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  1. Tomorrow looks very interesting wherever that warm front sets up. Forcing isn't great but these setups can be oh so sneaky good
  2. Some rotation by Van Wert
  3. Nice little pocket down in Paulding and Van Wert counties of shear and instability. They're on their 3rd SVR T-Storm Warning today
  4. Very cool how you can see the updraft get choked off on TWC. Storm west of it looks damn good as well
  5. That cell looks like something pulled out of a textbook
  6. 350-450 m2/s2 on top of dews in the 70s and CAPE of 3000-4000. Holy mother of god that's a powder keg
  7. I believe Findlay received over 3". Eh we received our typical cut off low delivering brutally raw conditions. Last year there was the one at the beginning of June which kept temps in the 50s and flooded the heck out of Port Clinton. After such a warm February-April I guess a cold spike was to be expected
  8. Yikes not one day in the 60s for the foreseeable future around here. Brutal start to the month
  9. I'm shocked no one is talking about the severe chances here. Pretty good instability building in ahead of the shear in west Ohio. Crazy weather here currently as well 53° at my house in Perrysburg, 78° 30 miles south of here in Findlay
  10. Massive hail cores on those two severe cells north of Indy right now. LI's aren't that terrific but okay CAPE and terrific shear should give us a nice little event this evening
  11. That was me lol. Followed the cell to Arcadia and it basically had dissolved into a gusty shower by then. Still I wish I had left a little earlier as I was heading on 224 and would have easily gotten into that 1.5" hail if I were 10-15 minutes earlier
  12. Findlay cell looks like a heck of a hailer with a decent updraft. May have to head on down
  13. You got that right. Cell exploded out of nowhere and many of the cells look healthy off to the west of Ohio. Bulk shear numbers over NW Ohio are just awful at the moment, the only driver really is that strong westerly flow aloft
  14. I'll be interested to see if this AM line of storms sets up a boundary for this afternoons event to start from
  15. Should be a terrific day of chasing around here tomorrow. Will probably sit in Defiance and adjust based on where storms fire but guessing it'll be north of the border