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  1. i haven't turned my heat on yet either, however i have started a fire a couple days to take out the dampness. my grass is still growing. I'll bet i mow at least 2-3 more times.
  2. threw some wood in Saturday to take the chill off during the PSU game
  3. 91 yesterday, new record, Yay Went from summer to fall in a few hours
  4. as much as i enjoy summer, heat, cold drink and the pool, i''m ready for this shit to get the flock outta here. High 65 on Friday, low 43? i'm in, all in!
  5. Damn work is getting involved with my weather life But I'm good, thanks for asking. i worked 14 straight 10 hour days, had off Sunday the 22nd. I'm off 1/2 day today and i'm already over 50 hours. I'm tired
  6. Could be 90 by next weekend. we need rain
  7. I'm ok with low to mid 80s yet, as long as nights stay in the 60s. However i will be expecting a fall-ish cool down September 3rd
  8. hope you're well? Yeah, finally able to turn of the Air and open the windows. Pretty sure the electric company's made some cash. I think this ended up 5th hottest Summer.
  9. will make for a chilly labor day pool party
  10. Just an FYI Farmers Almanac expect colder then normal temps with above average winter precip
  11. i'm glad its going to be almost 90 today. The weekend was down right chilly.
  12. its been weeks since i turned off my air and opened the windows......i'm looking forward to it. so is my wallet.