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  1. If I could turn back time.... do do do do do
  2. I believe someone posted on Twitter that he was shook up but he made it
  3. I come back to the boards and now I’m laughing my kibble and bits off at the main thread. All the friction has stopped the hurricane.
  4. Did you get in a fight with a weak 2x4 and lose?
  5. I wouldn’t even bother. He doesn’t understand the point nor does he understand the concept of wishcasting.
  6. Clearly there is something you aren’t understanding, so let’s just agree to disagree. Maybe our understanding of the word wishcasting is different.
  7. I’m just happy after 8 years my post was the one that got him to say something.
  8. It’s wonderful that other Mets have discussed that possibility, WHILE DISCUSSING THE OTHER POSSIBILITIES AS WELL. Again, what he was talking about was the people who ONLY talk about that scenario. They don’t have to say it.
  9. Pretty sure the forecast doesn’t need to “change” for this. This can be seen in model guidance and can be predicted.
  10. I don’t think the problem he is talking about is expressing an opinion or thought. I think the problem is the constant talk about the hurricane going WSW, every wobble, and every mention of very poor unreliable model guidance in terms of track. That would be less of expressing an opinion/thought to more of a find anything that fits their agenda which is dang near wishcasting to me.
  11. It’s a little slower. Looks to be going more in line with the speed of the Euro Op