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  1. 5.9” here in Colfax at 7:15 am. TW
  2. Well, if the euro is right, any talk of the summer drought being underway wound be a distant memory. TW
  3. Leaving for Boone area now with my wife. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel or B&B with good NW flow snow and a hot tub. Something within 45 minutes of Boone would be preferable. thanks TW
  4. North GA and SC Upstate in the sweet spot! TW
  5. There have been a few small flakes in Colfax. TW
  6. This ends at 12z Friday. Much of the storm on the NAM occurred after this time. Is there anything on the 18z Euro after 12z Friday? TW
  7. March 28, 1984. A series of tornadoes from Newberry to Ahoskie left 42 dead in NC. Multiple F3 and F4's. TW
  8. That would put me above average for winter if it happened. TW
  9. I’d rather have this than drought. TW
  10. I'm not drinking the cool aid on this one. I'd anticipate a cold rain based on few other models showing it. As for the NAM, the hp looks to be sliding out to me. One other thing, models tend to over sensationalize big ZR events from the standpoint that such heavy rates are very difficult to freeze on contact. Just my 2 cents. TW
  11. I’m from the SE forum, but supposed to fly into Portland Monday evening at 10:30. What’s the odds on flight arrival issues into PMW Monday evening tW