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  1. It did yesterday. But yeah not sure if it always makes it.
  2. Fairly soon I think. Next hour or two.
  3. Theres always a big late dump of ny fatalities...
  4. About 34k positive today on covid tracking. 216k tested which is by far the most so far.
  5. France and UK have tested less than us, I wouldn't say it's unique. The problem is we're testing so late. It's not really all that helpful right now except as a diagnostic.
  6. This is a perfect environment to consolidate power and he's not doing that, if anything, he's been a bit too hands off lol.
  7. Trump isn't a dictator, just incompetent.
  8. Most of the world doesn't have accurate covid testing numbers, it's not a uniquely American problem. I believe our fatalities.
  9. That's some nice asymmetric warfare right there.
  10. Yes, I'm aware of backlogs, and difficulties in reporting home deaths and nursing home deaths while all this is going on. That's a completely different thing than hiding fatalities.
  11. I don't think anyone's fudging the reported numbers from our side or most of the western world, come on man. Our intelligence community is also reporting that the Chinese numbers are not accurate.
  12. I guess I don't agree with nearing and half as being the same thing. Yeah it will take a week or so to catch up to them. Doesn't do as much for you now as it did a month or two ago, unfortunately. We also have a really high positive test rate meaning we aren't even close to finding all the instances of disease.
  13. We're around half of SK per capita. 4097 per 1M vs. 8021 per 1M.
  14. I'm still convinced that SK's 1.74 percent is a good representative case fatality rate, especially in the absence of ventilator shortages. The outbreak there is has been ongoing for awhile, allowing most patients to continue through the course of disease. Ongoing new infection and fatalities are very low and positive tests are only occur in 2 percent of all tests. I guess we still don't technically know the "attack" rate. Maybe only a subset of the population will actually get infected. The positive test rates in many of the hard hit countries are too high so the CFR in those places seems inflated.
  15. I'm pretty sure the yearly flu burden is done much in the same way.