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  1. I'm on board, because we didn't quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!
  2. its not good to be in the bullseye, it'll come north for us to be in the 40" range
  3. i know right. I have heart palpitations, my mouth went dry. I'm gonna go home and lock myself in a room until february 29th
  4. sign me up, lol That map has some new pretty colors on it.
  5. and once winter is over we have April through July below average temps and back to back to back to back to back to back rain storms . I'll be poolside in my Carhart on July 4th trying to enjoy a Miller High Life and Root beer moonshine
  6. would this be a good time for everyone to list their totals so far? 30.7 Summerdale Pa
  7. Just in time too, i'm running out of Mud.
  8. 31 Here at work in Harrisburg. It seems weird as i only work a mile the way the bird flies from home on the west shore, separated only bu the Susky river. But it almost seems like we had more ice over home.
  9. I’m not sure that is correct, You’re employer isn’t responsible. And most people have no idea what. State of emergency is.
  10. And we look to stay below freezing for a couple hours yet
  11. I’ve basically been outside since 2pm. Everything here is ice crusted. I’m still at 28 with freezing rain.
  12. freezing rain now in Harrisburg. Headed to West Shore...........
  13. and temps don't look to go above freezing until later tonight and with sunset around 5, might allow for ice and trouble for a couple hours.
  14. i can't get a radar here at work, i can't see any of that. I'm trying to determine when the rain starts?
  15. I-83 in Harrisburg shut down. I was just told I-81 and ramps @11&15 have not been touched. I'm thinking i wanna head to the west shore BEFORE the freezing rain starts. Still light snow in Harrisburg, and still 26 degrees
  16. well, if that comes true, we're in trouble brotha
  17. i haven't measured lately i got busy. co-worker said 5" awhile ago.
  18. Still moderate snow here. Holding at 26 degrees. for the smart guys in our group, when do we see sleet and frzn rain?
  19. yep, thats the million dollar question. It seriously will suck going home. edit- our drivers are coming back, said they roads are horrible. They already went home.