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  1. I went out there last Tuesday after work in the middle of the storm. The roads were terrible but with the warm up on the way, I wanted to try to get one good night on the mountain with the beauty of snow covered trees. Went back yesterday to see how much damage the weekend torch did... rough... i'm counting on another late season resurgence like we've seen in recent years to try to break even on my pass. hoping this weekend is the catalyst to flip the script.
  2. Silver-dollar dendrites in downtown Harrisburg right now. Oh how I missed thee.
  3. Dewpoint sitting at 70 on my station at the moment... Going to enjoy the remaining pockets of peak foliage here in Linglestown for the next few hours, then embrace the ruckus. Good luck all!
  4. Since the official start of fall I've been hanging onto my will to live based upon the 300 hr + forecasts showing the cool down. Have to say, the GFS really nailed the timing of this relief. Consistently showing the front moving down in the 10/3-10/4 time-frame, vanquishing the hell fire. Mid-range forecasting (temp-wise) has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Really going to appreciate October feeling like October tomorrow through the weekend. Cheers all!
  5. Awesome pics man! Thanks for sharing. I was too much of a wuss to stand out there for more than 2 minutes.
  6. Sweet redemption. Amazing way to go out after the recent run of near misses. Three consecutive seasons now with a 12" + event for Harrisburg. I mostly lurk for hours on end, but not being able to access the board for a good portion of the storm made me realize how much this place has become an integral part of the snowstorm experience for me over the years. Special place indeed.
  7. What was the official tally for the March 14th storm last year? I remember they bungled it a bit.
  8. High-res Canadian also gets the intense banding further west tmrw morning/afternoon:
  9. The reading of 82 degrees at Capital City Airport this afternoon is a full 40 degrees departure from normal..... + 40. Insanity.. 82 is the average high for CXY on June 19th. smfh.
  10. Deluge underway in downtown Harrisburg!! Feels like an automated carwash. A couple good lightning strikes in the last minute too.
  11. Awesome man!!!! This one really stretches the definition of back-loaded winter. Front-loaded spring i suppose.
  12. measuring over 5" on the deck here in Linglestown. I think we're about done with anything significant by the looks of the radar. Those half-dollar aggregates were spectacular earlier.