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  1. We have a Fall and winter thread! Thanks Blue for doing the honors!
  2. Patchy frost this morning with a low of 33 degrees. One of the earliest times seeing frost in the field.
  3. I think it is safe to start a fall/winter thread whenever. Ill let someone else try to bring the good juju this year.
  4. Temp already down to 42 degrees! Going into the 30s for sure!
  5. Yeah when that front blasted through temps dropped quickly! Been waiting for this.
  6. Yeah this looks like our first real taste of Fall this season.
  7. The GFS and the euro are both showing something similar to this. The GFS has been bouncing this around for a few runs. Also this type pattern matched the telleconnections.
  8. It's fitting that Fall weather is coming right around the equinox. Get ready because it's going to be wonderful!
  9. Yeah I do think in the next 10 days we see some cooler air work back in but that's even impressive for the last several winters standards.
  10. You dont see a massive trough set up in the east at the end of September and dump upslope snow like its in the middle of winter at all usually.
  11. Entertainment purposes only but the 12z GFS gives the high elevations there first snow of the season near the 29th.
  12. it's looking more and more likely we see a pretty good cool coming towards the end of the month.
  13. Had a cold crisp low of 45 this morning. Was a bit cool but definitely enjoyed it.
  14. I vote on starting one at the first of October. Especially after this very nice period we are going to torch for awhile.
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