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  1. I am always surprised when the hi res nam trends in our favor.
  2. The only reason I hate missing any snow is because there will be a pattern change and February is rising over the hill. So, hopefully we can score before that happens. I haven't given up on this one, but we need some help. Next week there is promise, so we have that to look forward to.
  3. I left the 6z part. Pretty important missing piece. Thanks Mark!
  4. Asheville did go from .7 inches of snow on the 0z Euro to 1.6 inches on the 6z. It would not take much for it to trend in our favor.
  5. Not sure who said it, but it used to be said that when the ETA(now the NAM) and the Euro are the same, you can take it to the bank. Maybe DT said it?
  6. It is. I thought we were done with the heavy stuff. We were not. Just beautiful heavy snow. What a day.
  7. Snowing heavy again here with the wind just whipping.
  8. I had to walk down to my mom's house. Man, that is deep snow! It is sleeting here now. Looking forward to going back to snow.
  9. Still all snow here in Candler. After a lull, snowing pretty good again.
  10. A little less than 9 inches here in Candler. A beautiful winter day.
  11. Lol. He needs to be on TV saying suck it, I was right!!
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