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  1. We’ve got leaf blooms starting but not the leaf out we dealt with in October 2011.....still....the blooms will collect so we’ll see....Eversource get ready lol
  2. Time frame is Saturday morning into afternoon?
  3. Lol....what’s with the weenie blip over Haddam?
  4. Who cares when half of that got grinched away.....what a terrible thing that was.....very negative
  5. Nice.....headed there Saturday.....wasn’t my favorite winter weenie wise but the riding has been great mostly.....have taken the kids multiple times in CT pretty much every weekend.....last Sunday sucked at the end with rain lol but otherwise was fine at Sundown.....if it can last through March that’s solid.....miss Tahoe early summer riding lol but hey whatever....
  6. This is wild......street is white OMG....she blowin
  7. Whole Foods makes a great sourdough....picked up a loaf Tuesday actually....tasty
  8. No.....such a worthless month....even if you get a storm it’s gone by noon.....who
  9. Ugh.....I’d want that in December and January when the damage it can do can stick around....don’t get me wrong....a March 93 deal I’d welcome just only for the event itself....otherwise I have no time for storm whose damage will just melt off in 60 dream winter is wire to wire pack from mid December to the end of February.....that’s me....that would truly be a winter if yore.....that’s what we that grinch this season hurt so was like the worst one ever
  10. It’s funny to see the posts about the end.....remember when I said after mid February it’s over......I was blasted for that but here we are....pack was decent past three weeks but really the season is a complete dud....somehow some way we need to steer around that grinch crap....if we could have held on to that pack after the December storm would have a really nice season....on to Morch
  11. Like I was a nice 10 day season.....the whole D and D and D and D thing didn’t work out so this season totally caved....great storm in December leading up to Xmas then the grinch said fuk off and cancelled that shit right out....January was A-MAZ-ING.....with zilch nada bunk.....February tried and couldn’t quite do it....don’t come at me with whole but but but what about those two storms that dropped 8+? Who fukin cares if nothing else comes later and all you’re doing is losing pack late in the season....piss off sucked