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  1. GFS Para trying to start tropical season early at the end? Lol
  2. Time to leave this thread... I’m all in on 2/28
  3. To everyone who shall be entering this chat later tonight, welcome. We are here for you.
  4. Anyone know where the once in a generational storm went?
  5. Welcome to the chat, I’ve been expecting you all...
  6. I’m already making daiquiris and just ironed my Hawaiian shirt
  7. What weather model would you ask on a date and why?
  8. That price is downright walloping the area with the white stuff and is dominantly lacerating the ground with astonishing rates.
  9. Bruh that price is straight ripping fatties
  10. Must be a shampoo shortage because there is dandruff pasting the ground right now
  11. I love when people use words like pummeled and plastered... when in reality it’s light/moderate precipitation.
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