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  1. Looks like west and north of Boone are getting hammered.
  2. Yeah I'll take the few showers we had today over what I've had to deal with the past few weeks.
  3. That is crazy. That storm just trained over the area.
  4. FLOOD ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL 815 PM EDT THIS EVENING... * WHAT...Flooding caused by excessive rainfall is expected. * WHERE...A portion of western North Carolina, including the following county, Buncombe. * WHEN...Until 815 PM EDT. * IMPACTS...Minor flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Water over roadways.
  5. Looks like training rain and storms have setup over Haywood and Jackson County tonight. Could easily push over 3 inches today....
  6. Moderate to heavy rainfall again tonight....
  7. Yeah this weekend looks like a washout for the most part.
  8. These storms today means business. So far today we've had over 2.50 inches of rainfall and looks like more to come. I just missed an isolated storm at the house that has the creek out of it's banks and water running through the roads like a river.
  9. Might see some big storms come from the SW this week.
  10. Had an amazing low of 41 degrees and the light show last night was amazing! A first for me!
  11. Some very severe storms and a ton of rainfall. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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