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  1. I heard about that! Guy had to be lifeflighted to St V's I believe. That downburst had hurricane force winds from BG to Oregon
  2. Breezy and cloudy means perfect conditions for the race later today. Can't believe all the rain essentially missed the Irish Hills of Michigan
  3. Lapse rate of 5.3 is considered stable since they must be between 6-10° c/km
  4. I do wonder if the amount of farmland in that area affects this temp in anyway. With the low height of the crops currently that ground has to be absolutely baking out there
  5. Amazing how fast your weather changes up there. 94/68 in Toledo currently
  6. How is radar coverage in this area
  7. Not the most impressive setup ever. I'm sick of these incredibly marginal setups
  8. As long as Fathers Day Weekend is nice. Don't wanna roast race camping
  9. Warned storm on the border has a pretty nice hail core to it. If it gets better organized within this higher CAPE area it may make a little bit of noise here
  10. Nice pocket of CAPE building here in NW Ohio, just need that shear to overlap the environment to get a nice little event here
  11. Holy radar hole there in southern MO. Didn't realize that
  12. Tomorrow looks very interesting wherever that warm front sets up. Forcing isn't great but these setups can be oh so sneaky good
  13. Some rotation by Van Wert
  14. Nice little pocket down in Paulding and Van Wert counties of shear and instability. They're on their 3rd SVR T-Storm Warning today
  15. Very cool how you can see the updraft get choked off on TWC. Storm west of it looks damn good as well