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  1. what a winter, you would have loved it.
  2. i'm heading to lanco county Thursday evening, keep those roads clear
  3. i had 5. the wind woke me up several times.
  4. You’re right. And I didn’t expect this much sun!!
  5. The runoff from some of the melting is going to be a problem later.
  6. I don’t have a gauge, I’d love to know how much rain we got over night. I got up at 4 and it was still raining. I pity anyone who didn’t clean up last night. I shoveled my driveway last night and only had sidewalks to finish this morning, shits heavy
  7. Just came in from shoveling, I only did about 3/4. It’s just plain rain, I’m soaked.
  8. If that verifies, it’ll be a big thing for certain
  9. What’s the chance we see single digits Monday morning
  10. sauss06

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    My expectations are low, but that won’t stop me from enjoying what Mother Nature gives us. The past week while watching the models and the wide variety of emotions that come with it is all part of the journey I enjoy. I won’t be shocked if we get 8” or 2”
  11. sauss06

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    I too went to Weis Market.......... Though i'm all about the event, whatever it is, my biggest concern is after whatever happens snow , sleet or frzn, is the brutal temps on sunday night into monday morning. any idea of winds?