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  1. Pivotal added what is, IMO, the second best model(UKMET).
  2. It’s not far off if you believe the better modeling. It’s well within error range at this point to end up with something. Probably less than a 30% chance but that’s the best odds all winter.
  3. This is valid for close to back home(Cherryville) on the ICON:
  4. @Buddy1987 if I remember correctly, they built the German model using either code or something from the euro model, which explains how it usually follows its lead.
  5. The GFS is closer than you’d think to a snowier solution along 40. HKY/INT/GSO is just about a degree away from a potentially wet snow. That is well within error range.
  6. Not bad. I believe this is what @ILMRoss mentioned
  7. German model looks interesting tonight. Image is for MBY. It sometimes will foreshadow a good euro run.
  8. Did anybody feel the earthquake in NE TN? Brad Panovich said it was felt in the mountains as well.
  9. Do you have any evidence to counteract what he presented?
  10. It's the long range HRRR but it's something.