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  1. They sure are. Water levels look about normal to above slightly.
  2. Yep big time storms blew up this evening! Still raining hard here tonight approaching 2 inches of rainfall. This is our 8th day in a row recieving rain and it doesn't look to end...
  3. 7th straight day of rainfall already...
  4. I was just down at Hilton Head SC educating my kids about rip currents.
  5. 6th straight day with measurable rainfall. Currently we have about .75 inches and counting.
  6. Looks like a better chance for storms for the next several days with a weak trough nesr us.
  7. 5th straight day of rainfall. A quick .25 inches of rainfall but just add it to the seasons total...
  8. 5 straight hours of rain falling now. Impressive for this time of the year right in the middle of summer from just some pop up storms forming.
  9. Yeah thats not bad. These microclimates in the summer are just as fascinating as in the winter. I feel like we are borderline rainforest climate here the past 3 or 4 years.
  10. Man I wish we could catch a break here. The funny thing is that they blow up right over us and then just rain itself out. The ground is so saturated its ridiculous. Like I said the garden is suffering.
  11. 3 hours later and its still raining. We need a full week to dry out. The garden is suffering because its been way too wet here.
  12. More storms, more rain rolling in again today. We have been very wet here locally.
  13. Three little storms converging over the top of me now. More rain.