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  1. NWS Anchorage confirming that Thompson Pass Alaska recorded 15" of snow in 90 mins for a brief intensity rate of 10" per hour yesterday. I am super curious if this may be a new US record. The highest intensity rate I have ever seen confirmed has been from a Lake Effect band at 4-5" per hour.
  2. Nate

    I am pretty sure Pensacola pier has a live stream and the Dauphin Island sea lab may have another.
  3. Nate

    Some of the cloud tops are almost off the scale at this time. Def trying to get its act together now. My in laws live in Mobile on the coast. One thing to note with Dauphin Island Alabama is even a 2 foot storm surge can inundate the populated West end of that island. In fact, 24 hours before Katrina even hit, the inundation was already underway. That island is probably the worst location for hurricane storm surge. Starting with Hurricane Danny in the late 90s and through Cindy, Ivan and Katrina, the gulf side lost several hundred feet of beach and the bay side gained several hundred. The last time I was there, houses stood on stilts out in the middle of the GOM with not a bit of land under them. Meanwhile the bay side of the island had piers that stopped 200 or more feet from even the high tide line. Some of this is likely the result of Sand Island just offshore migrating towards and now connecting with the main island. That appears to have dramatically altered the transport of silt and sand out of Mobile Bay so it is a lost cause protecting the West end of that island now.
  4. Hurricane Maria

    That 25mb drop in pressure is insane. I am not sure even Patricia intensified at that pace.
  5. Hurricane Maria

    I thought about that as well. And those numbers do not reflect Cat 4 hurricanes that became Cat 5. But the satellite era almost certainly plays a roll in numbers.
  6. Hurricane Maria

    Was the lowest pressure 964 on that last pass?
  7. Hurricane Maria

    An interesting note on Cat 4 intensity. Doing a little hurricane background this morning. Between 1951-1975, 23 hurricanes reached Cat 4 intensity. Between 1976-2000, 24 hurricanes reached Cat 4 intensity. From 2001-present, a whopping 21 hurricanes have already reached that intensity.
  8. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    The promotional opportunity for that door company!! Good lord!!
  9. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    I think there is something else going on there. A pressure of 892 would absolutely transfer sub 900 or around there 60 miles away.
  10. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    How was the 1935 hurricane not lower than that?
  11. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    The last time this happened was 1915.
  12. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    I have said this before. Emergency Managers and Meteorologist no longer warn about the weather as a primary job. Their primary job since Katrina has been to manage unrealistic public expectations.
  13. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Reed just Tweeted he can see the lightning in the eye wall from his position in Key West.
  14. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Yea Collier County about 9am or so.
  15. Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    HUH? There were two this morning alone.