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  1. What do the GEFS members say about snow chances?
  2. I have a feeling that Feb will deliver a few board wide winter storms. Just a feeling.
  3. There is always next winter and then we can say the same thing next winter. Rinse and repeat. An endless loop. Help us!
  4. So, we finally get the cold shot that the models hinted at for the past 3 or 4 weeks and the moisture suddenly vanishes. Classic stuff there. Let us see what happens though. You know where I am placing my bets.
  5. Squashed but decent looking. Not buying it till CMC and ECMWF are on board.
  6. Hour 132 on 18z GFS and the cold push looks weaker.
  7. American Weather Forum: Cold and wet pattern showing up in 10 days on the models. American Weather Forum 10 Days Later: Cold and wet pattern showing up in 10 days on the models. We are all guilty of it, I admit as much. :+)
  8. There is always next year. Models keep pushing back the cold air.
  9. Anyone know if any GEFS and EPS members are showing snow during their runs?
  10. Models keep pushing back cold and winter storms. IT IS A TRAP! Do not fall for it.
  11. How many winter seasons in central NC have went without any measurable snow?
  12. GFS with some snow at hour 138. Trending wetter this weekend on both GFS and CMC.
  13. ECMWF appears to be showing a storm and plenty of cold on hour 240. Anyone else see that?