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  1. It actually was kinda more dangerous being a kid or a women back then up through the 80s. Serial killers kinda ran unchecked without DNA solving and kid disappearances weren't treated as a serious thing. And the murder rate was considerably higher.
  2. Let's care about the girl who literally has no power instead of the people who in charge of our govt who could actually be doing something about it. The ones who are dismantling the epa and rolling back pollution standards?
  3. Everyone here knew it was cold in ak. The typical public doesn't give a shit how warm or cold it is there.
  4. You have no idea what each individual does to curb their footprint. You assume that people who care about it do nothing. What are you doing about the things that you've told us you care about more? You getting gangs off the street?
  5. Thank god it's been a bit closer average in the us as of late. Now what about the other 200 or so countries?
  6. Go read Joe b chris Martz and ryan m if you want to hear about every patch of cold on the earth's surface. I mean ****. Congress takes a ton of money from oil and anti agw business interests and they gut the epa and science funding and I never hear a peep from you about any of it. It's always about the big bad media.
  7. The arctic has been warm than normal for years man. This isn't even debatable.
  8. Victoria and vancouver have been relatively snowy too.
  9. Sorry I misread this. Yes I bet it's been snowy there. It's not typically that snowy of a place.
  10. It's the rainiest city in mainland north America I believe.
  11. Ketchikan is in the se rainforest. It's not even that snowy compared to areas further north.
  12. Nah. I knew what you meant. ****ing around.
  13. I think everyone agrees that ak people are tough