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  1. Yep this winter has felt like winter for sure.
  2. Yeah early this morning I had ice right at 31 degrees. It currently is 38 here.
  3. You want to get off at the J. Creek exit in Haywood county. It is exit 20.
  4. Moderate snow here in Canton this morning. Roads were snow covered for the most part going into work. This is a heavy wet snow that fell here. Great for snow ball making.
  5. Just measured 2 inches of snow here and still snowing. Current temp of 24 degrees.
  6. Very light snow here at this part of Haywood as I just got home from work. Temp right at 32
  7. Nice man. This was more of a flow for Maggie valley for sure. Maggie and the plott Balsams.
  8. Only got a quarter of an inch at the house. But it was nice to see it snow. More coming in tonight into tomorrow morning. Maybe another 1 to 3 inches up in the favored areas. I think this will be more of a NW flow snow.
  9. Still putting it down in town. Impressive rates so far.
  10. Yeah since the snow has come in the temp has really fallen off
  11. Well it is hammering in town. Very low ceiling at the moment. Seems like this snow is coming in a squall.
  12. Light snow in Canton but more moderate at home.