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  1. What a night for the TN Valley. My goodness this has been a prolific three days
  2. Thanks for providing this synopsis. Seeing the thermals initially at the surface the environment seemed absolutely primed, but I was not thrilled at the mid levels. Interesting it was less lake influence and more warming in the mid levels.
  3. A late day lake breeze pretty much saved Toledo. Put one of those major tornadoes in metro Toledo, we would have had a very bad problem
  4. Clearly two tornadoes confirmed by radar here
  5. Definitely deserving of a moderate risk today. Hot take, the NWS being in Norman, OK comes with biases
  6. What’s your thoughts on the Paulding county cell? Some better shear and helicity off to the east may help it tighten up fully IMO
  7. It looks like the Ohio Turnpike is sort of the line. Decent amount of CIN in place at the moment in the mid layers. I think the cell around Paulding, OH could stay tornadic until around Bowling Green
  8. STP’s are very high in NW Ohio at the moment. That Indiana cell could explode as it heads east. Only caveat is that the air seems drier in NW Ohio
  9. East wind off the lake may put a lid on this for Toledo proper. Areas to the south though… That Ft Wayne storm looks legit
  10. Fremont, IN just was hit by a large tornado
  11. Headed to Bowling Green, Ohio to chase. Instability isn’t even high where those large tornadoes are at the moment either SPC should consider a MDT as well
  12. Man the atmosphere around Findlay is absolutely juiced at the moment. Serious ingredients in play
  13. I'm glad someone brought this up. I can't hate on the High risk because it was a very small area that had it. Moderate would have been fine but we did get a truly violent tornado that was long tracked.
  14. If the lunchtime line can put a nice boundary down, it may get pretty dicey this evening. Van Wert to Findlay would be an outstanding place from a chase perspective to scout out.
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