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  1. Jeez, did you just get out of jail? Where ya been Kemosabbie?
  2. i like it cooler too, but jesus, i think i pissed ice cubes at 430
  3. thought of you this morning. I thought it was cold, woke up about 2am pulled the sheet up tighter. Came downstairs and my kid has the air at 65
  4. i thought are chances for T-storms weren't that great and were for late evening?
  5. are you one of those pumpkin spice people in July?
  6. I was at 82 at 7:45pm. it was very muggy. Looking ahead a little, Saturday through next week looks spectacular. I see some PTO days in my near future
  7. 82 here at work in H-Burg Hoping Saturday is nice on our trip to see the Yankees
  8. i've been at the very top during one of those days. Not sure i ever got feeling back in my fingers and toes until we reached the Cumberland County Line
  9. No doubt. I like a cool October day, but would take tomorrow over some cold temps at games i've been too. The weather there can change quick, you'd better be prepared or your ass is shivering.
  10. you're gonna be hooked. The place is electric man. my tip is, don't wait to use the facility until half time. you'll piss yourself if you do.
  11. It very well could be. I doubt it though. PSA- i'm not a fan of Tomlin. Never have been, never will be.
  12. Yes we know, your football team suks so weather is all you got. Calm down Jerry
  13. I'll take December 5th, for $10 please
  14. Full sun, 85. Setting up for afternoon fun
  15. WHTM27 this morning chatting about this afternoons chance of damaging wind, downpours and chance of tornados later today.
  16. No, my sister next doors pool. The cover goes over it the day after labor day. Only thing got in the pool yesterday was my daughters dog
  17. The pool is closed. So yes, yes we can!
  18. Thank you. i'm planning on going to Senators game(s) but i was thinking its doubtful
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