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  1. its amazing how the distance from my garage/ driveway to the bathroom is shorter then going outside around the corner, but when its nice like yesterday, the guys all chose the great outdoors
  2. There is a patch on my shady side, thats yellow snow after last night
  3. I remember that guy. i believe he was on Eastern weather forum too edit- didn't realize it was the same guy. unfortunate he has issues
  4. fity 7 here in da burg. Makes my arthritis feel better
  5. to to bad i have a meeting tonight, this afternoon would be perfect for frosty adult beverages in the driveway
  6. Me too bro, me too. I pulled out this morning and all the snow piles along road, driveway and walks gave me perma grin
  7. i have 23.5 for month, but i have the event from 1/31 through 2/2 all lumped together.
  8. I told her winter is far from over. She swears by her horses and other folklore
  9. I'm up to 34. We will take a hit Wednesday for certain at 50+ A friend said winter is over, her Horses are shedding. I guess thats some kinda of sign.
  10. Now lets cap this beotch off with a March Blizzard
  11. we're normally almost spot on. i have 33.5. Damn front street for the win
  12. i just ran the snow blower to clean up here at work. Pretty much the end. Putting this puppy to bed at 4"