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  1. The system around the 19th and the 22nd could be interesting. Winter is not over yet fellas.
  2. We may see some snow showers early in the morning on The 16th...
  3. Met1985

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    We are expected to get some heavy rainfall here in the SW mountains. No surprise as we are continuing to run well above normal in precipitation this year alone. We are some 4 to 7 inches above normal already.
  4. The euro paints a colder picture in about 4 to 5 days. Probably some snow and rain with well below average temps...
  5. Its amazing that at the end of the year we had a huge surplus of precipitation. So far just in this year we are some 5 to 8 inches above average already. Just a remarkable full year so far for precipitation across the region.
  6. Yeah rainy and cold... Cannot catch a break from the rain recently, at least for an extended period of time.
  7. I welcome more cold weather but with the time change it will be nice to have the sun out longer. The march toward spring is right around the corner.
  8. Was in Jackson county early this morning and had some impressive thunderstorms roll through. Lots of rain and very windy.
  9. Well we are getting a wintry mix this morning of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Good times.
  10. Yeah I agree. We did have that snow in December that was widespread.
  11. Good luck. This has been one of the worst winters in a few years.
  12. Its amazing how storms are just dumping into the west over and over.
  13. Yeah this is the way its suppose to feel. Im loving it. I think we will see some pretty good snow shower/flurries tonight. I think you are in a good spot to see some wintery weather Thursday night but it wont last long.
  14. The thing is that the NAO has primarily been positive since November. We are going on 3 plus months of no real good blocking in the AO and NAO regions. With this the near term holds no blocking either. It will be interesting to see if this type pattern holds through spring.
  15. Yeah if it hadn't been for the December snow this would be one of the worst winters ever here.