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  1. Today’s Jeopardy question: What happens when we destroy wetlands and build homes right up against the beach in hurricane prone areas? What is Ian?
  2. How does the sheriff know that before rescue crews even go out? Some people really need to learn to think before they open their mouth.
  3. To the tv reporter with the condom on her mic: I’m single.
  4. Well…I have OCD, I like beer, I can’t stop reading this forum, and I think my dog is broken. Oh and there is a blue turd as my avatar.
  5. A. They should have evacuated. B. They honestly expect emergency services to go out during a major cat 4 hurricane and rescue them. C. You really can’t fix stupid.
  6. Because all they want is my money.
  7. Paved over wetlands to build a parking lot. See what happens?
  8. You want me to feel sorry for people who had plenty of time to evacuate but didn’t? These people also knew they were gonna live in an area prone to hurricanes when they decided to buy a home there. They knew the risks.
  9. Fort Myers isn’t much of a fort.
  10. The hurricane is gonna hit there dead on so the aliens can be beamed down from Planet Flaflufa.
  11. We didn’t learn any lessons from Katrina in New Orleans did we?
  12. Yeah. What’s 2 mph anyways?
  13. Cat 4 is nice but I want Cat 5.
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