country. Another +6 October will probably expedite my migration northward. I can’t grow a beard worth s**t, but think I could adapt to the mountain-man hermit lifestyle pretty easily otherwise.
  2. Crazy how much the 3k NAM backed off on totals into PA from 6z to 12z run today too. Agreed. Guess I'll have to put on a YouTube "rain sounds" video for white noise tonight instead of the real thing. Bummer.
  3. Holy Lord Luka.. definitely pulling for the mavs the rest of the playoffs.. showed a lot of resilience in fighting out of a 2-0 hole against the best team in the league and then doing this to them on their home floor in game 7. Wow. .
  4. Interesting! The company I work for now is involved with the SSES Berwick plant.. the lore of the TMI incident was one of the things that got me interested in the power industry growing up.. Vivid memories of going out on my uncle’s boat on the Susquehanna down by Middletown and being fixated on the massive amount of steam ascending from the cooling tower, fascinated by the amount of energy that a single reactor could produce and the responsibility associated with harnessing that force of nature.. the fact that it was surrounded by armed guards and layers of security added to the sense of mystery and really made me want to see the inter-workings…. Lo and behold, decades later I’ve gotten to scratch that itch.. And to be honest, the scope and scale of the whole operation of commercial nuclear plants still amazes me…(Snowstorms might be the only other thing in life for which I’ve never lost my child-like sense of awe).. I also binge watched the TMI documentary while the Sixers were laying an egg the other night in game 2.. I guess there’s always some level of sensationalism to hook the viewer, but I thought they did a really nice job at capturing the series of events and the very real confusion and fear at the time of a truly unprecedented event. I tried to check my benefit of hindsight at the door when watching and keep in mind that in the moment there were legitimate disagreements among renowned nuclear engineers and physicists as to what was going on within the core and what level of danger the suspected hydrogen bubble imposed… terrifying… and that confusion funneled down to an absolute PR/communications debacle from Met-Ed and NRC officials throughout the week.. the fact that the China Syndrome was released just days prior and had already worked it’s way into the public psyche was an eerie coincidence too..I felt so bad watching the Middletown residents relive that.. I could talk for hours on this stuff because the history and implications of the accident still fascinate me but I’ll stop here and bring it back to weather.. Just cracked 3 inches for the event around 12:30! .
  5. FWIW I've used an EGO mower for two seasons now and I love it. Granted I have less than half an acre to mow, but it usually takes me about an hour, and the battery lasts long enough to get through it without having to recharge. Also, my yard is pretty hilly (great for sledding, sucks for mowing), so the fact that its light weight and has a smooth self-propel is really convenient. The low noise and headlight feature comes in handy too for dusk mowing.. I'm too much of a baby to mow during the soul-sucking daytime hours during the summer.
  6. If this does turn out to be the last event of the season, old man winter has choreographed one hell of a showstopper grand finale with this last line… heavy snow, intense wind, near whiteout here now…. I’m in heaven .
  7. Strange how we had some of our best rates here in Linglestown over the past 45 minutes with the worst radar presentation of the event.. not complaining, great flake size, accumulating nicely. .
  8. Luka!! What a gritty 4th quarter effort from your mavs there.. sheesh.. statement win. .
  9. It's crazy looking at the differences between the parent NAM and 3km version in central Mass, CT.... A 3 foot discrepancy, yeeesh.
  10. I think this was actually remarkably well modeled here in the Capital region (outside of some stingy NAM runs).. Mesos even at range consistently showed onset around 5 pm and changing to sleet between 9-10 pm w/ accumulations in the 4-5 inch range… that’s exactly what has happened here a few miles NE of hbg.. and looking back to global OPs runs from Weds, I think they were pretty good at nailing the upper-levels and general progression/timing.. certainly never budged off of the atypical inland track idea that resulted in our widespread taintage followed by dryslot.. no complaints here!! Glad everyone seems to have gotten something decent out of this fickle beast! Felt like we were tracking this one for a month. .
  11. Deleted mine, yours was better sans Finkenbinder standing in the way. Agreed, a little surprised they put that out tonight.. not outlandish, but 72 hours out.. Chuck Rhodes would never!
  12. “Excuse me sir, there’s been a little problem in the cockpit.” “the cockpit?!! What is it?!” “It’s the little room at the front of the airplane where the pilot sits but that’s not important right now” Agreed, never gets old to me either… can’t believe Nielsen’s been gone over a decade. .
  13. 32 blown saves now for the Phillies.. 2 off the Rockies '04 record of 34 in a season... 17 games to go.. we got this!
  14. https://twitter.com/dougkammerer/status/1433253581856067585?s=20
  15. Fascinating storm from it's evolution in the Gulf all the way through tonight.. Some amazing statistical anomalies to sort through in the days ahead. Tomer Burg on Twitter has been posting some of the insane numbers from NJ tonight. 7-8" in 3 hours.. That level of flash-flooding at night in a heavily populated corridor doesn't bode well.
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