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  1. bastard, i just spit water on my computer screen laughing
  2. Its going to happen. Maybe not rural areas as much. Kinda gave me a weird feeling in my stomach the other night when i was issued credentials as critical resource during travel restrictions. I've been around during a lot of big time things, major rail accidents, TMI, Blizzards, 9/11 etc. and this is a first receiving this type of credential. I already have a huge file, seems like we get new directives everyday, sometimes multiples a day. Even changing by the hour at times. Mind boggling, scary and stressful.
  3. its sad for me to say this, as i like to stay informed, but whenever he is giving a presser, i turn off the TV or change the channel.
  4. at 2am the ground was completely covered
  5. just confusing the **** out of people.
  6. Apparently it snowed and the ground was white around 2am. I only know as my BIL posted a RING video as someone was wandering our village trying to break into vehicles. When i left for work the ground was just wet
  7. i agree, but do think there will be isolated incidents. These times provide opportunity.
  8. I think it is going to locked down.
  9. To think that in my mind......................9/11 was going to be the most ****ed up thing i experienced in my life
  10. You're correct. Yet home improvement places stay open? I mean, if people don't have money coming in, who the F is going to do home improvements?
  11. Sorry to hear man. And agreed, not good. I'll think good wishes/thoughts for everyone.