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  1. There was a lot of strikes near Welland early this morning with the superband, none on BUF/IAG side that I saw.
  2. Highest report I can find so far is 17.3" in Kenmore 0.3 ESE Cocorahs.
  3. It was, but it doesn't agree with the Cocorahs gauges this morning. There was an hourly report of almost 1" of liquid.
  4. Pretty convinced the niagara escarpment will end up the winner overall. The banding there lingers longer than anywhere else.
  5. There probably will be a blizzard right at the lakeshore. I've seen that in Oswego when I lived there too but from what I've seen BUF wouldn't issue a blizzard warning unless the conditions were more widespread than that. This storm doesn't have really cold air and high pressure on its nw flank to get really strong winds during the heaviest snowfall.
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