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  1. Unreal model run on the Euro showing a ridge building a week out from today. Widespread 70s from Texas to South Carolina. Have to admit I’m torn, on one hand I’m loving these wide open golf courses, on the other hand it’d be awesome to wear shorts again
  2. I thought it worked the other way. All us Ohioans move here
  3. Agreed. The weather is only truly interesting here March-April and watching hurricanes. The temperature swings are wild as well as the threat of tornadoes
  4. Wild to see now back to back snowstorms in South while this area remains quiet. Current models showing Texas thru Mississippi getting noticeable snowfall with the next one
  5. I get it, but at the same time the only true preventable measure is to not see your grandparents until this is over, only go to work or school, do not shop other than for essentials, and no friends or family until this is over. To me that is absolutely wild. You can consider it selfish, but I refuse to live in total isolation until this is over. Now I’m not being a dumb MAGA, hoaxer about it, but at the same time I’m not afraid of eating out or hanging out with friends either. If that’s selfish then so be it, but having to work from home is already pretty tough isolation wise. Anymore I think would be overwhelming mentally
  6. The moisture on the models always seemed to outpace the cold air. Combine that with the daylight, and you’re going to have problems. At the end of the day this was always supposed to be a more convective Friday night event than stratiform snow like what is typically seen in Northern states. I’d expect some places to absolutely score tonight, but never was overly optimistic for anywhere east of 321 and south of I-40
  7. Have a buddy that lives there. Pays $450 a month more than I and I’m 20 mins from the ocean lol
  8. Also did anyone notice the Euro tries to make some LES on Lake Wateree. Interesting little feature to watch
  9. I have to say I’m beyond happy to have a legit thread in the region I now call home. With that being said I’m not overly optimistic on any real accumulations once you get to Charlotte. It just appears the cold air is not entrenched enough with this and lags behind before this becomes almost convective snow. I noticed that GSP has even hinted at possible thunder snow which makes sense with the forcing aloft. Looks like a solid shot for Gatlinburg, Asheville & over to Winston-Salem. Would be a good weekend to ski in Eastern NC.
  10. Yeah not an ideal weather pattern. To be fair though, the first 15 years of this century was mostly awesome, record setting winters. A few down ones is to be expected
  11. Other than medical personnel, this whole choosing who gets it first is dumb. Give as many shots as possible & make the population immune. That protects everyone quicker than what is happening now, which essentially is a cluster. I really don’t like that many medical professionals are refusing the shot, it’s like meteorologists on different local networks giving massively different snowfall totals. Who the heck do you believe?
  12. As much as I love weather, what a depressing forecast. Visiting for 2 weeks it’s quite a shock to the system how cloudy and dreary this time of year is in the Midwest. You forget what it’s like to go days without sunshine, something that almost never happens here in Charleston. Also that’s why snowstorms in general are awesome. You get the splendor of a storm, and then frigid sunshine behind it for days typically which is perfect for winter sports like pond hockey and cross country skiing.
  13. Man there’s always been wackos. Look at instances like the Oklahoma City Bombing, it was inspired by conspiracy theories stemming from Ruby Ridge and Waco. What I find fascinating is the discrepancy in medical opinions on a personal level. I have nurse friends who talk about this as the plague, and then my neighbor who is a neurologist with a degree from Vanderbilt says this whole thing is “extremely overblown” and that it’s nothing more than bronchitis to anyone under 60 that does not have a compromised immune system
  14. Good post. 7x deadlier than the flu is pretty wild, but with how fast it goes to pneumonia it doesn’t shock me. They’ve really gotta get the vaccines going now. As I’ve posted before, herd immunity is the only way to actually beat an epidemic which has happened throughout human history. With the virus constantly mutating and this new more contagious strain, it’s obvious we have to stomp this out as quickly as possible. I’m glad to see Pres-Elect Biden showing more urgency than the current admin, hope it happens when he actually takes office
  15. It’s 80° and partly sunny at my house right now and I am spending the holidays with freezing rain haha awesome