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  1. lol......I do agree with that guy though......the core of winter is literally a limited number of weeks that can go by so quickly.....a bad break here and a bad one there and you're cooked......we could yet have a biggie in the coming weeks and this winter could still come in average but we've lost the chance for a special one which is all we want here......a special one is one that delivers every week from Thanksgiving to Easter......mostly refreshing deals that keep the pack intact with temps that aren't Florida with the one or two biggies to really give it some staying power......this season could still deliver but the time for it to do so is closing fast and we're quickly heading to the #toolittletoolate stage......#wepray
  2. lol this epic fail of a'll all be over soon....just hang on and don't do anything rash......
  3. even in a good winter theres only a limited number of weeks to work with......lots of folks deny it but its need to get it going early to make it last and thats been tremendoulsy difficult lately......dare i say since we moved here in 2004 December has really been awful leaving only Jan and Feb to work with and usually 2-3 weeks of those two months you can toss into the garbage leavi3ng only 4-5 weeks of real winter chances.....sad
  4. Ya I thought last year was a real dud favorite since we moved here in 2004 was 2010-11.....that on started with such a buzzkill with the Boxing Day disaster but then took off and for 30-40 glorious days it was so epic....great accumulations on a very frequent basis with record pack....achieved 34” pack which hasn’t been surpassed yet....the driveway walls were so epic....
  5. Ya thats the storm I'm talking about as have some latitude on me here in West Hartford so thats an advantage but I hate how since then its been so meh.....whatever
  6. Garbage winter.....shut it down
  7. Its not strictly about the total amount......its how you get far there have been storms in December but they have all sucked except one I guess and even that one was pedestrian.....the snow has sucked too.....lots of pingers and shit snow and ZR - no real snow......this season has sucked epically so far.....I'll hold on for another couple weeks but thats it....get ready
  8. Shut it down.......another ratter......ONE TIME JUST ONE TIME......
  9. Wait I think I remember having to dig our car out at Logan when we came back from spending Xmas in California.....
  10. Wasn't Xmas 2004 raining? Or right before? That felt so wrong after we had just moved here in August 2004.....
  11. LETS FUKIN GO!!!! Shit man....seems so hard now to get winter going....It was easier back in the day....