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  1. Good point but what is the fun in that?
  2. 12z GFS still has a potential rain to accumulating snow scenario for northern NC/southern Virginia for late next week.
  3. 1032 hp but slightly more favorable position. I guess a -NAO is overrated .
  4. Canadian a touch south compared to last run. It’s in line with GFS. Much of the forum would prefer HP to strengthen a tad to get a bit more suppression. Something to watch.
  5. Basically about where you are but worse a little north.
  6. I’m assuming you’re not talking Wake because that happens a bunch. I’m 600 yards from Durham county btw.
  7. Nothing good will happen south of Virginia state line until this CAD is done. Need to start over here.
  8. I agree. A sleet storm would have been cool ,but not freezing rain.
  9. Gfs v16 sniffed out the late January snow before any other model. Just saying....
  10. 18 z gfs v16 was further south and east fwiw for Tuesday.
  11. Have to agree . I just don’t see this happening at this point. Better off to clear this out and take transitional chances. Pacific ruining it.
  12. Watching that one close, could be a good run.
  13. Or the opposite too...Orlando was sitting at 81 degrees 18z Friday if I recall correctly. Anything can happen at this point. We need to look at the trends and blends at this point without any bias. I’m as guilty as the next guy too.
  14. That’s no way to treat one of our Triangle brothers .
  15. Looks like the Canadian delays the strong core of cold. That doesn’t work for most of us. We will see what the European says and see what the ensemble trends are to get a better gauge.
  16. Just saw that. Looks like the cold will finally win out by Saturday then a disturbance. I’ve seen this scenario play out before. In general, it takes artic air to make life interesting east of the mountains.