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  1. About 2 inches here in Garner. That is where NWS predicted snow totals would be. Could have been a much bigger storm but I will take my couple of inches and be happy. Congrats to all the snow locations.
  2. Snow is sticking now. Ground almost covered here in Garner. Wow. Didn't expect it this early on.
  3. And ground temps. Not sure what the heck the NWS is talking about in Snownado's post.
  4. Is that all on the ground? Or is that with melting due to ground temps?
  5. Why are they lowering totals? It is snowing here in Garner already. What do they see? Ground temps?
  6. Changeover to snow looks like it is beginning a little earlier in NC. Looking at radar trends. Just an opinion though.
  7. I believe I am seeing some small snow flurries in Garner, near Clayton. Hmmm.
  8. Sleet in Garner. I could've sworn I seen some flakes mixed in.
  9. Temps are 45 here near Garner, NC. No rain yet.
  10. Thanks for the information. I am south of Garner, near Clayton. Models appear to have RDU area in at least 3 inches, so who knows.
  11. That seems the most likely, since we will need to waste QPF for a change over to snow.
  12. Sure is a lot of irritated weather weenies on tonight. Filling the main storm thread with banter. Typical of how things go down in the Carolinas. This thread is about to become majestic.
  13. Overall, less snow than 18z. It doesn't mean it didn't increase in spots.