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  1. A total disaster in Hartford..... and that matters.... what came later made up for it no question.....we wait
  2. Granted that season started so bad with that pig Boxing Day disaster....
  3. Gonna need a 10-11 look up in this bitch inside 480 otherwise I’m warming up the melt.....lfg
  4. A kill rate that high wouldn’t be sustainable on the virus would just burn itself out I think.....this virus is new and just lethal enough to kill and spread at the same time....most survive while spreading it.....
  5. Ya that was crazy....line was literally over Gillette as time ran out....the cameras were drenched
  6. 8500 Eversource out....+2700 in 15 min...
  7. Radar velocities over Hartford are like 75mph......whats the height associated with that given I'm 63 miles from the KOKX? Obviously its not blowing like that on the ground.....
  8. That week before VD delivers sometimes....2013....damn
  9. Ok I remember that shit storm too but I was talking about this guy......2’+ in west Hartford..... it’s why I remember it so well and it was the first biggie after we bought our house......
  10. Didn’t feb 2006 have that great blizzard right before VD?
  11. You could make a super bowl team out of the players on IR all by itself.....
  12. People felt it though town
  13. Damn.....I slept through it....something I miss from CA.....