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  1. Yeah. We had a building fire in Enola about 230, it takes it out of you for sure. Felt like 100
  2. 92 nut, I just like my beer cold, 33 degrees please
  3. 88 here at work, 330. i will hit 90 Wait, why the hell am i still at work on Friday at 330
  4. i know they were calling for rain between 3-5. Maybe they're thinking the showers will keep temps down during the normal hottest part of the day? that's my guess anyhow
  5. could be. And i normally identify more with them then MDT, its closer. A friend of mine text me a bit a go, wants to bet a beer on high temp, he said 101, I'll take his bet and beer
  6. i will take 98, for $2 i was at 93 yesterday afternoon 445pm-ish
  7. https://www.pennlive.com/life/2022/08/winter-2022-23-will-see-plenty-of-shaking-shivering-and-shoveling-says-farmers-almanac.html?e=288f590c3217476e326017c30695cade&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_good_morning_pa_active
  8. Heading to Latrobe Saturday to see the real Pennsylvania team, hush with that rain chatter. Please and thank you
  9. are you new in these parts? December 1st starts fall
  10. as much as i enjoy summer heat, the pool and frosty adult bevies, my AC needs a break. So, i'd be OK with this for a brief period
  11. not sure, but i'm now hungry for a crab cake samich
  12. unfortunately I'm not going to say. The details will be out soon. You'll understand then why I'm not saying much.
  13. some bad shit up your way this morning with that wreck
  14. I had a high of 89 yesterday at 4. I didn't check after that though. did we hit 90?
  15. Blame softball. We have used the ITB (international Tie Breaker) with runner on 2nd to end tie games for many years. Side note- i never lost a ITB game while coaching.
  16. this morning is the worst IMO. muggy as all hell, 80
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