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  1. Central PA - January 2018

    i might want to get my snow blower out
  2. Central PA - January 2018

    I'm not sure how old you are or how long you lived in Marysville, but in 1996 the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks in Overview was closed. When the river flooded all that ice came up on river road and up to and around those houses. We had an incident at one of those houses about a 1/2 mile south from the rockville bridge. We walked ( for those not familiar with the area it was easily a mile, maybe 1 1/2 miles) with all our equipment from overview up there. It was night time but we really didn't need lights as the way the moon was on the ice. But talk about Eerie sounds and the sights of that ice piled up was something i'll probably never see again. I always had appreciation for the river, but gained a lot more respect for it that night. There was 5 or 6 of us that made that hike and we still talk about it. When we came back, we walked up the railroad tracks as it was an easier walk.
  3. Central PA - January 2018

    I'm not sure i'm buying that amount ice/frzn for the LSV
  4. Central PA - January 2018

    +100 i'm not sure i will ever see the sites i saw in 1996. from drifts to the frozen/flooded river
  5. Central PA - January 2018

    96 hands down for me.
  6. Central PA - January 2018

    Almost forgot to post the graphic of my best birthday present. A reminder of 1 of our best storms!
  7. Central PA - January 2018

    I had to drive to Millersville at 530 this morning, i thought i'd be driving in snowmageddon but it wasn't bad at all.
  8. Central PA - January 2018

    That's what i was thinking too. I just told my co-worker i wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a coating here. I like Horsts call for your area.
  9. Central PA - January 2018

    Its like a heat wave. 24 degrees. i think i'm gonna set my saw horses up in the driveway and do some woodworking instead of the shop, maybe enjoy a couple frosty adult beverages. anyone think we hit zero on Saturday early morning?
  10. Central PA - January 2018

    Mike & Nut, i honestly think you guys are in the game, for a couple inches anyhow.
  11. Central PA - January 2018

    i had to google where that was, i like your idea better. Broke another record this morning. http://www.pennlive.com/news/2018/01/wednesday_mornings_temperature.html#incart_target2box_default_#incart_target2box_targeted_
  12. Central PA - January 2018

    OCMD looks like a good place to chase to. i was thinking about a couple years ago when the schools were closing because of temps, anyone remember what year that was, 2013-14??
  13. Central PA - December 2017

    Yep, I said the other day I couldn't recall the last time the susky had this much ice this early. Edit- Coldest New Year's Day on record
  14. Central PA - December 2017

    A lot of truth there Mike. Happy New Years everyone.
  15. Central PA - December 2017

    I was just outside drinking some winter Lager