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  1. Would rather have cold rain than ice and sleet.
  2. I will start the next thread and it will be an epic one :+)
  3. Still plenty of time for the storm next week
  4. Just over 220 hours out, what could go wrong?
  5. New GFS at 18z has quite an impressive look to the storm on Sunday. Hmmm. To warm and not wet enough though. Trend was good, except temperature :+). Another cold rain on 18z.
  6. I love Raleigh as well. I have been living in the area since Sept 2019. I came by way of Fayetteville > Southport > Garner/Clayton. I was puzzled by the lack of snow after moving here from SE NC. I think I brought the lack of snow with me :+)
  7. 2 meh winters in a row here in Raleigh area. At least we saw an inch this year and 4 last year.
  8. It actually upped the totals in the southern triangle. I am thinking temperatures will be cold enough for a quicker change in N NC and S VA.