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  1. By no means am I trying to be preachy or be course with you. Actually I respect the hell out of you as a poster and value your input. So ill leave it at that.
  2. Yeah but I can remember we used to get snows in and around Halloween here several years and it snowed several times around Thanksgiving or the very first of December. This being 70 plus well into December is not an early Winter. Getting one snow then hitting record highs doesn't cut it. On this side of the mountain we hit several record highs by several degrees last December. Our climate has warmed and has become less snowy around here. That is a fact that shows in the data and no im not being a debbie downer but just looking at the statistical numbers. You can clearly see we are warming. Last January was an absolute gift for around here even though we went right back to above normal in February. I'd like to see more consistency but our climate is changing and the norms are not the norms anymore.
  3. Lol seems like we get an extended summer every year so what's new. Last year we literally didn't get cold until January...
  4. Yeah this morning was even colder with a low of 45 degrees. Today's high was 78. The heat will come back but I don't think it will be as bad as last week.
  5. Happy Father's day to all the Father's out there! Basically tied a record low this morning of 46 degrees. This weekend has been a treat!
  6. Boy we have one hell of a storm in middle Haywood currently just training over the same area.
  7. Yeah this is going to be our first heat wave of the year.
  8. Had a beautiful cold morning of 48 this morning. The heat is coming through...
  9. A nice little storm blowing up right over me currently.
  10. Yeah we have heavy rain again here. It's just dumping buckets. Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day also with the upper low crossing the area.
  11. We are actually getting some inhanced heavy rainfall tonight from this upper low.
  12. Absolutely impressive rainfall totals since Saturday.
  13. Things are going south here in Canton, cruso, and Sunburst currently especially with this last batch. WNCsnow yeah I don't want to hear shit about a drought on tv.
  14. It's absolutely hammering away here again. Things are going to deteriorate tonight across the county especially Sunburst and Cruso area.
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