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  1. The solution the euro is spitting out towards the middle of June is impressive. Storms coming tomorrow.
  2. Yeah the past three day have been absolutely beautiful! Highs 65 to 75 and lows in the 40s. I see no real heat wave and a pattern that will keep the gardens watered.
  3. Yeah it has been an amazing year so far. Many over here in WNC are almost 15 inches above normal this year already. We are on another record setting year for precipitation.
  4. Looks like this weekend we will once again be well below average with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s.
  5. A cool rainy day today. Lot more of that coming.
  6. Yeah things look very unsettled for this week at least. It will be much warmer though.
  7. Looking at the EURO and the GFS, it looks unsettled and another decent cool shot down the road.
  8. We have a heating and cooling system but its more to help with the humidity than anything.
  9. Yeah a lot of places are literally over 12 inches in surplus for precipitation already this year. That's not counting the huge surplus from last year.
  10. No, looks like we will have a great chance of rain for the next week. Nothing new really. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Really with blocking we cannot get no worse than what we just went through. We had zero blocking in winter and we were wll above average.
  12. We have been absolutely hammered the past several hours with moderate to heavy rainfall with embedded storms.
  13. This afternoon will be active for some storms firing up.
  14. Very impressive totals from around the region.
  15. The sun is actually coming out here and boy is it nice!