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  1. Wasn’t bad at all in the pool in my opinion. Upper level smoke was very noticeable out there though
  2. Looking at 97° today here in Charleston with a dewpoint currently of 78°. Since my move from the Midwest if this pans out that’ll easily be the most extreme heat/humidity I’ve had
  3. To be honest I really couldn't care about that lol. Moving from Ohio I'm saving hundreds a year by not having a heating bill so the difference is negligible. Also my electric bill isn't extreme by any means, we have a Nest and don't run the AC when no one is home
  4. I'm okay with below average if it's not rainy. If it's cloudy and rainy there's really no benefit because you're not spending time outside at all
  5. Showing some serious winds east of Eau Claire. I wouldn’t be shocked to see this thing start showing 100 MPH radar indicated within the hour
  6. Atmosphere just looks so ripe, even into the overnight hours. So much moisture and shear available for the expected bow echo that it should be able to absolutely roar tonight. Wouldn't be shocked to see even a strong tornadic spin up as well in that line.
  7. Hot damn expected some cool pictures of the smoke, not virology talk. It's a meteorology thread folks
  8. Watching with intrigue here this evening in Charleston. Would not be shocked to see some tornadoes
  9. Did downtown Jax just get hit by a tornado?
  10. Interesting to see that as well as Brian's post. Here we've had 15 90° days this season which is two less than last year to this point.
  11. I'd be curious to see what the records would be if we based it on average highs instead of average temperature. Would there be a difference?
  12. Was camping and noticed a lot of high clouds coming in so we headed back to the camper. I was able to use my parents radar (no smartphone yet) and when I saw that, oh boy. Some of the wildest winds I have ever seen.
  13. If I'm not mistaken Seattle broke their all time record by 8 degrees. That is insane
  14. Pretty tame out there to be honest
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