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  1. nwohweather

    April 2019 Discussion

    Definitely a nice week ahead for NW Ohio
  2. nwohweather

    April 2019 Discussion

    Yes sir.
  3. nwohweather

    April 2019 Discussion

    It happened a few years ago here in Toledo. Small band of snow rolled through Masters weekend, dropped 6-10”
  4. nwohweather

    2019 Short/Medium Range Severe Weather Thread

    I’ve thought about chasing but SE Ohio has to easily be the worst terrain in the state for it
  5. nwohweather

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    Really interested to see how this goes today. That amount of SRH should allow for some serious spinners today, especially with such good dews and a low LCL
  6. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    That's the one to watch. Per mesoanalysis it seems as all the CIN is gone with SBCAPE around 1000 and decent lapse rates as well. Honestly just a waiting game at this point but I'm shocked to not see a ton springing up
  7. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Not sure how there is no SVR warning for Angola, IN as that looks like a mean hailer
  8. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Cell definitely has the look to it. Environment has cleared up really well also
  9. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Helicity is absolutely off the charts here currently. If we can really get some instability to build it's going to be showtime
  10. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Yeah I'm not sure why people were already mailing it in. 5-730 looked like the prime window anyways
  11. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    It's still early. We have to see if any instability can build after this rain to the east before the front comes through. Models showing a decent amount building with pretty good shear and helicity readings so maybe something can come of it. Regardless I'm just excited for some warmth, any serve would be a welcome bonus
  12. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Will be interesting to see if we can get some activity in Northern IN with this sun coming out. Could be an interesting situation this evening
  13. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    Which is similar to the amount of CAPE that happened on that day. Morning rain is going to be the difference maker as usual
  14. nwohweather

    March 13th-14th Severe Weather

    So much of tomorrow will depend on just how much instability can develop. If there is a large amount of clearing though could absolutely see some low topped strong tornadoes flying through the region tomorrow
  15. nwohweather

    March 2019 Discussion

    Jesus it’s March and I’m still looking at below freezing temps until at least Friday. On a side note what a tornado outbreak they got down south today. Holy cow everything was spinning violently this afternoon on the southern side of this system