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  1. That cell west of OKC is wild. Moving in a completely different direction
  2. Meanwhile the Maumee River by my house is almost dry. Probably only a foot deep in the middle at the moment
  3. Definitely some worries for Bermuda here. The consistent active pattern in the CONUS has acted as a pretty good "block" for us here thankfully
  4. This was really well forecasted
  5. Looks like it’s been a rough day for my old stomping grounds
  6. Looks like a tornado and some serious wind in Cleveland proper last night. Also I'm curious to see storm ratings from that tornado in Michigan, it was quite violent for about 10 minutes there
  7. That big ole High Pressure there is playing some serious defense for the CONUS on the models
  8. Storms to the west of Toledo are starting to strengthen pretty quickly
  9. It did appear pretty violent at the time. And somewhat close to the radar too
  10. I think we’ve got one just south of the airport there
  11. Wow is this atmosphere unreal at the moment. You have CAPE approaching 6,000 j/kg toward the border with widespread STH values over 200
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