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  1. Hey fellas what kind of weather station do yall have?
  2. Already down to 59 degrees this evening. What a beautiful evening.
  3. Been a bit. I hope everyone is ready for some beautiful weather coming up.
  4. We are finally seeing some beneficial rain tonight. Heavy rain.
  5. Been some beautiful weather the past few weeks. A bit warm currently but it will cool down by the holiday weekend.
  6. Yeah this is definitely late in the season. Especially for the middle of May.
  7. Avery-Madison-Yancey-Mitchell-Haywood-Buncombe- Including the cities of Ingalls, Banner Elk, Newland, Faust, Mars Hill, Marshall, Walnut, Allenstand, Hot Springs, Luck, Swiss, Burnsville, Celo, Micaville, Ramseytown, Busick, Spruce Pine, Poplar, Waynesville, Waterville, Canton, Cruso, Cove Creek, and Asheville 249 PM EDT Wed May 12 2021 ...FROST ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 8 AM EDT THURSDAY... * WHAT...Temperatures as low as 36 will result in frost formation. * WHERE...Avery, Madison, Yancey, Mitchell, Haywood and Buncombe Counties. * WHEN...From midnight tonight to 8 AM EDT Thursday. * IMPACTS...Frost could kill sensitive outdoor vegetation if left uncovered.
  8. Yep today is going to be some 20 to 30 degrees below average with possible frost tomorrow morning. Going to be a raw cold day.
  9. Looks like we are going to have some frost tonight. Already down to 36 degrees. Dang I love this weather.
  10. Severe storms rolling into the SW mountains currently.
  11. The wind is ripping today! Going to be a nice chilly night.
  12. Yeah had a low of 30 yesterday morning with a heavy frost. Today was warm but beautiful.
  13. Another bone chilling morning for late April. Had a low of 23 degrees.
  14. Had a low of 21 this morning. Post yalls low temp fellas!
  15. Had a few flakes here as well. Down to a bone chilling 24 degrees on April the 22nd.