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  1. That dog’ll hunt right there……. For zr that is. TW
  2. I think the key takeaway is that precip is creeping north and west. It is also starting in such a way as to maximize opportunity for ice as far as temps are concerned. TW
  3. You say a 1038 over Maine won't get it done..... for what form of precip and for who? I would say a 1038 over Maine is plenty strong for freezing rain in CAD areas. TW
  4. I love any kind of wintry precip. Unlike some that whine about sleet, I love it. It is the absolute best for sledding, and it takes forever to melt. As for freezing rain, it is my least favorite of the 3, but still far better than CR. TW
  5. Sunday and Sunday night is looking pretty interesting at this stage. A long ways to go on this one. TW
  6. Looked like 2 storms to me. Each of the next 2 weekends. TW
  7. I agree PJ, bring 'em on!!!! By the way, check our the massive shift on the 12z Euro with the low presure track for mid/late week. Late Thursday night, the 00z Euro had the low over northern VT and not the 12z has it over Boone. TW
  8. GFS showed 3 storms between next weekend and the following weekend. TW
  9. Is that a deformation band or an upper level low that is trailing in western NC? TW
  10. That was a nice 18z run on the NAM. Looking forward to seeing what the GDPS shows. TW
  11. Canadian looked a fair bit colder than the others. Had the triad in the lower 20's Friday morning and around 30 @ 7pm with precip. Would like to see precip maps. TW
  12. I vote for a thread as the potential storm for Friday/Saturday isn’t quite long range any more, and it is overwhelming the long term thread. I’d be interested in hearing about how things are looking in the day 15-30 range. TW
  13. As of now, I’d take the GFS over the Euro. It’s performing at least equal if not better than the Euro. TW
  14. Since it’s that time of the year, I thought I’d find out what traditions you have for winter storms. I’ll kick it off: - Leaves on my yard absorb heat and help snow melt faster. So, a day or two before accumulating snow/sleet, I mow my yard with my rear bagger mower to get all the stray leaves off the yard. It also whacks back any long sprouting weeds that take longer to cover up. - Big breakfast (usually bacon and pancakes/waffles), but only after precip is falling and beginning to accumulate. What about you guys? TW
  15. I’m 55. I mow my lawn before it snows mainly to clip off the tips of any weeds or long grass, but mostly to eradicate any leaves that draw heat and will cause it to melt faster. TW
  16. 12z GFS with another historic snowstorm for parts of GA, SC, and NC at the end of next week. Bring it on. TW Edit: Some places would get a decade's worth of snow if it verified
  17. A respectable light snowfall in Colfax and 33 degrees. TW
  18. We have a nice steady light snow here in Colfax now as well. Not a burst though (not yet). Send it my way! 34.7. TW
  19. If this were to verify, anyone complaining about the Wake County cutoff or gradient should be permanently banned. Seriously, I could see us getting a big storm as we transition out of the colder regime. TW
  20. I'm thinking most of us know how to read the models decently and the trend is quite apparent. Unless the Euro comes in and shows something unexpected, the overall tone related to the upcoming storm will change with the afternoon packages. I hope I'm wrong and we get a Jan 25 2000 redux. By the way Justin, how much snow/sleet did you guys get there at the lake? TW
  21. Great run on the NAM. However, with all of the qpf, why do we not have a bombing out low - 1013 seems pretty weak. I was expecting a deeper low with the heavy amounts of precip. TW
  22. Seems to me the Euro continues to be extremely consistent run to runs with just minor tweaks. The overall evolution of things remains pretty much the same. TW
  23. 18z Euro looks about the same as the 12z through 90 hours. Seemed to be setting up for a long term event. TW
  24. KVegas- I’d say definitely an over performer for us from a temp perspective. Still sitting at 27.1 when almost every model had us 30 or above by 5 pm. Hoping to get a nice topping from the backside bands a little later. TW
  25. I’m 5 miles west of GSO and I’ve had about 1.5” of snow and a boatload of sleet. Zero zr so far and 24 degrees. TW
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