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  1. Why have the cells looked so poor in IL and IA? Nothing has the robustness of what we have seen in the MS Valley today
  2. It’s not Joplin. There were dead people laying on the ground everywhere
  3. No that’s June-August. Lol average high in May is still 83°. But then those summer months are 90+ daily with high humidity. It’s been a very warm March here however. We’ve hit 85 quite often, however Sun-Mon were 60° and cloudy. You have to remember CAD leads to us getting “wedged” quite a bit in early Spring
  4. Feel bad for Chicago, Detroit and Toledo who are mired north of the front due to convection and the Lakes. It’s 87° here in the Charleston area currently
  5. I wouldn’t be too let down by current conditions. This atmosphere will recover extremely quickly
  6. If anything this is proof that America's healthcare system is superior to Italy's. We have more cases and far fewer deaths
  7. One thing to consider is the almighty lakes. Typically it holds up advancing warm fronts, and I see no reason this is going to be different especially with precip and clouds ahead of the low
  8. Best setup I've seen in years for you guys. I would absolutely be driving from OH to IL if I still lived there but I digress. I'm REALLLLLYYYYYY impressed with lapse rates for tomorrow. While chasing would be cool, you have to take into account that there will be some giant hail tomorrow. This kind of explosive growth should aid supercell development tremendously, and bring strong downdrafts down leading to quite a few tornadoes. A sub-990 mb low and dry line is some serious stuff for this area. Promising but kind of terrifying considering the possibilities it may bring. Would not shock me to see multiple long track tornadoes tomorrow in IL leading into a fierce MCV-Bow Echo that blows through IN/OH
  9. This weather cannot make up its mind. Had all the windows open last night, put a little bit of a chill in the house when I woke up. Then tomorrow thru Sunday we'll have the AC on full blast
  10. The big problem with this in America is our first test did not work. That was the greatest failure by our country, we simply do not prepare in case the testing does not work. That's like showing up to the golf course without tees, lol it's unreasonable to predict that. I think this thing will be on the down turn by the end of April, everyone seems to be taking it seriously enough that it should flatten the curve
  11. Right. This isn't the Plains where you get extremely unstable atmospheres. 10 C°/KM is completely unstable correct?
  12. I imagine there will be a pretty nice outflow boundary laid down as well. Helicity levels are pretty darn high for today with a decent environment
  13. I think the warm air slows it down a bit, simply because UV light burns it off of outside surfaces and people are more inclined to naturally be distant from each other due to the nicer weather. Regardless right now I think we have a better chance of getting sick from these wild temperature swings, to go from 89 on Saturday, 61 yesterday and 59 right now is wild. Then Friday & Saturday we're right back at it making a run at 90.
  14. China is kinda both of those things sir. As a person in supply chain I can tell you right now it is easily a dictatorial-capitalist society which holds them back severely
  15. I'm saying people with lost incomes are going to be motivated to get out and rob people