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  1. Parts of Franklin county did get rocked
  2. i wish it would go farther east, like Jersey
  3. looking at next week, it appears rain Thursday-Friday-Saturday.............I really need sun (or at least NO rain) those 3 days. please!! Someone make that happen.
  4. Maybe i just had heat flashes
  5. can't tell you the last basketball i watched. Yesterday 78, but i thought it was humid.
  6. huge belly laugh, startled my co-worker
  7. i'm ok not having temps above average in the spring. If we get to hot to quick, my 90 year old lilacs don't do well.
  8. Dry vegetation on the surface.
  9. looks like its going down into the high 20s Sunday into Monday morning.
  10. Have a good spring / summer bro.........i'll drink a couple Miller High Lifes for ya
  11. absolutely. We were running out of mud
  12. we had a house fire at 4am, it was still moderately raining then. had this been snow, we'd probably be having a 3 day weekend
  13. Just crazy outside. Just came back from a call, the rain is blowing sideways.
  14. he's a Longhorn alright, he has a wife AND a fiance.....remember
  15. My ground is sooooooooooo saturated. With that snow and quick warm up, i have water seeping into my basement.
  16. who runs that forum? He got pissed here and left several years ago. He is a good dude.
  17. i went to that link but can't search
  18. Starting to think he could sell ice cubes to Eskimos Glad you're here bro