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  1. Almost the exact same here in Linglestown. 3.75” as of 6 pm. Over 4 including Saturday. .
  2. It’s wild.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger discrepancy between asphalt and other surfaces with a storm, including late season daytime paste bombs. close to 7” on my deck board, but the road in my development is barely covered. This will also likely go down as the biggest difference I’ve witnessed between here and mdt for a single event. Weird storm. .
  3. It’s delivering the goods about 5 miles NE of Harrisburg.. we just got a special weather statement indicating up to 3”/hour in spots.. I’ve picked up an additional 1.5 since midnight. .
  4. I guess we lucked out with that initial band extending from west of the river over this way. Already 2” on the deck here .
  5. Nice flake size from the get-go here in Linglestown, ramped up pretty quickly. Going to take the doggo for a late night stroll. Beautiful. Good luck all! .
  6. Now over 5” on the deck here in Linglestown even with some likely compaction. Beautiful. .
  7. Amidst the talk of memorable events of recent years, I almost forgot to wish a Happy Anniversary to the record-holder.. Time truly flies.
  8. I'll split the hog with you on the 9th. That's my bday. Also the NWS's bday! A crippling triple-phaser for the ages is all I ask for each year. Or cash.
  9. Agreed. And I think this game reiterated that when the niners are missing even one single weapon on offense, they kind of look like paper tigers, pretty mundane.. their defense is solid but not special.. I don’t think their game against the Ravens was a fluke.. if it comes down to a re-match I think they get handled again. .
  10. It was a rough commute into the city from Linglestown this morning, even waiting until after 9 am to head in.. Was a little surprised with the main road conditions given the fluff factor.
  11. My co-worker is running in the Bandera 100K marathon down there this weekend. Looks like they'll miss the Arctic shot by a day or so.. I can't imagine running a 100k in a year let alone 12 hours... then add bone-chilling cold to the mix, that would've felt more like the Iditarod.
  12. Amen. Nice event verbatim with no mixing concerns. i think many would take the tradeoff of less high-end potential for a pure snow event that sticks around. i want to take my nieces sledding without sleet crust or cold wet mud creeping into the equation like many storms in recent years.
  13. Indeed.. It's getting hard to justify buying season passes.. i stopped two years ago. having to thread the needle to get down to Roundtop on days when conditions are half decent gets old.. i'll still get down there at every opportunity, but now I don't feel the pressure to go on crappy nights just to get my moneys worth out of the pass.
  14. Even though its just a butt-ton of rain, I'm still weirdly excited to track this system and see increasing model consensus for a shellacking.
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