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  1. Crazy how nice it has been this October. Pretty much have had summer type weather from May-October this year, best golf game I have had in years
  2. I think the weirdest thing is how little time it has to hit that temp. Just crazy to see such warm temps with such short days
  3. It should be named the Great Red Spot for its endless loops in the Atlantic
  4. Mid 80s all week and sunny with lows in the low 60s. Literally perfect weather
  5. You can just see her ingesting all that cold, dry air from up here in the Midwest. Still this thing remains a hurricane which amazes me, on land for over a day and still at hurricane strength is incredible
  6. Harvey? Lol Charley went entirely over Cuba and strengthened from 100 to 145 in that spot in just 3 hours. That area is the ultimate hurricane truck stop
  7. However if this thing deepens in pressure as it hits warmer water it may very well keep the pressure gradient to offset for moving away from the Bermuda high
  8. I'm not sold yet. Gotta remember a hurricane is essentially a Carnot heat engine and those have an upper bound that cannot be passed. I'd be shocked to see it pass 190 but it's truly frightening that it may
  9. I don't see anyway this thing weakens before FL without a hit on Cuba. That water is like jet fuel to her west with little shear and dry air to speak of. IMO the NHC has to realize this thing is like Michael Jordan, it's going to do things nothing else has before
  10. Boy the US only chance is if this thing dives into Cuba. Other than that I don't see anyway this doesn't make landfall as a Cat 5 unless it gains latitude and hits GA/SC
  11. Is that what this is? Sky looks so weird
  12. Can't believe with an enhanced more people are not on here today. Could get some early turners when these storms develop
  13. Agreed. And what made Katrina so bad was the damn insane violence and looting happening after
  14. You think so? I tend to disagree, the response so far has been done as well as can be. Katrina was the ultimate game changer bc it gave the power to DC instead of having to wait thru a chain of command before moving in
  15. Yeah sadly with its late strengthening and massive flooding the death toll realistically will be in the hundreds. Remember Matthew claimed 47 lives last year and never brought wind ashore above 85 mph. The problem I really worry about is the duration, just like Katrina showed us, a rapid response is nearly impossible with catastrophic flooding and damage