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  1. Has a low of 16. A beautiful crisp day out there.
  2. Already down to 28 this evening! Man there is something about crisp cold air that I love! You feel refreshed!
  3. Light snow here currently with the wind ripping.
  4. Both the GFS and euro are honing in on the upslope snow coming in Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Im calling for 2 to 4 inches at the best locations currently. Then flurries as you get away from the boarder.
  5. Had a low this morning of 25 degrees. It was refreshing.
  6. Yeah it looks like the whole state will get in on a late freeze.
  7. The euro and GFS BOTH look very cold towards the end of the week coming up. Thursday it looks like we could see highs in the 30s and lows in the teens with some upslope snow. Friday looks cold also.
  8. The Euro really dumps some cold air in here next week. Going to be lots more rain then cold and probably some upslope snow for us next week.
  9. Pea size hail in town and ripping!
  10. Yeah a line of storms fixing to blow through here along the boarder.
  11. Yeah the we are going to dry out pattern has been delayed a lot. Here we are at the end of March and we are in a surplus again starting the year out. Looks like we are going to get some more rain and storms today and tonight. Possibly some severe storms at that. We are not done with winter yet also of course. Both the euro and GFS are showing a significant trough coming in next week that will bring a hard freeze and possibly some upslope snow as well. Stay tuned because things may get wild around here.
  12. Yeah flooding is definitely going to happen tonight with the look at the radar.
  13. Yeah looks like a bad squall line may form and blow through here tonight. Cannot wait to see some nighttime lightning.
  14. Yeah it is hammering here in Haywood. Impressive.
  15. Woooo! Got sleet and snow falling currently.