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  1. The dumbest playoff play call I’ve ever seen. RGEM would likely be close to a foot for almost every population center in NC. What a run.
  2. around Fayetteville and Clinton, yes. Not for much of anyone north of 64
  3. I should’ve been more skeptical of freezing rain at 23 degrees as modeled by some models.
  4. Canadian ensembles pushed their Tim hortons coffee and doughnuts to the center of the table
  5. I don’t think it can be mentioned enough that the MEAN for the euro ensemble has temps in the teens on Saturday Morning with heavy snow the NW triangle and the Triad.
  6. I’m gonna pick up a habit if we keep this going. Lord.
  7. I am becoming increasingly nervous for a devastating ice storm from Greensboro to Durham to Roxboro. It looks like nearly an inch of freezing rain QPF falls .
  8. Also, I just noticed that WBTV moved the mostly snow line to the other side of the Catawba River. Seems like a good trend for that 321 corridor to avoid a major ZR disaster
  9. Really think that is a super solid call
  10. Whatever snow QPF we can squeeze out, for once, we’re going to be efficient with it
  11. Looks like it's snowing at the Henderson-Oxford Airport and in South Hill, VA.
  12. Not sure where to put this but the 3K and 12K NAM have snow for the northern triangle/triad/VA border counties on Friday Afternoon.
  13. We had more freezing rain overnight. The fence was icy and so was my wife's car.
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