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  1. No. Masks aren't the only thing that matters...
  2. The opportunity cost for delaying infections as gone way up based on the last vaccine candidate news. There is less indefinence than there was previously.
  3. Do you think I'm on the street shaming people for not wearing masks? Why is pointing out a questionable source and showing scientific sources about mask use a problem for you?
  4. Its tough to have a real conversation with you about this when you say exaggerated and say shit like this. There are definitely plenty of people that don't wear masks because they don't want to or don't believe in it.
  5. Mask compliance is 70 percent per imhe but im not sure what that means. Like if you always wear them at the grocery store but then take them off while you're drinking at the bar or when you have guests at your home then what is that doing for you?
  6. The country is so ****ed. Conspiracy on social media is rampant.
  7. I think he's warm this year isn't he lol?
  8. I dont know. They might have been. Its a pandemic man, scientific sources should be preferred. Even if they are correct, those charts don't tell you if the mandate is being enforced, how many people are actually wearing masks and wearing them properly, and nothing of the various other factors that are influencing spread at any given time.
  9. Lol. Alright. Maybe you should check out some reputable sources. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02801-8 https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/masking-science-sars-cov2.html
  10. What is rational ground? It sounds like a conspiracy site. Why is that people don't understand that there are tons of conflating factors in the epidemiology?
  11. Flu is down because of covid restrictions and is a less communicable disease so its numbers are much smaller. Still there is some flu around. Masks are effective but aren't a magic pill they are part of a multi-pronged approach at slowing down the disease spread. The last part is just crap.
  12. Quite normal aside from most working from home. I work in the office because I like my computer setup there and I live in a small apartment. Newfoundlanders are no different than anyone else in terms of following guidance imo. The travel restrictions from outside the Atlantic Provinces are quite significant. We been having zero to several cases a week now that are travel related, mostly returning residents or traveling workers. We haven't community spread (from an unknown source) since May. Public Spaces and Gatherings: Distanced gatherings run by a recognized business or organization are expanded to 100 people as long as physical distancing can be maintained, with restrictions. Wakes remain prohibited; however, visitations can occur with restrictions. Distanced gatherings that are not run by a recognized business or organization (like a family event in the backyard) are permitted for up to 50 people as long as physical distancing can be maintained, with restrictions. Places of worship are permitted to resume operations with restrictions. Recreational Activities: Gyms and fitness facilities are permitted to open, with restrictions. Arenas can open, with restrictions. Indoor pools can open, however some restrictions apply. Overnight camping is permitted in all forms, including tenting. Playground equipment can be used. Health care services: Regional health authorities will continue to allow some health care services to resume. Further expansion of visitation in health care to be determined. Businesses and Services: Bars and lounges are permitted to open with reduced occupancy. Indoor entertainment facilities can reopen with reduced occupancy (e.g. bingo halls, cinemas). Performance spaces can reopen with reduced occupancy. https://www.gov.nl.ca/covid-19/alert-system/alert-level-2/
  13. The lower viral loads by mask leading to more mild disease seems somewhat speculative. Viral load does matter for influenza and for SARS but it may not matter for this virus. It may just be that masks would be more likely to keep the viral load under the infectious dose.
  14. They don't care. I've posted studies here. They are purposely ignorant. Im ****ing tired of it.
  15. Its because we have the travel restrictions. It works better than anything else.
  16. I think the data suggest small family gatherings are driving a lot of infection. Schools themselves don't appear to be a major driver. Im sure there's some seasonality. Less people are outside in October/November and respiratory viruses tended to spread better in cooler/lower humidity environments. The infection controls that worked in August may be less effective now.
  17. We've barely tried. We dont invest a lot of resources in diseases that barely kill people. The science has been there for a long time...the money and the will of a pandemic was missing. The 90% may come down but there's no reason it has to.
  18. I thought for sure you were fairly down on it along with Richard because there's never been a vaccine for the other coronaviruses and the common cold. But I don't really feel like digging. Seems like the opportunity cost for delaying infections is even greater now that a vaccine is very close.
  19. I'm sure there will be difficulties with distribution like cold storage but they'll figure it out. You were so sure they wouldn't create one in the first place.
  20. No I mean in general though. Your whole capitalism communism argument. Some of the vaccine production was heavily bolstered by govt monies (US with Moderna and the UK with AZN/Oxford).
  21. Governments all over the world have helped fund the vaccine effort. Equitable distribution was kinda part of the deal. This was not a wholly capitalistic endeavor. Im pretty sure that many govts made a pre-purchase of the Pfizer/bioNTech vaccine candidate, including Canada with 20 million doses.
  22. This is a global effort. How's your no vaccine call looking?
  23. Pfizer/BioNtech is a global company that wasnt funded through operation warp speed. The US govt bought a decent amount of initial doses to immunize first responders. The US doesn't have carte blanch on the vaccine and why would anyone think the us should get all its people vaccinated before other places?