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  1. That is amazing for this time of the year.
  2. Also I read that Mount Washington received over 4 inches of snow and sleet Wednesday.
  3. According to the records we shattered the record low this morning. This morning we had a low of 39 degrees! The past 2 day's we've not gotten out of the 60s for highs.
  4. We had cloud cover here all night. Didn't make it but to 54 here. Tonight should be much colder.
  5. A beautiful evening with a few showers and a temp of 59 degrees.
  6. Yeah rain will be heading this way in a few hours then a beautiful week on tap.
  7. Looks like daytime highs and lows will be some 10 to 15 plus degrees below normal for the rest of the week before we warm up again. For June this is amazing weather.
  8. Tomorrow's highs look delightful and Thursday morning lows look chilly. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
  9. Had another earthquake in Haywood around midnight. That's the 7th one on 2 weeks.
  10. Surprisingly woke up to .32 inches of rainfall overnight and it was still raining a bit when I left the house at 4 am. Everything was soaked and was a perfect time for the flowers to get watered.
  11. Looks like we are in for some absolutely beautiful weather come mid to late week.
  12. Very cool observation Larry. Things like this are fascinating to witness especially being so rare of sorts.
  13. Yeah I saw that dropping through. Kind of weird seeing weather come in that way.
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