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  1. i'm looking forward to turning my air off today and sleeping with the windows open at least through the weekend.
  2. i like flipping the X's over for strikeouts and i'm known to harass the outfielders on occasion i was surprised too. it was kind of sneaky about it. honestly, i'm over the humidity. 67 overnight low
  3. after this home stand, there is only 2 more left. let me check which games i'm available. edit- i always sit at the bar on the board walk in leftfield. (near Ollies cheap seats)
  4. I tell my daughter that all the time. Their base running is laughable. a couple weeks ago, no outs, Hbg with a runner on third. Routine ground ball to the shortstop, runner on 3rd left on contact. easy pickens at home. and things like that happen every game.
  5. they are the worst fundamental baseball team i have ever seen. Like really, really bad.
  6. all season, other then Easter Sunday, i have been baking at the Senators games. Friday nights game will be GLOREOUS maybe i'll be able to drink a beer in reasonable time
  7. should we send someone out to look for @canderson? haven't heard anything since he mentioned carrying his 25# lunch pail into the burg
  8. And it was. The rain we were getting in Harrisburg where it was dumping, nary a drop in the village. I honestly couldn't believe it really. What are we talking, a mile or less the way the crow flies? I did end up getting 10 minutes or so from the batch later afternoon.
  9. 92, 1230PM. walk outside its like getting punched in the face, wow
  10. This!! Last evening just down right sucked. After fixing AC i was going to mow. I just said screw it. AND i may say screw it this evening too!
  11. my low was 79. Last night at 8 it was still in the high 80s and humid as *@#* we had a call at a local garden apartment complex. Lady sitting in her apt and the entire drywall ceiling collapsed. F-ing blown in insulation was feet thick on the floor. Imagine sweating like a pig, the insulation particles just stuck, went up under the pants of our gear, down our backs etc. 3 showers later, i still itch
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