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  1. NAM is by far the coldest model at the surface
  2. Honestly, this is sort of an opposite land scenario where N Orange and N Durham might fare better than Guilford and Alamance. We’ll see, I’m just glad to still be in the game.
  3. I should’ve added East of I-77 to that
  4. I think anyone north and west of 40/85 still has a shot right now, especially north of US 70 in that corridor.
  5. So about a 15 mile shift for me. I’ll take it.
  6. I should keep a count for all the times the GFS is out in left field all by itself.
  7. I don’t envy anyone trying to forecast winter storms from say Richmond to Greenville, SC. It has to be one of the toughest regions in the country.
  8. I shouldn’t let the worst scoring global get me down? Are we sure about that?
  9. Never seen a storm come back within 144 hours before.
  10. We’re still 144 hours out. Literally every event I can ever remember has not stayed static for that long of a period of time.
  11. This. Not too high and not too low with this hobby in the mid range or you’ll burn out.