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  1. Would see these quite a bit when I lived in the Great Lakes. Very cool to be honest, just would get the brief bursts of convection that was almost entirely hail.
  2. Good one. I will say though some of the reports of its climatic impacts are unreal in 1815. Most crops failing in North America, large summer snows, and such a thick layer of particulates in the atmosphere that sunspots were visible to the naked eye. Last years insane wildfires and saharan dust clouds gave us a few days with that sort of tint here in Charleston, it'd be quite the spectacle to see this for a whole year.
  3. Do you remember the 2010s? Hell I think it was 2014 that was dubbed the year without a Summer. Heck Toledo had Traverse City snowfall in one of those winters
  4. Hail could be a bit of a problem today with anything that fires with that dry air in the mid levels. Honestly not a bad setup for some damaging winds
  5. CAPE has came in much higher than originally anticipated. Heck at my house it's currently 90 with a dew of 68. Helicity is alright, but a fairly low LCL, decent shear and tons of energy are letting these things breathe and put down some damn good storms.
  6. Looks like it’s about to drop around Decatur
  7. Oh my God. It’s 11 miles from downtown
  8. Really? Honestly I’d put mask wearing at only about 50% right now at stores and even most waiters/waitresses have quit wearing them. Other than at stores and church services masks have pretty much left the South It’s almost non-existent in Florida at this point with the exception of the theme parks
  9. This is some damn weather. So so nice out
  10. Need to end all mask mandates nationally. I know I’ve thrown mine away. Vaccines are completely available now, quit protecting those who refuse to make themselves immune. Tired of this nation coddling people
  11. Dang, first 90 degree day for me this year down by Orlando