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  1. Excellent job posting and the visuals from this LES are absolutely amazing!
  2. Yeah the euro is definitely showing a more prominent cold storm for sure.
  3. We ended up at 14 degrees this morning. Very impressive for November.
  4. Coldest night of the season. Ended up having a low of 18 degrees with a current temp of 33 degrees.
  5. Definitely post here. Ill be living vicariously through yall with this amazing event.
  6. Impressive and yes very raw. Glad to see the rain again though but this is a typical late November day.
  7. Yeah no kidding! Literally overnight went from mid 70s to freezing cold. I had really wrote November off but boy was I wrong.
  8. Also probably along the border some may see some rain turning to snow briefly. Current temp in my hood is 42 so it'll take a bit of work here.
  9. Yeah I saw that as well. Currently a lot of good signs through the holiday season....
  10. Yeah I saw that as well. This may be one of the more legitimate blocking patterns for us in a bit. Hey at least we have something to track currently and not waiting until January like last year.
  11. All in all the current pattern heading into December looks like something we can definitely work with and should be an active storm track. Also get ready for some bitter cold for this time of the year starting Thursday.
  12. Not picking but this post didn't age well at all brother. Luckily you were wrong lol.
  13. Yeah no kidding. Looks like blocking really setting in over the top and in the NAO regions. The Pacific doesn't look great but I think the pattern continues to evolve into something more favorable as we head into December for sure.
  14. Temp back down to 37 degrees already. Will be watching it closely.
  15. I love living in elevation in a holler. Had a low of 17 this morning on the coldest morning of the season.
  16. I have noticed we are seeing signs that the NAO and AO are going into more blocking heading into December...
  17. Oh ok great. Yeah we had some snow in this side of the mountains. One of our posters got 2 inches last night. You should check out our thread.
  18. The EPS is very impressive with the cold coming this week. It's going to get much colder than what we are seeing already. And speaking of which we are already down to 27 for this afternoon.
  19. Nice were are you at over here?
  20. Funny how the euro has now picked up next weeks storm and the GFS has completely lost it. Also lots of chances for some more flakes along the border counties also.
  21. Nice. There is some beautiful land up there.
  22. Yeah for sure. One thing im happy with is that we know we can get the cold air in here. Just need a storm or two with that.
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