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  1. About 2 inches here in Garner. That is where NWS predicted snow totals would be. Could have been a much bigger storm but I will take my couple of inches and be happy. Congrats to all the snow locations.
  2. Snow is sticking now. Ground almost covered here in Garner. Wow. Didn't expect it this early on.
  3. And ground temps. Not sure what the heck the NWS is talking about in Snownado's post.
  4. Is that all on the ground? Or is that with melting due to ground temps?
  5. Why are they lowering totals? It is snowing here in Garner already. What do they see? Ground temps?
  6. Changeover to snow looks like it is beginning a little earlier in NC. Looking at radar trends. Just an opinion though.
  7. I believe I am seeing some small snow flurries in Garner, near Clayton. Hmmm.
  8. Sleet in Garner. I could've sworn I seen some flakes mixed in.
  9. Thanks for the information. I am south of Garner, near Clayton. Models appear to have RDU area in at least 3 inches, so who knows.
  10. That seems the most likely, since we will need to waste QPF for a change over to snow.
  11. Sure is a lot of irritated weather weenies on tonight. Filling the main storm thread with banter. Typical of how things go down in the Carolinas. This thread is about to become majestic.
  12. Overall, less snow than 18z. It doesn't mean it didn't increase in spots.
  13. Just not sugar coating it and enough experience to know how this story usually plays out in C and E NC. Sorry, I thought we were sharing model runs and discussing possibilities. I did post the increased GEFS members at 18z if you look back in the storm thread.
  14. Yes, it did. Compare 18z to 0z. Snow totals were cut some.
  15. GFS seemed anemic at 0z. Radar trends say otherwise. Can we avoid the cold rain? Stayed tune.
  16. GFS cut snow totals even further. Hmmm. It did extend it some for those in N GA and NW SC.
  17. A MET said it never develops a low off the coast and therefore too dry and too warm. I am not sure if that is entirely the case or not.
  18. Looked great, especially for NW NC. Epic run. Also, great run for Charleston. It was epic to see that much fall in Columbia. Everyone gets snow
  19. Is it all rain? A cold rain? So, those maps were showing cold rain accumulations?
  20. NAM is cutting totals, but props to it for possibly having the right solution over several top models. I will no longer question the validity of it going forward. It is a model that cannot simply be tossed to the side. It seems to finally be coming into line with the QPF of the other models, but it was right about snow chances it appears.
  21. It is warmer at the start but stays about the same overall, which is impressive. The QPF is going down down baby, yo street.........nvm. Likely will full go to the global models with snow totals, which is about where most METs have it. Shocker that the experts might have gotten this one right (sarcasm).
  22. NAM is warmer it appears so far through 18 and also less QPF. This could be a precursor to a big bust for most of NC. Ouch. Someone will get some snow though.