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  1. Very nice. I believe Maggie faired the best in this little event in Haywood.
  2. Been snowing here in Haywood most of the night. Pretty much universal through the county.
  3. Mostly rain but some sleet here in Haywood. I'll pass on the ice.
  4. Yeah the cold air is coming at least a reprieve from this mild weather we are having. Looks like into next week a decent trough with sweep through. Shoukd see some pretty good upslope snow showers coming through. I haven't looked at the details yet but shoot it's better than what we are having currently if you like cold and snow. Although today is pretty dang beautiful.
  5. Also I'll add as for a true pattern change it may take the whole month of January. As I had mentioned in the mid to long range thread an SSW does not mean automatic cold for us. Things have to line up in several places especially the pac jet which is just screaming in currently. Get comfortable with this crap pattern because we are going to have it around for a bit.
  6. I wouldn't bank on that just yet. This pattern change is going to take some time and we will probably have some cool downs with some warm ups as the pac had to change before we can get anything decent.
  7. The wind is really picking up here in the mountains.
  8. The thing up there is when the cold sets in its cloudy and cold from end to end. We have actually had more snow here than up where I was living. The snow up there is very dry and blows around a lot. Its not the same as here and not near as beautiful as here.
  9. Dang fellas its suppose to be warm tomorrow. All I can say is enjoy because it will get cold sooner or later.
  10. Man the rainfall overnight has been impressive! Just been pounding all night.
  11. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    December Banter 2018

    Merry Christmas to the Mid Atlantic forum!
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    Merry Christmas!