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  1. looks pretty uneventful this week and possibly next. maybe i'll mow Tuesday, looks to be in the mid 50s. And the first day of Buck looks like no rain, high 30s (down here in the flat lands anyhow)
  2. dude, i'm crying here. and i do keep a weather diary see attached its probably going to be in the low 40s which will seem like a summer day compared to when i was there Saturday and other games i've been to. Having said that, if its real windy, depending where your seats are, might be raw.
  3. You're correct. I just pulled my notes. November 24, 2014 68 degrees November 26, 2014 1.5" Snow November 29, 2014 Trace Snow
  4. Its been awhile we've had any snow on T-giving. or even had any for the first day of Buck. My retired neighbor behind me stopped by my garage yesterday afternoon on his way from the post office, he said all signs point to a white thanksgiving. I will add, i think he had started early on his New castle Ale and Bushmills Irish Whiskey as he made no sense
  5. any of you pros seeing something Thanksgiving week?
  6. It wasn't all that bad, I think it was 15 when we parked. Without the wind like you said helped.
  7. i have a feeling im gonna be cold in Happy Valley tomorrow
  8. Friend at their camp in Juniata County send me a picture from her tree stand. The ground is covered.
  9. damn, thanks for the info.
  10. Its going to be cold at the PSU game Saturday
  11. Nice write up Millville, thanks for your thoughts. We ended up 4th warmest October. Looks like were back in the 70s today.
  12. Great, who deosn't like freezing rain.
  13. Attached is my flag pole mount. Its heavy gauge Aluminum. You can see which way the wind was blowing as its bent that direction. Yesterday i put big channel locks on it to see if i could straighten it out and i couldn't get it to budge.
  14. Wow, isn't that something. It was right before the Steelers game at 830 when the wind picked up and our township started having power outages. I fell asleep watching the game guessing around 1030. I woke up at 1146 when we had a tree on an apartment building. It was then basically non-stop for several hours. Just howling wind and it was pelting rain, sideways.
  15. Its been a long time since i heard wind like that. Not sure i slept to much. I'd have to think maybe Hurricane Irene was the last time the wind had me a lil nervous. It was dark when i left so i don't know what or if anything was disrupted