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  1. If there’s one thing I miss, it’s pond hockey. Just an awesome time
  2. 100%. It’s easy to love the GFS and it’s over amped solutions though
  3. I have to say it’s quite something to go from basically April/May weather to true winter conditions
  4. Feel like I’m back in Ohio tonight. 20° with football on and cold Coors
  5. Pretty cool to see the amount of snow up in NC. What a wacky year with back to back snowstorms through the South
  6. Just feels like a hard wish cast map. Hard to expect these results out of such a weak low
  7. Definitely could see some accretion on Friday night here in Charleston, but it'll be so difficult with today's warm weather I think for things to get too dicey around here. If anything I think the "re-freeze" opportunities on Saturday night could create more challenges than the actual freezing rain event itself, inland temps around the Charleston metro will probably dip below 20!
  8. It will not be huge because we're still days out, not really even in Winter Storm Watch range. From the looks of it though, seems like one hell of an ice storm for the Carolinas
  9. 0.0" but lol currently flying back. A little bit coming into DC
  10. Hearing from people that Cleveland is basically immobilized at the moment from the storm
  11. Textbook storm with a rapidly deepening low underway. Should see about a 10 mb drop over the next 6-10 hours which is going to make this thing absolutely rip. Hopefully sleet doesn’t impact snowfall totals but it’s a definitely possibility if this thing trends further west
  12. Yeah I believe they got around 20” in the Superstorm
  13. Greenville, Spartanburg and especially Asheville are getting smoked here and Charlotte is going to have one hell of a gradient. Still think snow totals are going to come in a bit higher than the models suggest with that cold air aloft, it won’t be all concrete
  14. High pressure weakens a bit and slides east while the main low deepens from 1000 MB to around 990 MB in 12 hours. Of course it’s going to go hard poleward during that time, and it’s steered by the high as well
  15. Combined with the wind & mostly cold temps the following few days after, this is definitely a no bueno event for Charlotte
  16. Just seems so hard for this to not pan out for the folks in West and Middle TN. Low is on a perfect track from Birmingham to Myrtle Beach before running up the coast to just slam the Tennessee Valley and Apps
  17. I'm curious of why the forecasts are so much lower than what models are showing. Predicting more sleet/low rates?
  18. Man this snow is going to come fast and heavy. Looks like Greenville & Asheville get 4-8" in the matter of 6 hours. Big winners look to be the Nashville metro though, 12-18" is a solid forecast to be honest at this point which is insane to even think about
  19. Well look at the model runs here today... That's a Charleston-Raleigh path for the low and only a drop of a few millibars in that time stretch. Wouldn't shock me at all to see this as we get closer to the event get a tad stronger, more westerly in its track
  20. Honestly wouldn't shock me if this eventually is the track. Probably will be closer to Columbia but still it's not that far away
  21. I'd feel really good if I were in Greenville, Winston-Salem & especially Asheville. Charlotte & Raleigh are going to have an absolute mess on their hands with the 3-5" of concrete that falls here. Regardless, I'd get groceries now because most of NC & VA is going to get shut down by this storm
  22. These model runs are pretty amazing, especially on the Euro. Honestly with that powerhouse high to the north I'm shocked it isn't going further south. Definitely a very strong storm to say the least, a 10 mb drop in 6 hours is some legit stuff. From 1005 mb over Birmingham to 978 when it's over CT shows just how dynamic this system is. I'd feel confident if I'm in Chattanooga, Greenville & Asheville, and somewhat worried in Charlotte & Raleigh. With the moisture transport & pressure gradient this has all the looks of a serious snow machine
  23. If you compare the GFS & Euro the Eastern US is pretty similar, high pressure placement almost identical and only 4 MB difference. However the GFS is showing major difference to the west, the high over ID is considerably weaker on the GFS and it's bringing a low pressure into the Pac NW about 12 hours sooner. Just seems to be one of those solutions that until we get to sampling will produce some wild differences as there's so many pieces of energy throwing the models off. It's my opinion that the GFS is clearly not handling this well
  24. One of the greatest spreads I’ve ever seen. GFS deepens into arguably a blizzard with a monster 12-18” swath meanwhile the Euro has a 1-3” special from Aiken to Wilmington. I will say I worry about how amped the GFS is throughout this storm, shows almost a foot of snow when this thing is back in Omaha & Des Moines. Euro is probably the more realistic solution at this time
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