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  1. Dropping in from the Southeast forum as my son moved from NC to Broomfield in December. He's headed to Breckinridge Friday evening and then back to Broomfield Sunday evening. Here's a great free site for the Euro. Not sure if you guys have been using it or now. I use it instead of weather.us site. It gives nice total snowfall maps rather than just snow depth. https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=ecmwf_full&p=sn10_acc&rh=2021031100&fh=120&r=us_c&dpdt=&mc= TW
  2. Actually has alot of ice back to the triad as well. For some fun, check out the mountain west forum. Denver is looking to get a huge snowstorm this weekend. Models have been spitting out anywhere from 10-50". The Denver AFD is good as it features convection, hail, graupel, heavy snow, dry slot, ratios, and even mixing. TW
  3. And the Tar Heels streak of consecutive NCAA appearances was rescued over night! TW
  4. It’s a really warm snow I believe. 32 or so. I’d really like a legit, decently cold storm. Just something under 30 would be nice. TW
  5. I've still got one more good run left. I'm giving it until March 15th. TW
  6. Down to 31.5 in Colfax. Returns back to the southwest. TW
  7. Models are definitely trending a touch warmer and drier (though still pretty wet). TW
  8. No sun yet in Colfax and 27.9. It sure seems the models are backing off just a bit with fewer of the 1"+ totals showing up. TW
  9. Does anyone have ice maps from either/both the 00z and 06z Euro? I’m wondering if it has backed off any. The Icon had quite a precip min over the foothills and western Piedmont. TW
  10. If this was a situation where the models were converging on a 0.25-0.35 accrual ice storrm, then it wouldn't be so bad. But, most models have the amounts going MUCH higher. TW
  11. I agree, but it seemed the data was overwhelmingly obvious in plenty of time to get it in before the 10pm news casts. I suspect they'll just go straight to a warning. TW
  12. I'm really amazed/disappointed/surprised/irked, etc that with such overwhelming model guidance for a disruptive storm, RAH has not expanded the watch area - not having Randolph and Davidson county in there......... what in the world are they thinking? Maybe that's why they are meteorologists and I'm just a hobbyist. TW
  13. Icon came in with a pretty serious minimum over the western piedmont and foothills. Not saying it is right, but many areas would be less than 0.50" qpf if it verified. TW
  14. Can you elaborate more on the 18z Euro? Any change in temps? Does ice teach RDU or CLT? Triad or thereabouts still with a bullseye? Thanks in advance! TW
  15. Any thoughts on why RAH left Davidson and Randolph out of the watch? Out of 6 or 7 models, 100% give warning criteria ice to at least part of the county. Seems like a no brainer to me. TW
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