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  1. hit 39 a bit ago. Looks like a moist day tomorrow
  2. If you go to that thread, there are several links to cams. I'm looking forward to the show
  3. The last i saw it was to be mid-40s and sunny
  4. There is a massive fire in Jamestown. Looks like its wind whipped. Is the wind from this system?
  5. I have friends who are Packers fans. Drove out to a game a few years ago and it was dumping snow. They were sending videos of them driving in blizzard like conditions and streets snow packed. They said they had a great time, people were still tailgating. different breed
  6. could be a good game to watch. edit-maybe not good, but definitely fun
  7. we have precip in Harrisburg. Not sure what i'd call it. rain/sleetish
  8. i would have liked to get 1 more in. Looking doubtful now.
  9. I had 25 in the village. I guess its time to turn the heat on in the 2nd floor/bedrooms. I'm not expecting anything to lay on streets, but would be nice to see it in the grass.
  10. those maps would make some Hunters happy i believe.
  11. yeah, i was just thinking my drive to Leola is going to suck.
  12. Thank you sir I think i'll have at least 1, maybe 2 more. The last will be strictly for leaf mulching.
  13. What was the "official" high temp sunday? i missed it
  14. not a chance this wedding is dry but thanks for he offer. I will have to be on my best behavior, thats a long drive home.
  15. I'll be in Leola for the wedding, hopefully you Lancaster County Lads give me a day pass
  16. I'm going to a wedding Friday at 4. Looks like rain. It is awesome outside right now.
  17. I'm rooting for the Phils, but Chas McCormicks catch was off the charts. I fell asleep and didn't see it live, but my daughter screaming woke me up
  18. remember to change your batteries in your smoke detectors when you turn your clocks back
  19. i know right. My daughter is a Phillies fan, but she worked for Millersville Athletic Dept. so she knows Chaz. she's really torn
  20. I thought you'd be on the Houston wagon with the "Ville" connection
  21. another spectacular day ahead of us. I just got a case of the industrial flu, so i'll be heading home after lunch to mow and have a beverage
  22. My cousins kids, who are all in their 30s and have kids of their own, always joke at family functions that they paid for 2 years tuition on tips they got from us for fetching and pouring beers when they were little.
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