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  1. if my kid complains, i'll send her to you or Bubbler
  2. my downstairs stays cool. If temps get in 80s but drop down into 60s at night, he bedrooms stay fine. (as far as i'm concerned)
  3. saw that, gonna change plans and jump on cutting this afternoon. I turned mine off Sunday morning. Gonna be a fight between and my daughter if it goes back on. as of now #dadswinning
  4. we had to watch the PSU game on our phones as we were on our way back from NY and seeing the yanks. Its spectacular out right now, wow! Looks like another great night for the windows open. i turned off all AC for 2021.
  5. Jeez, did you just get out of jail? Where ya been Kemosabbie?
  6. i like it cooler too, but jesus, i think i pissed ice cubes at 430
  7. thought of you this morning. I thought it was cold, woke up about 2am pulled the sheet up tighter. Came downstairs and my kid has the air at 65
  8. i thought are chances for T-storms weren't that great and were for late evening?
  9. are you one of those pumpkin spice people in July?
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