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  1. Im still very interested in this weekend with the cold crashing in with a nice upslope look to the models. Next weekend is nice but meh currently.
  2. I like the look of the Euro. No worries currently for us to see winter weather soon.
  3. We will just sit back and let it come to us. I really think it will happen in the next 2 to 4 weeks. A wide range but I just like our chances going forward.
  4. You know the models dont look that bad. Im kind of excited about the next few weeks.
  5. The GFS looks good to me for some wintery weather this weekend. With a mix bag to start then to rain then a prolonged upslope event with pulses of energy wrapping around the low.
  6. Light snow again with another solid dusting. Current temp at 12.
  7. We are getting a resurgence of moisture this afternoon in Haywood.
  8. Watch out for tonight. It could be interesting around the southern mountains.
  9. Oh yeah we do good in flow and southern system situations but you do better with a miller A or B. The Balsams just wring out all the moisture. You would be in heaven. Soon enough hopefully we get one storm we can all cash in on.