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  1. sub forums came in and ruined it. Hope those folks are happy. Shout out to all the NE folks who kept it above board for the most part over the last 4 months. This is an embarrassing take. Posters from this subforum shitted up discussion regularly.
  2. I'm a little bothered by that indiana serology survey that you posted a week or two ago. The results of the study showed 1.1 % with antibodies and another 1.7 % with active infections as of 4/29. It appears they divided the dead at of the end of the study, 1099, by 2.8 percent of the indiana population. I think that's flawed methodology. It takes like two weeks on average to die from symptom onset...if they wanted to included active infections than they ought to have lagged the ifr calculation and included deaths that occurred at least week or two after 4/29.
  3. Closing in on 80 today. Smashed the record of 74. Edit: We actually set the all time May record here.
  4. Yeah me too, hard for me to get excited about hockey lately.
  5. Hockey is inside too. Probably more risky than a football stadium.
  6. Idk man. Get some home weights lol. Gyms seem like a ripe place for big virus spread. Its why their last in NYS, more risk.
  7. Seems a bit fudged but Im sure you guys well take it lol.
  8. The decision at the time was not based on scientific guidelines, but people's behaviors are still driving lower transmission rates. I hope that all these places, both open and closed have been using their time wisely to gear up and increase testing and tracing capacity for the next wave of infections.
  9. It attracts a million people/year. It's not happening.
  10. There's no pwat connection on the ecmwf for that time. Interesting though.
  11. The 50s wind records in NL are also super high. I've suspected measurement error.
  12. Sorry about the gas. We knew this was a risk.