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  1. Some interesting reading in here. https://www.severe-weather.eu/
  2. Yeah we were roasting this time last year. What a difference a year makes
  3. Had a nice frosty low of 33 degrees this morning. Will be a beautiful day today.
  4. Just a stellar late afternoon here in the mountains. Mostly cloudy with a temp of 56 degrees currently. Looks like 30s tonight and tomorrow night before a brief warm-up then a freeze this weekend.
  5. Looks like lows back in the 30s and highs around 60 for a few days then a brief warm-up before getting even colder this weekend with likely a feeeze for the mountains.
  6. Best of luck buddy. Take care of yourself for sure.
  7. I know we never got out of the 40s here today. Perfect weather for October.
  8. Id say there is really no correlation. As we have seen some very mild October's and mild winters following. Seasons in Seasons are fine with me.
  9. This morning we were ar 40 degrees. Looks like some beneficial rainfall on it's way starting tonight.
  10. My final low was 31 degrees this morning with a current temp of 48 degrees.
  11. One thing is for sure we are going to definitely have some great Fall weather coming in for sure.
  12. The euro cones further south which ups the totals back up a bit. Really until this thing hits the east coast again the models may not really get a great handle on this...
  13. The gfs and NAM continue to correct to the east with Ian. Unless things change again the threat for flooding is extremely minimal.
  14. Also looking out the next 5 to 7 days we are going to have a trough in place for a bit so expect the growing season to end very soon with a freeze.
  15. The NAM came in at around 2 inches for region wide rainfall. Hardly flooding rains at that prediction but still a long ways to go.
  16. 6z gfs pulls back even more on totals from the remnants of Ian. Asheville barely gets an inch this run. A very noticeable trend the past 24 hours.
  17. When I left the house this morning it was 33 degrees with more frost. A absolute beautiful morning.
  18. There are big differences between the gfs and Euro with regards to rainfall here in WNC. Seems like the euro has not really been on board with really big rainfall totals. A solid 3 to 6 inches in my opinion still will cover the forecasting area but ill warn people small adjustments with the track of this could mean seeing 1 inch to 4 inches of rainfall.
  19. Ended up with an exact low of 32 degrees and current temp is 47 already.
  20. The 12z euro is basically half the rainfall of the gfs so we will see how this comes out.
  21. The 12z gfs takes the remnants of Ian and stalls the system right over us. I'm seeing a lot of 4 plus inches showing up in the ideal areas along the southern escarpment. Asheville coming in at almost 5 inches so you know it's going to be one wild weekend if this track stays like this.
  22. Yeah the totals keep waffling but I expect area wide of at least 3 inches of rainfall from this.
  23. Usually the middle to the end of October.
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