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  1. Interestingly enough, the EPS run looks extremely similar to late November, Early December 2018 (Timeframe where we got our December storm). Sure I'm cherry-picking a couple of maps, but almost identical look if we were to raise the height over Canada. To be clear the 2 maps from 2018 are not the same forecast period from two different models. .
  2. EPS isn't necessarily bad, it's just worse than 00z. At this point changes at H5 are well within the realm of possibility.
  3. Most beautiful ensemble run since December 2018. Nearly half of the members are big dogs
  4. Maps: 1. GEFS mean w/ sleet (Largest since 06z yesterday) 2. GEFS members w/ sleet 3. GEFS Mean without sleet 4. GEFS members without sleet 5. EPS Mean (Highest run I’ve seen the entire year) 6. EPS Members 1-25 7. EPS Members 26-50 8. EPS percentages for over an inch 9. 24hrs snow Meteogram For GSO
  5. The 18z GFS based on the Weatherbell maps, is the most classic case of the Wake county gradient.