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  1. They’re brining the roads here. WTF???
  2. It’s cloudy outside with a slight breeze. The ground is wet. Birds are chirping. Squirrels are getting run over by cars. Life is good. I expect all hell to break loose in a few hours.
  3. The I-65 corridor about to get obliterated.
  4. Yeah. I didn’t get six inches of snow.
  5. Glad you and your family are at least safe.
  6. Tornado watch just issued until 6pm.
  7. At least FEMA will be happy. Reminds me of the winter systems around here. Instead of getting of getting six inches of snow, we get Brick Tamland.
  8. Hopefully those are mostly just trees on that Tuscaloosa debris ball.
  9. And a certain forum member said this system would be a bust. High is not warranted I tell you.
  10. Agreed. If we want snow, we need to give Virginia back to the mid-Atlantic peeps. Think of it as a sacrifice to the weather Gods.
  11. I’m here. IT WILL NOT STOP RAINING!!!
  12. If people want their power knocked out that badly, why not just turn off your breaker.
  13. 35 degrees and raining. Sick of this crap.
  14. Well...I’d make a trip to Lowe’s sooner rather than later.
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