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  1. Shit then….they need to land that B
  2. So far it’s on time so maybe that’s a good sign the aircraft is parked at Logan…..it’s a 9:10 departure to SFO so we’ll see…could be a long day
  3. I’m in Wakefield MA tonight headed to Logan for 9:10 departure lol…..ya right
  4. Slut is filling in…..occluding like a B
  5. Looks like a dry slut shoving north through southie so maybe hooe
  6. Can’t wait to see how Logan is dealing with this for a 9:10 departure…..looking at a long day Thursday traveling to San Francisco
  7. I know but if somehow the setup could support snow with that return we’d be buried for weeks…..I know rain reflectivity is shinier than snow but one can dream
  8. When can we get radar returns in January that look like this…..lol….please mommy
  9. He made it.....got out and took a selfie lol
  10. He's saying he sees the eye off to the right...lol
  11. Hes on FB and Youtube but regardless the service is obviously impacting both......
  12. Reed heading to Matthews on 90 to get to eye......this is so great....what an animal
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