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  1. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Was this band supposed to sit over me like this? I’ve never been so out of touch with a snowstorm in my life
  2. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    No haha supervisor on a night shift
  3. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Boy this thread died quick. Holy smokes
  4. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Yeah if Toledo were to get 15-20” it for sure would be
  5. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    The relative weakness of the low is pretty perfect for this area, so often you see a panhandle hook just wreck Chicago and the western side of the lakes. But that combination with a powerful arctic high over the Northern Plains should keep this over this way. Still a 50 MB drop between the pressure centers should make winds fairly intense, and blizzard conditions likely in that defo band. This is my greatest worry for NE Indiana, lower MI, and NW Ohio. These are very rural areas that will be buried for around a week by 12-18”
  6. January 6-8 Snow/Ice/Rain

    Unknown is a good description of it lol. Was like a mixture of freezing rain or a very fine sleet, either way we had about 3" of just slush
  7. January 11-13 Winter Storm

    Did he go to Penn State? In college the meteorology teacher I had went there and told me this exact same thing. I’d have to imagine however the dry slotting and convection on the south side of a such a storm may cut model totals a tad. Almost always with these lows Toledo and it’s suburbs deliver, but the second you get east of the city it drops off fast. Could really be an event where you see that area off to the west that’s very rural shutting things down for potentially a week
  8. January 6-8 Snow/Ice/Rain

    Multiple counties in Nw Ohio under Level 3 meaning it is illegal to drive on roads except for interstates. Everything is heavily iced over
  9. January 6-8 Snow/Ice/Rain

    Moderate snow currently in Toledo. Pretty nice little event, school is for sure gonna be doubtful with it pouring down in the morning
  10. January 6-8 Snow/Ice/Rain

    I think it’s human nature honestly to underestimate WAA as it almost always happens especially considering the cold air that has been entrenched across the area for days
  11. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    Well for Toledoans the 13 day streak ends today setting a record. This winter has definitely came in roaring, albeit I’d like a little more snow
  12. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    Dang our wind chill just got down to -16°. Usually go to Port Clinton OH for the walleye drop, but I’m not standing out in below zero weather for a couple hours. Unless you’re skiing or playing hockey out it’s just oppressive outside
  13. December 2017 Discussion

    That stuff has to be like sugar
  14. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    Amazing what disruption the dust bowl caused this region in 1936. That was some serious cold before what would be a sweltering summer
  15. December 25 - ? Arctic Cold

    What’s interesting to me as I work a night shift job is we still are not getting all the way down to the dew point in that 2-7 am window for the big time lows. There have been many chances for -10 here in Toledo, probably will be recognized in the upcoming days