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  1. KCRE is at 994MB. Isaias is around 990.
  2. Some interesting runs so far with the 18z models
  3. That’s a reporting station, KGMU.
  4. It is really struggling to warm up today
  5. I mean it has been sixty years since March 1960
  6. And on top of that, they have to live in Fayetteville
  7. I took the dogs out and we definitely have seen it pick up.
  8. Close to Winnsboro as well. I want to break that damned streak.
  9. We got anyone in Newberry SC? Looks like it’s close to snowing there.
  10. Are you north or south of 501? I’m gonna go look.
  11. I just noticed that too. It looked like half an hour ago that it had passed Winston and now it’s back built.
  12. I think Goldsboro is going to be the big winner.
  13. RDU has had moderate snow for the last 90 minutes.
  14. Neighborhood roads already getting slushy
  15. Already sticking to the grass around Hillandale Golf Course
  16. Noted a video from back home in Bessemer City where the snow is sticking there.
  17. BUT THE GROUND IS SO WARM. Snow is slowly increasing in intensity in Durham!
  18. FWIW,18z NAM ticked up with snowfall this run.
  19. Snowing on the west campus of Duke University
  20. I think it's a good sign. More evaporational cooling.
  21. New HRRR looked good for most of Meck Co