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  1. reading reports of Icey roads in Perry County. Millerstown, Blain, Elliotsburg etc.
  2. Me too edit- Hopefully that doesn't start a movement in here
  3. hit 39 a bit ago. Looks like a moist day tomorrow
  4. If you go to that thread, there are several links to cams. I'm looking forward to the show
  5. The last i saw it was to be mid-40s and sunny
  6. There is a massive fire in Jamestown. Looks like its wind whipped. Is the wind from this system?
  7. I have friends who are Packers fans. Drove out to a game a few years ago and it was dumping snow. They were sending videos of them driving in blizzard like conditions and streets snow packed. They said they had a great time, people were still tailgating. different breed
  8. could be a good game to watch. edit-maybe not good, but definitely fun
  9. we have precip in Harrisburg. Not sure what i'd call it. rain/sleetish
  10. i would have liked to get 1 more in. Looking doubtful now.
  11. I had 25 in the village. I guess its time to turn the heat on in the 2nd floor/bedrooms. I'm not expecting anything to lay on streets, but would be nice to see it in the grass.
  12. those maps would make some Hunters happy i believe.
  13. yeah, i was just thinking my drive to Leola is going to suck.
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