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  1. Definitely wasn’t an all time day but still we’re at 17 tornadoes for the day and more than likely an EF3 east of Columbus AFB
  2. Wow look at the form on this one west of Natchitoches. Great environment as well with ample instability
  3. To me it almost looks like even though the storm mode is messy there is simply such good dynamics everything is going to spin as much as it can. I’m interested to see if anyone can get a pic of that Bassfield tornado
  4. If the storm mode could clean up a bit today could get really dicey, they all have that look for sure but no clean inflow at this time. Watching the one south of Jackson closely
  5. Would we be able to merge threads as this is sort of a cross regional situation?
  6. Jesus, essentially a 4/27/11 redux on that model, just a state to the left
  7. Now saying this... "Multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms -- some capable of long-tracked tornadoes with EF3+ damage potential -- will be possible this afternoon into tonight over parts of the lower Mississippi Valley region and Mid-South." Two things that really stick out to me is the lapse rates (pretty high for the mid South) and very high SRH. You're going to see some strong updrafts over there today with quick storm motions, just a perfect combo for long track tornadoes.
  8. I’ve noticed this too. To be fair my western Ohio self has seen too many tornadoes and derechos to not love severe weather. What concerns me with this event is you have a strong deepening low giving us a jet that is going to be absolutely howling. As long as lapse rates don’t get too bad we could see some serious tornadoes tomorrow
  9. Dear God it's 72° at my house right now, my body may shut down As I mentioned before I wouldn't be shocked to see something to 2017 where it was a clipper train for the 1st half of the month and had a few snowstorms on the back half. Heck on the 28th we got down to -8° at Toledo Express
  10. December 2017 was anything but lame in my opinion
  11. That's weather for ya right though? It's just a big balancing act and what goes up must come down. If you get a period of below average weather chances are you'll get above average soon
  12. It seems like November keeps paying off more and more on a yearly basis with good snows
  13. Hell of a change since noon today. Temp was 63° with a few of 63°, now we’re sitting at 73°/73° with an E wind
  14. Looks like we finally have rotating cells beginning to come onshore. Also the water is pretty high as we head to low tide here in Charleston, I worry this evening as we head for another high tide at 9 PM that we have quite a bit of inundation as the beaches are really worked over from Ian already. Looks like a giant excavator rolled through
  15. Great read by the NWS Marquette on the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald and the storm system itself. https://noaa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=858309daa74f4e6ebf81f32d128f7ed8
  16. Crazy to see the differences in the major models. Around 100 hours out and it’s a near 30 mb difference in strength between the Euro and GFS. Also the Euro is showing a slightly stronger blizzard for the Northern Plains with its center being in the Dakotas and not Nebraska. Too much uncertainty for Florida with not a lot of time left on the clock here
  17. Yeah they planted those awhile back to help with soil erosion and actually as a revenue generating stream for the park itself when they get harvested. I agree with you that Oak Openings is a gem, and the prickly pear cactus found around the park is so damn cool. The place I got is about 10 mins east of there. We're still hitting 80 every day here still so I definitely feel that. Not a bad way to enter November while the Western US gets much needed snow & rain
  18. Amen to that man! Maple trees put on a hell of a show in the Fall. Is this taken at Oak Openings?
  19. I haven't had winter since March of 2019 really so it'll hit me like a ton of bricks, still running the AC down here even. Not to go too OT but I'm somewhat glad, the CoL has gotten out of control with remote workers flooding the region to the point that Novi would be a cheaper suburb in Charleston.
  20. Have to move back to the Ann Arbor office. Rooting for record warmth this winter
  21. That cold air is definitely entrenching itself pretty early on this year, interesting to see that battle where really the SE coast is holding on to the heat but the GL/NE/KY/TN are getting pretty down there temp wise
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