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    I have been looking at weather since I was 5, but have been studying patterns since the February 2010 snowstorm...

    Was one of Ken Aucoin's weather spotters for several years.

    There are multiple guarantees with SE snow threats: 1) NW trend applies 99.98% of the time, 2) someone will ALWAYS get screwed by the warm nose

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  1. Orangeburgwx

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Thanks! Here is the data set I was looking at: https://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/charctic-interactive-sea-ice-graph/
  2. Orangeburgwx

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Sure you are looking at the right data? I am on the site and it shows 7/12/19 at 8.062
  3. Orangeburgwx

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Gap grew: 7/13/19: 7.964 7/13/12: 8.039 7/13/11: 8.097
  4. Orangeburgwx

    Hurricane Barry

    Man...Barry is freaking going nuclear on the IR right now, we might have a hurricane come morning
  5. Orangeburgwx

    Hurricane Barry

    Looks like the CDO is being ripped in half the last few frames of the IR 1-MIN MESO. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/sat/satlooper.php?region=goes16-meso2&product=ir
  6. Orangeburgwx

    2019 Tropical Weather Discussion

    3km NAM is officially broke... 866mb hurricane at hr60 https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/nam3km/2019071012/nam3km_mslp_wind_seus_60.png
  7. Orangeburgwx

    July 2019 OBS

    Last 90 minutes: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/383141713340006403/596805378650669066/20190705_163800.jpg
  8. Orangeburgwx

    June 2019 OBS

    Feels like fall and I am not complaining! Currently cloudy and a cool 66... Have had 6.1" in the last week Thursday: .6" Friday: 1.5" Saturday: .9" Sunday: 2.2" Monday: .7" Yesterday: 2"
  9. Orangeburgwx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    This looks downright painful for Feb. 2020... -NAO, +PNA dream combo but the SER gives us the finger https://mobile.twitter.com/MJVentrice/status/1137008782708527104
  10. Orangeburgwx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I hope this varifies, could use the 10" of rain https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gfs/2019060512/gfs_apcpn_seus_52.png
  11. Orangeburgwx

    June 2019 OBS

    For thw first time since May 16th (when me and my mom got in a wreck) I have rain
  12. Orangeburgwx

    General Severe Weather

    Im in a severe thunderstorm watch (not complaining, about damn time we had some rain)
  13. Orangeburgwx

    2019 Banter Thread

    No banter, but want to share a pic of this beautiful ride I saw at Walmart this morning
  14. Orangeburgwx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Fwiw.... GFS hinting at a possible weaker version of Micheal (identical track) on the 16th. It would give me 6" of rain
  15. Orangeburgwx

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    I "officially" hit 100 back to back on Wednesday and yesterday... Glad that the ridge is weakening