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  1. I have a belly button.
  2. I have never seen anything like this before in my entire life. Seneca, SC pics taken by me which honestly don’t do it justice. The damage is very intense and widespread throughout Seneca.
  3. Driving through Seneca right now. Here’s a pic I took. Looks like this through a large portion of town.
  4. Now that the sun is up. Houses completely leveled in Seneca, SC going off the news pics and videos.
  5. Power just went out at my house. I’m in Greenville, SC.
  6. I was wondering about you. Hope Oconee is okay too.
  7. Tornado warning for northern Greenville County, SC until 3:45am.
  8. Not really. You should see them during winter storms around here. Lol. GSP does a really good job. FCC though? Ehhh...not so much.
  9. TORNADO WARNING: Stephens Co. Ga, Franklin Co. Ga, Oconee Co. SC and Habersham Co. Ga.
  10. Intense rotation just west of Toccoa, GA.
  11. Hopefully it weakens before it gets to Macon. Yikes. If not, hopefully it stays to the north.
  12. If you live in Bassfield, if the first tornado didn’t completely flatten your house then the second one probably will. Crazy. Just crazy. And to think people were calling this storm system a fail just a few hours ago.