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  1. Looks like it's snowing at the Henderson-Oxford Airport and in South Hill, VA.
  2. Not sure where to put this but the 3K and 12K NAM have snow for the northern triangle/triad/VA border counties on Friday Afternoon.
  3. We had more freezing rain overnight. The fence was icy and so was my wife's car.
  4. It apparently is sleeting hard in King.
  5. Whining in the whining thread please. This event is far from over for the triad, northwest triangle and lower Virginia.
  6. 30.4 light ZR -and a screaming NE breeze.
  7. 0z NAM has over an inch of ice for Chapel Hill and Durham.
  8. I swear I think there’s a way you can find out if that sensor has been moved. When we had the rain changing to snow a few fridays ago, it was stuck at 36 or 37 with accumulating snow occurring.
  9. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun is about to go down.
  10. 12k NAM cut freezing rain totals in some of the triad because of sleet.
  11. It seems like the epicenter of about eight model runs has focused on Alamance/Orange/Durham north of 40/85 plus the border counties.
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