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  1. There was no reason to backoff the amounts in niagara and orleans county today anyway.
  2. In terms of the anomalies? I thought they a looked a bit warmer the modest WAR there, nothing catastrophic.
  3. You literally panic every other day. Im not convinced you're here to learn.
  4. He can't show the weeklies so he's showing analogs that look like the weeklies in the week 5 and 6 range. I think his analogs look warmer than the actual weeklies but whatever.
  5. There was a touch of freezing drizzle reported in London, Ontario and northward for the past few hours. Looks like a pocket of dry air between the north and southern shortwaves near 700-800mb. I don't think that will be an issue farther west, but something to keep an eye on.
  6. I thought the original map was overdone, but I think this map underdone. I was thinking 7 to 10 for BUF, north BUF, Tonawanda etc., 4 to 7 buf for downtown BUF lackawanna/OP area (central Erie) with areas of 10-14 inches on the escarpment of Niagara and Orleans Counties.
  7. I think it's a bit of shear playing havoc with band placement/consolidation.
  8. Haha maybe that's true. Break out the run game.
  9. Meanwhile its 64 today in st johns...warmest temp ever in December.
  10. Man Peterman can't catch a break lol. Should be a fun game.
  11. When did u move to philly to care about the aam?
  12. That clipper/Miller b system has trended stronger on the latest guidance for Monday/Tuesday. Some potential for a decent event there.
  13. Yep. Late start for sure. Not worried. Still think most things are stacked in our favor overall.
  14. Loves that NC to ME will have more snow on the season than yyt lol.
  15. BUF is 57% going back to 1893. Ill have to check yyt in the next week to see what it would be. My guess is the number is similar.