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  1. Euro with a much better expansion of snowfall across the mountains this run.
  2. Also I wouldn't be surprised to see a few stray flakes tonight. And one thing is this front coming in will usher some very cold air into our neck of the woods
  3. Yeah id say a solid 2 to 4 inches across the border counties at least and maybe a dusting to 2 inches elsewhere across the mountains.
  4. I believe it with such a dominant northern stream. Pretty typical actually.
  5. Yeah that tends to happen when we have a northern dominant stream.
  6. Good Lord down east with just monster lows off the coast.
  7. Congratulations guys! Glad yall finally got a good snow after so many years.
  8. A few flakes falling again. The radar in North Georgia has come alive. Might be that band the models are showing.
  9. That'll be real good. Get all the weenies hopes up. It's fun reading the obs thread down east. Weenies galore! I hope they get hammered.
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