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  1. Remdesivir at the moment only really has shown benefit for the hospital system in reducing length of stay. Theres no good data on reduced mortality for individual patients. Hopefully they can manage more early course studies. The steroids and care has been the main reason for the decrease in mortality in the hospital. I dont think overall mortality has decreased by, let's say more than 40%? Since the beginning. In the second wave, the median age of hospitalization was younger which also helped to reduce mortality from the first wave. This wave already looked worse than the summer one...our baseline is higher than June and Rt (1.12) hasn't begun to go down yet even as cases, hospitalizations, and deaths surge.
  2. I'd have to imagine they'd identify the most at risk people and give this therapy to people in outpatient after they develop symptoms? All the stuff with antivirals and antibodies therapy has been consistently "may work, if given early" but how do you accomplish that?
  3. The October 10th excess death data is now 4.9 to 9 percent. You got to be careful about using the last few weeks as its quite incomplete.
  4. I'm talking about that pandemics end and normal life resumes. Public health people haven't given up and neither should we.
  5. That wasn't the general point. Its that there is a way out. Positive and empathetic public health messaging is important.
  6. I agree with this general sentiment.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/10/26/oxford-astrazeneca-coronavirus-vaccine-reportedly-triggers-immune-response-among-adults-.html?__twitter_impression=true Some good news here from AZN/Oxford
  8. Its a large part of. This administration has submarined science and health purposely. The constant undermining of the CDC has been disgusting. Any science oriented person i know is ****ing tired of it. I just posted two instances of anti mask stuff from the admin. Many of these anti mask people are pro trump. Funny how that works.
  9. See my post above. The anti mask movement is driven by ignorance and anti science rhetoric.
  10. My God Dr. Atlas just tweeted a conspiracy theory about masking not working and being harmful from a AEIR just last week. And the president made fun of Biden's mask during the last debate. The anti science shit has been accelerating in this country for decades. We've already seen it manifesting itself in anti vax and anti agw conspiracy. This pandemic just amplifies all the existing weaknesses.
  11. How many posts do you plan on making defending ignorant and angry people defying public health guidance and then blaming the rest of us for it?
  12. We might want to revisit this in a month or two, to be fair. The spread in Europe is much worse right now. They managed much better than the US early in the summer but also got too complacent.
  13. Influence. Are you even trying right now?
  14. Federally mask mandate is a non starter. Asking cops to enforce mask wearing especially in minority communities is just asking for trouble. The essential problem has always been the lack of leadership and the administration undermining public health and general science. CDC needs to be taking the front role and working with state health departments.
  15. Standard for data from conservatives in 2020: "I saw a lot of out of state hats"
  16. What is it? Are we over it? Or are we taking it seriously? Blaming the southern spread in June/July/August on tourism is silly.
  17. It is real. But the majority of people still care about this and are following public health guidance. Follow the conversation.
  18. It seems like you're the one who wanted to makes it political. Cool.
  19. This doesn't support your assertion that the "majority of people are over caring about this" if the Rt is well under the Ro if the virus.
  20. Some fatigue doesn't mean the majority of people stopped caring.
  21. The data just doesn't support people are living their lives completely normally. Mobility data is well below baseline and mask use has come up generally. It's why there isn't 500k cases and 1000 and 1000s of covid deaths a day. https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america?view=social-distancing&tab=trend
  22. You saying this doesn't make it true. We would be seeing far more rapid spread (close to Ro) if the majority of people weren't following public health guidance.