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  1. Some chances upcoming this week. Instability is pretty measly though
  2. I’m shocked there isn’t more discussion on here. Some big dog twisters tonight south of St Louis
  3. If these things stay discrete for a little while before lining up, tomorrow is going to be very interesting. Other than maybe a little more sunshine, you've got a recipe that'd make Bobby Flay jealous tomorrow. LCL's crazy low, tons of bulk shear, high SRH, and ample CAPE. I'd go MDT if I were the SPC though, ample instability is a solid guarantee of a widespread outbreak regardless of what the storm mode will be
  4. Damn. Literally half of my high here. Love the hard transition season in this country
  5. Just absolute high risk potential here with this one. Summer airmass + dynamic late October low is not a combo you wanna mess with
  6. You know, my family from Ohio did not honestly believe me that ocean temps were as warm as they are. Took them over to Folly and the water temp was 83, was just a look of pure shock. Even right now it's still 74° out there. Very swimmable this weekend
  7. But then I’d lose my tan haha! In all honesty the weather down here is wonderful, but man is it uneventful so I follow your threads and FaceTime my family whenever a severe storm or snow storm hits. Right now we’re in a pattern of 75/50 every day with low humidity and sunshine which is pretty tough to beat
  8. Boy, it's nice to see everyone is getting along in the Great Lakes region...
  9. I will say it's been noticeable how warm we're staying this year in the Lowcountry. I'm keeping the pool good until at least Halloween, giving me about a 7 month swimming season. I don't see us dipping below 70° highs until then
  10. Ahhh it’s Fall in the Lowcountry!
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