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  1. I was up at 4:00 AM and there was nothing, By 6:30 AM, we had a good 2 to 3 inches. It just dumped on us. Great forecast Hunter!! You nailed this one for us.
  2. Dew point has dropped 6 degrees in the last hour at the airport.
  3. I hate the warm start, but the cold is supposed to get in here. Sooner rather than later I hope.
  4. I may be the only one who thinks this, but did we really need the rain? We were only .31 below normal at the airport for May. We are 8 inches above normal for the year. We have had a 100 inches of rain in the last year in a half. People around here were acting like we were in the Oklahoma dust bowl. I am sick of rain. The ground water table has to be maxed out. We had many years with half the rain we have had, and seemed to do fine. We are getting ready to flood, YET AGAIN. Is the new norm that we have to flood before we have had enough rain? I am just speaking of WNC. Other areas may need the rain. A brown yard does not mean we need the rain in my opinion. Any farmers should be prepared for drier spells. Something doesn't add up to me. We should be fine on rain for a couple of months one would think. Not saying I am not wrong. That is just the way that it seems to me.
  5. Okay. I wouldn't punch someone, but I will shake my head disapprovingly.
  6. I am so sick of rain. I know we need it, but I have had enough. If I run in to one of those, "we need the rain" people, I will punch them in the face.
  7. I guess winter decided that any snow in December is all that we deserve until next winter in Asheville. It is amazing how much rain we have had, and how many storms that stay SE of us when there is any cold weather to speak. Don't get me wrong. I hope Simpsonville, Charlotte, Greenville get dumped on. They deserve it !!! I just can't believe how we have been shut out since December. Of course, I guess Franklin has had it even worse than us in Asheville this year? Maybe we will get a surprise NW trend. That never works out when we need it.
  8. That time frame keeps popping up. I would like to get at least one more snowstorm. I have only seen a 1/2 inch of snow since December.
  9. I thought the same freaking thing !! It just never ends.
  10. Funny you post that Sn Lover. I was looking at Sierra at Tahoe and the summit has had 444 inches of snow this season. I am sure there are higher totals, but that is a big number.
  11. It is promising you see snow though. Hope you get a big thump!