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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Broski, Good luck for a safe, successful hunt. Cheers
  2. so perfect, I'm saying screw it. a cocktail is calling my name.
  3. I My daughter and i were going to go to this game too. weren't you and i at the same game one year, but didn't know it until after the fact?
  4. I need Saturday and the following week to be decent as we're starting phase 1 of our new firehouse. But i agree with you, i don't want 70s
  5. I usually rent a machine and do it myself. This year i paid my friend who is a landscaper to do it
  6. Me too! Now I just need some warmth, to add to my aeration, seeding and fertilizing.
  7. i knew we were dry, but didn't realize just how bad until i aerated. i'll take the rain
  8. I joked on Saturday, we had a fire call at 1 am Saturday morning, i told everyone i slid on the ice in the hallway when i came out of my bedroom as my daughter had her windows open. I made her shut them Saturday night. I started a fire yesterday, it was 54 in my kitchen Sunday morning making coffee