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  1. This week looks like perfection! Still a lot of uncertainty with Hurricane Ian. When I left the house at 4:30 the current temp was 48. A refreshing morning.
  2. Also this cool down is going to be very impressive. We are going to be some 10 to 15 degrees below normal. Some could see clear sky highs in the 50s and lows approach frost temps. That would definitely be something.
  3. The Euro has been very consistent in taking the low of Ian right around us or right over us for several runs now but still tropical systems are a completely different beast to predict.
  4. This disturbance that has and is moving through was not supposed to be this far south. Interesting we have had a passing shower today. Had a low of 42 before the clouds moved in.
  5. It's been minute since we have actually had a near normal September around here.
  6. Just barely messed the 30s this morning. Had a low of 40 degrees.
  7. Current temp is 43. We will see if I lose another degree or two. A beautiful morning out but time for bed.
  8. Temp down to 50 already. Can we make a run at the 30s tomorrow morning? I think so.
  9. Buckethead a great photo! Temp down to 54 at the house. Dang tonight feels absolutely amazing!
  10. Yeah we are starting to see a lot more color at this elevation as well. Was noticing that today while watching a lot of leaves coming down with these winds. I am at work so not sure on the temp but this is a picture perfect evening.
  11. Yeah same here and I spoke too soon. The wind has really picked up and the temps are crashing. Down to 67 already.
  12. We've got a really nice storm rolling through also with some heavy rainfall.
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