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  1. Yeah this weather recently is ridiculous. I still believe we are going to be warm and dry for the winter months. We are just in this pattern that I think supports that type of weather for us.
  2. Fall will be hard to find over the next week or two. We will be above average in temps and pretty dry as well.
  3. Welcome! Its always a pleasure seeing more mountain people posting.
  4. Yeah we had some upslope showers roll through. Good times.
  5. What an amazing past couple of days! Saturday we did not get out of the 60s and Sunday we did not get out of the low 70s. Monday was also spectacular for August.
  6. What an absolute beautiful evening and night! Fall is in the air. Enjoy!
  7. Yeah we had thunder and lightning for hours and hours last night. Woke up to moderate to heavy rainfall currently.
  8. We have had so many storms today and this evening. Its been exciting for a change. We are also going to get a taste of fall soon.
  9. Severe Thunderstorm watch for the area fellas. Be on the lookout.
  10. For August this has been the perfect weather. Absolutely loving this for August weather.
  11. A pretty balanced out day for early sun to evening rain each day this week. Again we are well above average for precipitation currently but the temps for this time of year are right at average so no complaints.
  12. I think we will be warm and dry this fall into winter. With the way spring and summer have been I think that is our future winter...
  13. Hopefully we get some big boomers tonight.
  14. Yeah especially for the eastern escarpment. We are getting into some heavy rainfall this late afternoon but the upslope regions look to get hammered on the eastern side tonight.
  15. This return of unsettled weather will be here to stay for a bit. After a relatively dry hot May, June will be much different. Unsettled with near normal temps. Also the Euro is showing a pretty good trough dipping down next week that could bring some nice temps with continued unsettled weather.