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  1. Nice little shot for mid Michigan here tomorrow. I'd bet on cementitious 1-3" north of the Detroit burbs
  2. Always happens this time of year. Models want to run it flatter and more progressive, then as we get closer the storm trends considerably more north. Definitely would like the snow chances better for Michigan if this were more of a night time event, between the strong WAA and daytime it’ll be tough to accumulate
  3. It’s November. You’re always going to have a serious NW shift once sampling occurs
  4. Wasn’t much downtown either. Toledo is all rain. Still nothing topping the Halloween 1” whiteout yet
  5. Definitely had that great Dixie Alley hook to it, but as usual overcrowding of storms put a lid on things
  6. I just can't help but think that dry/warm conditions in November are going to lead to wet/cool conditions as we swing into DJF. Overall though I think we have to admit the CONUS has not been overly volatile compared to stretches we've seen in the 21st century which probably is not a terrible thing considering the prolific tornado seasons & winters that we've been hit with in the past 23 years
  7. It's been a pretty quiet second severe season compared to the last few years (looking at you 2021). If a supercell can avoid all the crowding later this afternoon there's definitely the threat of a strong tornado. Some solid ingredients in play across LA
  8. Not with that attitude. I'm trying to help with my pickup truck but these emissions anymore are too low
  9. Not a bad season all in all with 7 hurricanes & 3 big dogs (especially Lee). One thing I find very interesting is that while it seems the ability for hurricanes to rapidly intensify is increasing, it appears that it's becoming harder for anything not in the GOM to hit the US. In a warming world where we're probably seeing more "storminess" you've got more opportunities to deflect systems coming from the Atlantic.
  10. Hoping we can see some rain this week. NW Ohio may be running a pretty stark drought as we dive into Winter
  11. Looks like a weak clipper rolling through this week. Very interesting to say the least
  12. Van Wert County is likely the busiest, it’s a small town so going off the county is your best bet.
  13. I'd like to be able to ice skate outside this year. I haven't been able to in years
  14. With that kind of storm track you're going to have that. I used to live in Dublin so I can certainly relate to seeing Delaware getting certainly more of the brunt. I always think a good measuring stick for Ohioans is to realize that Van Wert is the tornado capital of the state. It's because of the usual storm track we see in Ohio
  15. Columbus is a surprisingly mild place. It makes sense though, there really are not many storm tracks that make their way into Columbus. Miller C’s and clippers are really the only way they see accumulations
  16. Jesus, Hurricane Andrew level strength right at Acapulco. I cannot imagine what the damage is there
  17. Eh late October and early November have had some prolific events
  18. I’d argue as well that the general public cares more about actual accumulation than whether or not there is a warning
  19. I think also many of our perceptions are skewed on what a true winter should be because of how many heavy snow winters we’ve had this century. Toledo’s had the 1st, 3rd and 5th snowiest January’s; 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th snowiest February’s. While we’ve only had a few bitterly cold winters, it all comes down to an active pattern in those two months
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