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  1. It’s been noticeable as well with the lack of humidity. Pleasant weather, but with this heat the ground is going to dry up very quick.
  2. Ole mother nature turned up the heat this week eh?
  3. 93° today here in Summerville. For the first time this year it feels like HOT
  4. Very disappointing to read. I've storm chased quite a bit growing up in Ohio with tons of open space and it really can be a fun time, just stay out of the precip and maintain a SSW angle to the rotation. This whole "zero meter" thing is absurd, tornadoes are big and can be viewed safely easily from 1-3 miles away
  5. 105 miles between IWX and CLE almost exactly
  6. Yeah looks like the inflow was undercut. They lucked out for sure
  7. Man that cell SW of OKC bears some serious watching. Absolutely ripe environment with instability & shear, plus LCL's lower once it gets to around I-35. If that mesocyclone can fully ramp up now...
  8. I’ve noticed significantly more SRH is to the east of these storms. If they don’t line up too soon, could see tornadoes shortly
  9. Wow, several strong tornadoes likely is quite ominous. I will say as someone who lives in South Carolina but grew up in the Detroit/Toledo area, it's amazing to see how stark the difference has been in weather between the Sun Belt and Northern US this season. Until the CONUS levels out a bit temperature wise I think we're going to have a rocky road to June. Overall I have to say I'm super impressed at how many setups have had terrific ingredients this year for intense/violent tornadoes
  10. I could see things absolutely going off about 5 hours from now. That's a very primed environment with an eroding CAP. Also if I'm not mistaken that low is deeper than modeled, already down to 994 MB in WC Kansas
  11. I would target Wichita tomorrow if I were out there. Seems like there's going to be enough lift tomorrow kick off some storms through that cap, and there is some serious wind aloft and moisture being pumped into the region with dews in the mid to upper 60s. I'd lean that late tonight/tomorrow morning we see a MDT risk as the ingredients in play do favor a strong tornado threat
  12. Only way to get this kind of heat in April is to pump it in up there
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