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  1. Well well things definitely trended up for me in NW Ohio! I really like the consensus of 4-6" here in Toledo
  2. 2011-12 was a lovely winter in my opinion. It does stink when the snowmobile and ice skates stay in the garage but the weather was beautiful and sunny which was a nice reprieve considering what was on the horizon. I think 2013-14 was honestly overwhelming, the constant snow and cold just wore you down. I do like snow, but 86" was too much for me
  3. I believe it is due to the abnormally dry air off to the east of the low. Typically the cold conveyor belt moistens as it flows under the warm conveyor belt when wrapping around a storm and dries off a bit turning into snow on the backend of a low. This is honestly a perfect CAD example as you can see how as this moves east it drops freezing rain/sleet all over the Apps
  4. It isn't here yet? Honestly one of the more mild winters I've seen temperature wise. Would not be shocked at all to see this be a backloaded winter though, it has all the hallmarks of that happening
  5. Yeah I guess there is that baby low sweeping through tomorrow. Regardless of accumulations, that is one heck of a shot of freezing rain/sleet that goes through Northern IL/IN/OH on the Euro Friday night-Saturday morning. That alone is enough to cause significant travel impacts
  6. It wouldn't shock me if this does trend south, typically in a loaded pattern your rule of thumb is storms keep going south of previous ones. Not always correct, but typically your cold is entrenched enough to kind of guide the low. If anything I don't like the dry air off to the east. It could eat into some snow totals a bit
  7. Well I'm going less on models, and more on actuality here. It may be a Colorado Low with a solid gulf stream of moisture, but there are three streams at play as always which can make a big difference on different sectors of the storm
  8. As I said earlier it is kind of weird to have such a strong high immediately to the Northeast instead of back to the west. What I do wonder with two of the three conveyor belts being drier air do you guys think it will lead to a colder and drier storm than is currently being modeled? My thoughts are that QPF is going to drop or be less than what is expected because of this
  9. Kind of wild to see the ridging that enforces the cold air ahead of this thing, should lead to quite a bit of CAD east of the Appalachians. Worries me quite a bit with moisture content, I know it has a solid flow out of the gulf but sucking cold dry air in from the Cold Conveyor Belt has me nervous, that moist air is key to heavy snow totals
  10. Hmm looks much better. Anything to give me a reason for working from home for a few days I'm here for. Classic 6-10" heavy snow event for this area at this point
  11. What is unacceptable about it? Reminds me of the line Joe Bastardi of Accuweather used to say, "Enjoy the weather because it's the only one you get." Regardless it is an ENSO neutral winter with temps running a little bit above average, not a solid La Nina delivering clippers like a automotive assembly plant. Wouldn't be shocked if February absolutely roars
  12. Not shocking after the extended cold seen in November and December that it’s mild from late Dec-mid Jan
  13. Wild storm. Snowstorm, then sleet, then line of storms followed by a monster front and a nice lake effect event. Weird storm
  14. It showed much deeper convection on the models than what we are seeing
  15. This really isn’t that shocking. Huge severe outbreak in the South robbed this thing of a lot of its moisture. I posted a few days ago about how it may rob the cold side of the storm and sure enough that’s what’s happening