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  1. Did Wake even get a Severe Thunderstorm Warning during this?
  2. Debris echos about to go just north of Chapel Hill
  3. But what about that storm the following weekend on the GFS
  4. When people start putting car temperature readings in the main thread, it’s time to start drinking.
  5. Where is it 45 degrees in Raleigh? I have upper 30s/low 40s right now in multiple spots.
  6. I really need to switch up my shampoo, I thought it was snowing again.
  7. We are now casting so forget all the models that don’t show us what we want... oh hey WRF.
  8. There was a boat fire in the gulf, any chance that warms the temps up in the Carolinas for this storm and we get all rain?
  9. 0z Euro showing the snowy solution for NC.
  10. Too early to talk about the March 4th-6th storm?
  11. This is the tradition of every storm in the Carolinas... 1. Storm on GFS about 7-10 days out, weenies come out. Other models start to show a little something. 2. Storm disappears off for a day or two at the 5-7 day range, cliff diving commences. 3. Storm reappears on some of the models 5 days out, but not both the Euro and GFS. Just one. 4. Northwest trend occurs, and NAM comes in with a clown map we all dream of. 5. Words like “Plaster, Destroy, Ravage, Mutilate, Nuked, Crushed, and Pulverised” are used when speaking of predicted radar maps. 6. Storm shows up on the other global model, but wait, it might be too warm! 7. Dang it. South Carolina never gets anything! 8. Warm Nose and soil temps. 9. Why aren’t the Local Mets and NWS more aggressive? 10. Forget the globals, it’s HRRR time. 11. Storm starts. 12. Warm nose 13. Virginians show up to talk about how they are doing well with the storm. 14.Half the board jumps to this thread.