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  1. Agreed. If we want snow, we need to give Virginia back to the mid-Atlantic peeps. Think of it as a sacrifice to the weather Gods.
  2. I’m here. IT WILL NOT STOP RAINING!!!
  3. If people want their power knocked out that badly, why not just turn off your breaker.
  4. 35 degrees and raining. Sick of this crap.
  5. Well...I’d make a trip to Lowe’s sooner rather than later.
  6. Virginia is still not in the southeast.
  7. I’m moving to Cancun. They have a better chance of seeing snow than I do.
  8. If this isn’t salt on the wound... Snow fell as far south as Brownsville, Texas, where measurable snow has only occurred on two days since records began in 1898. In Lake Charles, Louisiana — which saw two direct hits from hurricanes in the past six months — there was thundersnow this morning. Oklahoma City and Dallas saw top-10 daily snowfalls yesterday (6 inches and 4 inches respectively), and both could see another top-10 snowfall on Tuesday or Wednesday. Abilene, Texas, reported 14.8 inches of snow on Sunday, smashing their record for most snow ever in a day, which was previously 9.3 inches from 1996.