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  1. Light snow again with another solid dusting. Current temp at 12.
  2. We are getting a resurgence of moisture this afternoon in Haywood.
  3. Watch out for tonight. It could be interesting around the southern mountains.
  4. Oh yeah we do good in flow and southern system situations but you do better with a miller A or B. The Balsams just wring out all the moisture. You would be in heaven. Soon enough hopefully we get one storm we can all cash in on.
  5. Sweet! Its funny Jackson hardly gets any snow in these type situations.
  6. Yeah you can tell this is just really hitting the most favored areas. I talked to a friend in Candler who was like what snow.
  7. Not sure if anyone noticed but we have some light snow currently.
  8. Wind chill advisory for the mountains! Its going to get cold fellas!
  9. The system on the 25th has me intrigued but its still way early. Good be a good upslope system.
  10. At least it feels like winter today and will for the next few days.
  11. So far this has been one of the worst winters ever... Still all it takes is one or two big storms.
  12. No I think the upcoming pattern is much more favorable than the one we have currently. Ill take that look.
  13. The mid range thread is Hilarious. On the weather side rain, rain and more rain...
  14. Yeah today was an absolute beautiful day. A great day to get outside.
  15. Its fixing to get narly around here in the mountains.