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  1. Not official but took measures about 7pm and saw we got more. Not bad considering melting! Basically KRDU plus a bit here in the snow belt region just N of RDU and there is a difference as you already know. It seems we get a bit more enhancement when storms start to amp a bit off the coast which throws more moisture back into colder air and slows the western edge (back edge) down for a bit and sometimes retrogrades for an hour or 2, not much sometimes, but definitely noticeable other times which makes a big difference (again part of the Wake county gradient equation). The pivot is how we score more and part of the northern Wake advantage imho because we are cold enough to take advantage with perhaps a small degree of orographic lifting enhancement in the far NW side of the county. Just a to let y'all know I KNEW there was a HUGE Wake County gradient and insisted that we live in the most NW part of Wake county possible and we are a good gap wedge from Durham county (better schools in Wake but I digress). My wife was good and so am I. At the end of the day if you're a snow lover, MAKE sure that you live where you get snow! It's a must for us snow geese. Otherwise, it will frustrate you to no end. I had to go to a place that we had sledding every year and could enjoy it. There is a HUGE difference folks and it is real, at least for now.
  2. That would freak all of us out but I don’t see it.
  3. 60394998567__6643D93A-FACB-4669-B679-9A6C1A0BA562.MOV 60394998567__6643D93A-FACB-4669-B679-9A6C1A0BA562.MOV I have a little over 3 “ about 3 “ north of RDU. We lucked out Eyewall! It was looking bad my friend.
  4. First time post! I've got about 3.4" about 4 miles north of RDU. Still spiting snow. Interestingly I did see an uptick in flake size about 2 hours ago when the LP was beginning to develop and the pivot was occurring. Snow geese are fed for now!! RDU officially with 3" so that makes sense. Kudos to the NAM on this one. Not sure but I'd imagine the snow totals would have been close if not for melting.