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  1. I guess out west here in WeHa it’s winding down as the primary organizes under the cape or wherever it is.....loved the few hours we got of the heavies.....nice pack established with some real concrete for a base....the over the range microwave I pulled out last week is almost buried on the street lol.....we hope we find it in late March lolz....
  2. Yay....another blow up on radar heading right at me....we pound
  3. Something’s brewing again in CT.....wheeeeee
  4. Maybe it’s opposite....shovel the biggies but break out the thrower for the little guys....why bother
  5. He will break out the thrower
  6. Sort of a fragmented pile of garbage what?
  7. Thoughts on evolution of that band? Does is sorta rotate counterclockwise while sliding East? Idk
  8. Just drove 84 Cheshire to west Hartford....deteriorated rapidly....from wet bare pavement to completely covered with no lanes....pounding now....jesus that band
  9. I have high bar is the wire to wire winter that buried me under 36+ from mid December to mid March....give or record is 32” pack in January 2011....when it all came crashing down too early in February..... all I ask for is for that to continue one more month.....I know how it works and for that to happen requires an epic standard deviation.....I mean hey...thats all any of ya settle is just that....settling...never give up