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  1. Hopefully we get some big boomers tonight.
  2. Yeah especially for the eastern escarpment. We are getting into some heavy rainfall this late afternoon but the upslope regions look to get hammered on the eastern side tonight.
  3. This return of unsettled weather will be here to stay for a bit. After a relatively dry hot May, June will be much different. Unsettled with near normal temps. Also the Euro is showing a pretty good trough dipping down next week that could bring some nice temps with continued unsettled weather.
  4. Someone said it was getting dry? Someone said we need some rain? Mother nature said I got you!!!!
  5. Beautiful pics eyewall.
  6. Yeah we had a good thunderboomer move through this morning.
  7. Had a total of 2.87 inches of rainfall for the weekend. This weather we are having is picture perfect! Man I wish all of summer was like this.
  8. Yeah I looked the other day and we are already 10 inches above normal for the year already in precipitation....
  9. Heavy rain training over the area could spell trouble later on. Its been mostly moderate to heavy rainfall most of the morning.
  10. Looks like we will have a very active weekend with storms and heavy rain. Then we cool down nicely next week.
  11. Heavy rain and a bit windy this morning. Nothing new about that really.
  12. Great score man! You can just about always count on Haywood county to bring the goods from Balsam, Maggie valley, Crabtree, Fines Creek, and Max Patch.
  13. Snowing in the higher elevations of Haywood. Has been since this morning.
  14. The wind is ripping tonight.
  15. Crazy rainfall amounts! Some people this month have already received over 10 inches of rainfall. our surplus is insane with precipitation amounts.