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  1. As evidenced by the 18z NAM which would be a big deal.
  2. mind you the 12z ICON ended up with a major winter storm with ice along 85 and heavy snow north of 40 from the foothills to Durham.
  3. Yep, signal did increase. I think this one has legs.
  4. Yeah, it’s a lot like last week, to be honest. Maybe a little warmer.
  5. Yeah, worried about the wind evaporating stuff because it is yet again another super light snow.
  6. I’m trying to place that storm…late January? Between the super cold snow and the big dog? If not, could it have been early 15?
  7. 29 degrees with a biting north wind. If we hold onto this snow until tonight, we got a shot at radiating to 8 or 9 IMO
  8. 1.25 in NW Durham County. Another light, fluffy snow.
  9. Look at those two radar frames at the end. It looks like the snow is passing Winston by 81 and it barely moves.
  10. That was a foot for sure for almost all the triangle if it ran to the end of the event
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