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  1. Had a low of 11 with a storm total of 1.5 inches of snow. Not bad to start out the season.
  2. Temp down to 16 degrees with moderate snow falling. These NW flow showers mean business. Already a new inch tonight on the ground.
  3. The flash freeze is what really worries me about all this.
  4. Winds picking up... You can see the NW moisture starting to bank up again the mountains on the radar
  5. The NW flow should kick in here pretty quickly after this initial batch bases through.
  6. Yeah its pretty dicey on the back roads. With the sleet snow mix things are really glazing over. We have dropped to 30 degrees also and I think things will just get worst as the day goes on with all this water freezing over.
  7. It really is. This has been a drastic change in our weather over a month to month in a half.
  8. Absolutely! Im glad we are seeing this early in the season than later.
  9. Our first winter weather advisory of the season was just issued. Its going to be a good one. Cold, snow, and dangerous wind chills.
  10. Great read Grit! Thank you for making your outlook for us