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  1. I moved from Southport, NC to Garner, NC recently. Hoping I see more snow around here than I did down there. :+) They say it is supposed to snow briefly here, but I am not getting my hopes up. Good luck to everyone. Hopefully, some of you get a nice coating of snow.
  2. If models show a snowstorm 10 days out, be highly skeptical. When the models show a warm up in 10 days, you better believe it as fact lol.
  3. Still need cold air and so far temps on the models are not going to cut it.
  4. Hit and miss in Central NC. Big flop in Raleigh, South. I nailed jackpot area though. Hard to predict NC storms though. Hurricanes and winter storms seem to do crazy things here.
  5. It wasn't. My issue was with central NC which is a good amount of the posters here. If you look at my post about Asheville to SW VA being the jackpot you would see I was right.
  6. lol I was talking about central NC for the most part. The western part of the state is typically cold enough for something. Plenty of moisture and living in the western part of NC in winter time is a recipe for a good winter storm. It is central NC and eastern NC that struggles.
  7. As stated, before I was rudely interrupted, cold rain here in Wilmington. The warm nose is coming everyone. Be ready for crushed dreams. I bear gifts from Wilmington for you all.
  8. NAM does look realistic. That said, I am still taking a big snow for the Triad, west, as my final prediction. Largest accumulation in Asheville and points to the NE. GFS V3 has the right idea.
  9. I grew up in Fayetteville. I have seen my share of good snow. I only point out what the models are doing. You know the truth. Sorry if that crushes your dreams.
  10. NAM is much warmer. At the surface and 850 mb. We shall see what other models are saying. However, bad run if you like snow. Great if you like cold cold rain
  11. I only speak the truth though. GFS FV3 is warmer at 850 mb. Overall, low is further south, high is weaker, and temps aloft are warmer. Who is ready for some cold rain? Western NC still has a good chance for snow and I am rooting for them.
  12. GFS FV3 is slightly warmer as well. 2 models are warmer. Was the NAM model warmer as well?
  13. Warmer, just a little bit. Fear the trend potential though.