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  1. " Near-shore escape routes and secondary roads washed out or severely flooded. Flood control systems and barriers may become stressed. 9 feet or more of inundation is possible outside the hurricane protection levee on the east bank and for almost of all of the west bank except for areas near the Mississippi River. Overtopping of the east bank hurricane protection levee is possible. Life threatening inundation is possible" Don't recall the last time they mentioned overtopping is possible.
  2. Wasent it last year everyone was calling for a Sub900 storm only have the first drop record 928? Eta, Iota one of those.
  3. This seriously made me laugh
  4. BS they are so well rehearsed with contraflowing I10 they can do it in their sleep.
  5. The NHC hinted at this wind field expansion with the 5am advisory.
  6. In a way this is even worse. Dauphin Island Alabama is the most storm surge prone location in the country. Even a Cat 1 surges the water on the west end to a level they have to close the only access road for days. A Cat 4 would cut that island in half... Again.
  7. Keep in mind with all this concern about New Orleans that several different projects were completed after Katrina. Together they are suppose to mitigate what happened in Katrina. The Lake Borne protect constructed several flood gates to 16 feet above sea level and the Seabrook Floodgate project has been finished. I am not sure any of it has had a real test yet. It doesn't help that the moment a lot of it was finished they discovered it was sinking and flood gates built to 16 feet don't sound like much with a Cat 4 or 5. Either way that city needs to begin evacuations today. Activate the National Bus Contract and get people in low lying areas out of there. I don't have much faith in any leader there considering they left a dead man visible in a collapsed building for 6 months. They kept hanging tarps to cover him and those kept blowing away leaving the guys legs all exposed again while Segway companies ran tours for those to take pics of him.
  8. I spent 10 years active duty USCG. We appreciate the props.
  9. Not only that. It beat last years record for the earliest 5th named storm. That's def notable.
  10. Lol always been here. Just never had much to add. I guess I finally took the advice a few of you had been offering for several years that I should read more and post less. I mostly come here to follow Josh's exploits. But on the rare occasion might chime in with something no one really cares about or wants to hear. For old time sake. Anywho, hope all are well. Even Trixie.
  11. These things have been a nightmare. On no less than 4 different occasions I have had one hitchhike into the bedroom on my clothing. I'll be all under the sheets and all of a sudden one of these starts screeching. The last time I began punching it trying to kill it. I don't even know if this is possible but I almost beat myself to death trying to kill it.
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