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  1. slept with windows open. wrong move! Damn allergies
  2. daughter wanted to turn on the air last night, i was like aw hell no edit-North of Harrisburg is black like night
  3. co-worker just told me (he lives 20 miles north) they haven't had the rain like we have had in the LSV. They didn't get that 1" we had the other night. They're very dry and he can get by mowing every 10 days. If i don't mow every 3-4 days i'm in trouble.
  4. good. I have a advanced extrication class tonight. we drill in the rain, but i wouldn't wanna work in a T-storm around all the metal
  5. I have to cut twice a week already, not that I'm complaining as I love to mow grass. feels muggy out
  6. sun is trying to break out. What are our chances for storms to fire later?
  7. Very impressive rain last evening. And it appears we have several more chances upcoming the next couple days as well.
  8. aren't you a ray of sunshine today better leave work early to get necessities b e e r
  9. co worker is an umpire for local here, said they are already chatting about canceling. My daughter coaches HS, they have a game tonight. I said don't wear a hat