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  1. Quit talking about Ebola lol. Hell in 2015 is when Bill Gates gave his grave prediction on that TED talk. We weren't prepared and if you read the article I posted you can see that funding waned over time with the 2005 measures.
  2. Well said. That's a laughable comment. George Bush actually went to great lengths to set up the current system in 2005, but it became neglected in time by both the Obama Administration & then furthermore by the Trump Administration. It's actually aggravating in hindsight that was not followed through, reading up on this they had a really good plan and even presented it to the NIH. But alas funding was not there to sustain it. George W. Bush in 2005: 'If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare'
  3. To be fair Ebola is far less contagious than this. That's really the issue, contact tracing is very possible with something like that where you catch it from direct contact with a sick individual. This is spread airborne by asymptomatic people. That is the truly terrifying thing about this illness
  4. No lol, but come on do you really think small towns are going to abide by this? I realize I probably grew up in a more rural area than most here, but I doubt any true lockdowns will be followed through. I do have a serious scientific question on this, does anyone really think that anything other than herd immunity will work here? If you look at the Spanish Flu & Russian Flu (which is believed to be a coronavirus as well) most studies I have read agree that it was herd immunity which brought it to a final end. Honestly does anyone think there is another outcome other than a vaccine which is mandatory for all Americans to take that will solve this issue? Even if a vaccine comes out tomorrow, you'd have to set it up so everyone in America takes this vaccine within a 4-5 month span to prevent any re-infection. And then this will probably need to continue for years to come similar to a flu shot. IMO I find the implementation of a solution here to be incredibly difficult & almost not feasible.
  5. You won’t have another hard lockdown bc there’s 300 million firearms in the country. Also does it even matter at this point? Most spread is occurring from cookouts, events like wedding, hangouts at this point. People have adjusted from going to bars and public events to hanging out with friends regularly. That’s aiding this thing
  6. Between murder hornets and ol rona we’re in for a rough few months here
  7. Yes DTA I was not talking about the race riots & protests. I swear sometimes this forum at times gives NASCAR a run for its money and how much it goes left.
  8. Bingo! This is the thing I fully never understood, while our country basically shut down for two months the protesting really shocked me. People en masse lost it, and politicians said I agree to garner votes. I don't get the anti-mask thing at all, just like the anti-global warming hate. You can accept these scientific truths and still say screw it and not wear one or buy an F250.
  9. Yeah not the most interesting place for a winter lover. Not to get too off topic but I so far have really loved it. Best climate I’ve ever been in. The humidity is insanity from June-August but today it’s 85/65 and after swimming & boating all day I’m sitting by a fire at the camper in a t shirt and shorts watching UM/Minnesota play with everyone bundled up lol. I’ve lost 15 pounds since moving from Ohio just due to being outside and active physically so much more since leaving the Midwest. Everyday I either walk 9 holes, swim, kayak or bike 8 miles
  10. They also drove cars with Northern license plates haha. I’m sorry I live in a place now that people from the Midwest wish they did, and love visiting
  11. How is any of that political? The tourism spike was a real thing this summer. Should’ve seen the amount of Yankees hats and Ohio State/Michigan ones on without a mask. Once the summer ended our numbers went down quite a bit with the exception of college campuses.
  12. Well we’re taking it more seriously in the South. It’s states like Michigan and Ohio where the real spikes are happening. Honestly glad you guys aren’t vacationing here en masse anymore to spread this throughout the Lowcountry
  13. https://rt.live As you can see the Southern states are quite low currently on R0 compared to Western and Midwestern states. But please keep putting your political opinions above scientific data. Is this a Donald Trump account?
  14. What are you talking about? The last few pages have been nothing but talk of how the numbers are spiking in the Northern states
  15. Nor should it. These are the people of this country driving this. I’m tired of the government and all these people complaining about the government. Honestly I’m just glad bartenders and waiters are able to make decent money again. Let’s just be honest, the vast majority of people are over caring about this. Quite frankly I give my company kudos for keeping their work from home rules. It does show discipline