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  1. Yeah how many times do we see that and in such a small area.
  2. Don't look now but the Euro has a significant cold blast coming in around the 5th and and GFS has it to a lesser degree.
  3. Yall are hilarious! I think you all should be comedians.
  4. Its been amazing that a few people have been like its going to dry out this winter, this spring. Im like ok maybe in a few years....
  5. We had some ice and temps right around 32 degrees. Nothing in town.
  6. Yeah we just hit 27 with a DP of 13 lol. If anything falls it may be snow...
  7. Yeah I was just going to post it is already down to 29 at my place. I don't think it got as warm as they thought today. Also the last two nights have been very cold with lows of 14 and 15 respectfully here.
  8. Oh yeah this was a nice surprise here in Haywood. Driving home this morning was really cool seeing all the ice everywhere.
  9. Yeah Haywood got hit pretty good. I know Duke energy and Haywood EMC are working several calls for power being out. I have to admit I was completely wrong on this one.
  10. Just got home. The roads are fine but there is ice everywhere. Branches down in the road, and bamboo hanging across lanes. I got home and its an ice rink here. The deck is completely frozen over along with everything else. The good thing is that I still have power.
  11. Yeah probably what came through here with heavy sleet. Back to rain but the rails are icing up.
  12. Freezing rain and heavy sleet here in town.
  13. Yeah as the above mentioned this setup is not textbook.
  14. Well with the temps dropping off to near freezing or below for many of us I think it is telling that this could be a very high impact storm for many of us.
  15. Yeah like I said before I went into work the temp is dropping and dropping fast. My obs here will be limited the rest of the night.
  16. Yeah in general for all the mountains. I cannot remember seeing this much ice forecast.
  17. Well after a high of 55 we have dropped back to 41 degrees pretty quickly. That was fast but we will see.
  18. Yeah yall should get hammered up that way.
  19. Same here! It is actually a dang beautiful day today.
  20. Nice to see you posting also. Was wondering were you have been.
  21. Yeah my sentiments exactly. The last big ice storm I saw here was several years ago which it had snowed 4 to 5 inches then changed to freezing rain but the cold air was locked in already. Also yeah it seems like the models are honing in on Haywood for significant ice for some reason... Honestly I hope we just get rain. I like the power...