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  1. i saw 62 and thought inches YAS finally a 5 footer
  2. To my knowledge he hasn't reveled what he is doing. He did say he isn't moving though.
  3. Did you guys see Matt is leaving WGAL? He posted in here a time or 2.
  4. We've had a nice storm on Super Bowl Sunday before, book it.
  5. most of my yard is still covered. The sleet was the key for stamina i thunk
  6. when i first read this, i thought it said she had a psoriatic anus and i burst out laughing
  7. Man that was some fantastic information. thanks @Jns2183
  8. I've written notes on snow storms back to the big storm in 83. i would document snowfall totals. the only other thing i note besides snow is if we break a record on temp, high/low and any other unusual. lost everything before 2002 i think. other then my 1999 day planner with snow weather notes. edit- speaking of notes, we were talking about Miller b's the other day. I went back to my notes. 1 notable Miller B Was February 16th-17th 2003. We had 32" between those 2 days then 4" more on the 18th. i think maybe it was Mag that picked out that date in the discussion.
  9. 2 years older then you, but yes, that is what i recall. we did everything outside and it just seemed like we dealt with snow until baseball season.
  10. All my notes back into the 90s were destroyed so i can't help
  11. I did not. I would tell a story from that night but don't wanna clog up the thread. i agree, its almost fall like to me, until this week. I haven't even turned my heat on in the original part of my house
  12. Don't listen to Colonial Jessup, we can handle the truth. and just a reminder of 36 years ago ( January 22, 1984) the brutal cold temps and while i'm reflecting, i missed the other day, 24 years ago January 19th 1996, all the rain, the 50 degree temps and all the snow that had fallen in early January the river was suppose to crest in Harrisburg at 23 feet but never did until a couple days later at 27'. The massive ice break up is something i will NEVER forget. Not only the sight, but the sounds that it was making going down the river. I can honestly say that was one of the few times in my life as a fireman i though i was going to be killed.
  13. Dude, i like yours and others write ups. You guys are a plethora of knowledge. Teach us Sensei