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  1. My ground is sooooooooooo saturated. With that snow and quick warm up, i have water seeping into my basement.
  2. who runs that forum? He got pissed here and left several years ago. He is a good dude.
  3. i went to that link but can't search
  4. Starting to think he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos Glad you're here bro
  5. Bingo........i was close right, EMA or OEM i had 20 this morning. I had to park my Tahoe outside last night as i'm refinishing a piece of furniture. First time i had to scrape my windshield in a looooooooooooooong time.
  6. No it wasn't him i don't think. This guys screen name was ema something. Unless it was him and he changed names?? He raised Alpacas i went to Wegmans once. i got lost. I'm a grocery store freak(my brother is worse though) i shop at 3 stores weekly and i do 99.9% of all grocery shopping. i don't like my wife going.
  7. i wondered as well, not sure what happened. We are the best subforum, by far.
  8. ya know i forgot all about that guy, but now we're talking of him, i kept having some dude friend request me on FB many years ago, his name was Collin. I wonder if that was him
  9. I remember Collin. I think we went at it a couple times. don't remember that one I remember him, but i don't recall that incident? there was another guy from southern York county, he was an EMA guy in Maryland. He spent more time in the MA forum then ours but came in on occasion
  10. Talking of severe, it may just be my imagination, but it seems the past couple years i have been more concerned about high winds then in the past.
  11. Some in this group needs your professional assistance.
  12. On Sunday my wife joked about shoveling the snow out of our yard onto the street, after choking on my cold brew, she realized by my look i didn't agree. Yesterday when i got home the snow was noticeably melted. We took a hit Monday.