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  1. are we going to nickel and dime our way to climo this year?
  2. great. The wind had me up almost all night last night.
  3. we're taking a collection to send you on a nice vaca january '23
  4. i had 2.25" at 7 last night. then after the rain, sleet and wind not sure what happened
  5. correct. I have lived here my entire life and it seems each year it gets worse. (wind)
  6. Found cap shingles off my roof while shoveling early this morning. I can't believe we didn't lose power with that wind.
  7. How bout that incident on the river this morning?
  8. We’ve all seen that dog and pony show before. Next Friday it’ll probably be 34 and rain
  9. Snow removal will suck tonight/tomorrow. Get a couple inches of snow and then the rain
  10. Thank you. That’s what I thought, it would ramp up Monday afternoon.
  11. Is the wind going to relax tomorrow at all before picking back up Monday
  12. what a shit show. @candersonif this turns into another V-day storm, we may have to meet on the middle of the GWB and share drinks
  13. not sure. Don't recall that ever happening. I was back reading from overnight and poof
  14. well, I have been wondering what for impact the wind/ice will have for Harrisburg area as well. I just have a funny suspicion, after a front end thump, we end with frzn/sleet with wind to top it off.
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