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  1. looks like we cool down Thursday, more seasonal i guess i should say. Could be in the 40s overnight over the weekend too. Thats more like it!
  2. i'm an all seasons guy, i like em all. When everyone else bitches about the heat and humidity, i love it. But i'm done with it. I'm never bothered by the scorching summer. I'll work in all day. But Phuck, Saturday kicked my a$$. I started cutting trees and brush and 8, by 1130 i put a fork in it. And its been really cool at night, sleeping without the air is great and last night it was so dang humid. I refuse to turn the air back on.
  3. Its easier for me (a novice) to follow you guys in the mid-Atlantic then over on that main thread cluster puck
  4. looking like we'll have zero affects from Irma
  5. Its better to have the resources and funding immediately available.
  6. I know there are a couple guys in here who work in Emergency Management in or around Maryland. Are you guys doing any prep work/planning now just in case?
  7. USAR teams that were to DEMOB today, are now being redirected to pre-stage for Irma.
  8. It sure does. I would hate to go to the Willie Concert Sunday in the rain
  9. Just read this in the Mid-Atlantic thread https://twitter.com/crankywxguy/status/905448950542594048/photo/1
  10. Oh yeah, i forgot about Isabel. I didn't sleep that night. i was 9 during Agnes, all these years later, the sights are still vivid.
  11. We lost power early in the morning, probably around 530, it was restored around 4-5pm. That is unusual, as they always try and get it back on quick because of the firehouse. the original part of my house is almost 100 years old and during Irene the Window on the 3rd floor (which faces the East) was blown out. So think about about how many storms that window went through It also peeled the cap shingles off the new addition part. regardless, we did what my family does well, gathered at my garage, drank beer and moonshine and turned it into a party
  12. Ever since Irene in '11, i pay closer attention to Hurricanes and where they make landfall. Agnes was the worst for our area, but Irene did more damage at my house due to the wind.
  13. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about this lil bit*h Irma.
  14. Thats what i said. I thought it was to be decent today. I saw that about 10 this morning and decided to run home and shut my windows.