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  1. i woke up about 230, windows wide open. Holy crap was it cold. Big 10 back to football October 24
  2. anyone remember we had smoke from Canadian fires like 20 years ago. it was pretty impressive.
  3. next time, get authorization from someone here before going on vacation.
  4. mu buddy just text, said parts of Md was getting rocked
  5. ive had my best luck mid to late September. im planning now to get an aerator its a gamble, i try and use Ma nature to water for me if i can work it out.
  6. yeah, i'd like to try and fix my lawn this fall.
  7. I was on the mountain off of Tower road when this hit. It fricking dumped. my truck was 30 yards away, windows down. I'm sure it was a sight watching me sprint from the cabin with a cold beer in my hand to shut them. No beer was spilled......................
  8. It rained hard on the other side of the crick from you, for 2 minutes. i like to say 120 seconds, makes it seem longer
  9. I'm looking forward to the string of overnight 60s i see. I'm sick of air conditioning
  10. 91 here now No football, i'll be bored shitless. I'll go get a part time job bagging groceries to stay occupied