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  1. This is why guys like Jim Cantore are so important. Too many folks are moving to these hurricane states and do not come close to understanding the violence of major hurricane. I’ve been through enough tornadoes and derechos to know you do not mess with 100+ mph wind
  2. Honestly maybe as bad as New Orleans, roads are usually impassable during high tide. Right now downtown is completely underwater
  3. To be honest something similar would decimate Charleston. This place is getting so overbuilt with much worse building codes than FL
  4. I like how it fully verified almost to perfection
  5. I picked a hell of a week to come to the Smokies eh? Honestly been looking like a hell of a wind event over SC as this thing interacts with that trough
  6. Have to almost wonder reading tweets from the USAF that we are not getting ideal data due to how violent this is. Dave Malkoff tweeted they dropped 1000 ft, had hail and dealt with extreme turbulence in the eye as well. At this point those guys are just trying to keep the plane in the air
  7. Interaction with that trough is key. Also great instability and helicity number should make for a solid tornado event as well.
  8. Dear Lord could you imagine!? I’ve seen enough “blobs” strengthen into small named storms over the last few years over that ocean current that runs east of Charleston, wouldn’t be shocked to see this restrengthen and organize before a second landfall
  9. Looking more and more like a Cat 1 will make landfall between HHI and CHS. The stronger this storm gets, the more strength it’ll have as it chugs through FL. It will be interesting to see how it takes on the very dry air in place north of FL, we essentially have a wedge front in place at the moment (high today of 73 with sun!) Just cannot underestimate the Gulf Stream and the very warm water in place offshore at the moment. It’s absolutely ripe for a little intensification just depending on how much time this thing can get offshore
  10. Well what worries me is a continued east track and the Gulf Stream. Absolute jet fuel for a weakening system as it goes back out over the water
  11. Definitely watching in Charleston. Wouldn’t be shocked to see even at Cat 1 run up in here
  12. Probably going to see a solid tornado event here across the South. Also 4-8” of rain across the Charleston metro area
  13. I swear the naming of some of these storms is questionable at best anymore. I feel like I could go out off Folly with some dry ice and swim in circles to get a named storm these days
  14. Not a great situation at all. 4-5 days from a possible major hurricane landfall and we don’t know if it’s going to head towards Pensacola or Tampa. Realistically if the Euro track wins out, it won’t be confirmed until we’re inside of 84 hours. Not much time at all
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