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  1. dmb8021

    Jan 20-21 total lunar eclipse obs and pictures

    I tried the merge hdr feature in Lightroom and it said it could only merge 2 of the 5 images (this is the image I posted). I also tried the HDR feature in photoshop but it didn’t align them correctly. I also tried using mean stack mode but it came out blurry. I don’t have a lot of experience with photoshop so I might have to figure out how to manually align and stack them.
  2. dmb8021

    Jan 20-21 total lunar eclipse obs and pictures

    Thank you. It's not very sharp but I knew I was having trouble with the focus. I took 5 bracketed shots with the hopes of using them to try and reduce the noise, but was having trouble combining them in photoshop/Lightroom. That photo was actually a blend of 2 of the 5 shots.
  3. dmb8021

    Jan 20-21 total lunar eclipse obs and pictures

    here was my attempt at a photo
  4. Just had thunder in the northern Bronx.
  5. dmb8021

    Hurricane Irma Local Impacts/Evacuations

    The Dolphins are scheduled to host the Bucs at 1 pm on Sunday in Miami. I know the NFL is discussing what to do with the game, with one of the options is to move the game to Friday. As of now, is the forecast for Miami to have tropical storm conditions starting on Friday?
  6. dmb8021

    Potential Hermine Impacts

    Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued
  7. There was some discussion in the observation thread about where yesterday's blizzard ranks on the NESIS scale. I thought it would be useful to have a poll to see what everyone thinks. Looking at the distribution of snow totals by location, it looks similar to 1996. Here are 1-17 on the NESIS list: 1/23/2016 Blizzard Totals
  8. I'm in woodlawn, but I haven't gone out to measure, so I won't be able to help. Just curious what you measured.
  9. What did the 4K NAM show for the subforum? I've seen that in previous runs the 4K and 12K have been different.
  10. dmb8021

    Jan 23/24 Major Coastal Storm Discussion

    what have the models been showing today with regards to the wind?
  11. dmb8021

    Observations for Sat Sun Mon winter storm

    Snow is now starting to mix in
  12. dmb8021

    Observations for Sat Sun Mon winter storm

    It just started sleeting in Rockland
  13. well i'm in Rockland, and I can tell you nothing is falling, not even flurries
  14. snow still seems to be having a lot of trouble making it west over the Hudson
  15. Orange and Putnam counties did not have Blizzard watches, but are included in the Blizzard Warning.