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  1. I like this one going to Chicago-Metro Detroit for a solid hit. Pre-Christmas storms hooking out of the Panhandle are almost always a lock for the I-94 corridor and wouldn't be shocked if this follows suit. Looks like a dicey ice mix though that needs to be tracked
  2. Thank God my flight out is this morning and not tomorrow. Non stop to Vegas would be quite bumpy with those kinds of winds
  3. Oh absolutely. The tilt to this thing with that jet streak is providing plenty of forcing, anyone solidly in the band is going to see some serious totals. I really was shocked most didn't go WSW, especially with it being early season and mid weekday storm. Very dynamic system that can also pull from some warm water on the lakes, should be a solid hit
  4. Heavy sleet in NW Ohio currently. I think the lake enhancement is going to be quite a boost to the totals, especially for those east of I-75. My call is 3-4" for all places west of I-75 & 4-6" for all portions east. Currently the radar is essentially showing a blank yet the sleet is absolutely pouring to the point it looks like a mini hailstorm. Once this turns to snow as the band approaches it will be rip city
  5. Wow this thing is really getting a nice tilt to it. I am impressed at the wind coming out of the NE, absolutely howling out here. Can see this thing overproducing for sure as that 150 kt streak kicks in
  6. I really dodged a bullet not having to go to Schaumburg for work until Tuesday. Would've been the worst drive ever tomorrow
  7. I believe April 2016 was similar in being a massive FGEN band rolling thru SE MI and NW Ohio. Actually had a business trip rescheduled bc of this mess
  8. Those severe storms blew. Nice mammatus clouds on the back end though of the line
  9. I don’t hate our tornado chances here today. Maybe not the most likely but anything discrete is going to rotate
  10. Yeah with all the rain your summer basically didn’t start until June. Heck I’ve been swimming here in Columbus since the middle of May, it was noticeable on Memorial Day weekend in Toledo how fresh the leaves were
  11. This weather has been something as of late but looks like it’ll be back to the pool tomorrow with temps in the upper 80s. One thing I will say is this sun angle definitely makes it feel hotter than it is
  12. Helicities are fairly high this evening. Looks like the cap is in place but could be eroding and instability is fairly high. Honestly wouldn’t be shocked to see a potential tornado or two tonight, this isn’t a terrible setup
  13. Rain stayed away in Toledo and even sunshine is out right now. Liking the chances a little more