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  1. Moderate IP mixing in SE of downtown Winston Salem. Looks like about 3/16" on fence. Our parking lot gate is completely frozen shut.
  2. Light ip/zr 1 mile south of Winston Salem
  3. massive wet flakes falling south of Winston Salem. sounds like sleet mixing in as well.
  4. moderate sleet/rain just south of Winston Salem.
  5. A bit of sleet starting to fall about 3 miles south of Winston Salem. Edit: it appears to be zr now. Sitting dead on 32.
  6. Same. I'd bet you and I are very close to one another.
  7. just measured 12.5 in multiple locations. sleet mixing in currently.
  8. Ripping fat flakes 3 miles south of Winston Salem
  9. Starting to pick up south of Winston Salem. No accumulation. Very breezy.
  10. Large flakes mixed with sleet in Advance. Sticking to grass and vehicles.
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