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  1. Its incredible to me that you would read this thread with all its toxic trolling about hospitals filling up and anti vax rhetoric from your bros and think that people who just showed up the past few days are a problem. This place is gross and has been for awhile.
  2. This was a community mask study. They were all flimsy cloth masks. I think there should have been more of an effort to get n95s to essential workers but alas.
  3. I think the best done mask study in terms of RCT on a population level was the Danish one imo. There was a 23% risk reduction... unfortunately they powered the study before hand to find statistical significant at 50%. The biological plausibility is all there on an individual level. Maybe it gets more washed out when people don't wear them properly and touch them too much.
  4. Ugh I've seen that on the travel Channel. Looks gross. I still haven't tried seal here. Good luck!
  5. Lol that was a terrible pitch
  6. I mean that makes sense! lol
  7. I said it's less likely, not that vaccinated people never spread it.
  8. Iceland has had a very modest pandemic from the beginning. I have seen their last wave...but its really small in the grand scheme and has only featured a single death I believe. I would assume hospitalizations are also very low. If the Ro of Delta is indeed near 6, then you would expect a fair amount of spread with a population that's about 70-75% fully vaccinated (I think including kids matters in the R calculation). I think there has been some drop in effectiveness against delta in terms of infection, but haven't seen anything suggesting a drop in effectiveness against hospitalizations and death.
  9. I mean in the sense that the findings were improperly communicated, and then the media fearmongered about it.
  10. I think delta existed at that time, but it wasn't the vast majority of cases like it is now.
  11. Ive been enjoying your Iceland pics.
  12. That was probably unwise. First, you have to be infected to transmit, and you're less likely to get infected in the first place. Ct values being similar at an instance in time dont tell the whole story. Vaccinated people clear the infection much quicker than unvaccinated.
  13. There's been a bunch of studies that onward transmission is reduced. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2107717
  14. Vaccinated folks are far less likely to get symptoms, hospitalized, and die. They are less likely to get infected and less likely to spread it.
  15. More ****ing bullshit. It never ends in here.
  16. This thread has been polluted for a long time. The anti vaxx crap and government conspiracy is not ****ing banter and it shouldnt ****ing be here.
  17. It's been a decently warm June so far too lol. Its just a coating where I actually live in center city closer to 250 ft asl...but Pippy Park at 700 ft is where I took pics. They'll probably pick up 4" up there before the night is over.
  18. I thought vaccinated Americans are good to go for many European countries? Also, I bet Canada opens to vaccinated Americans by that time. New Zealand is in a tough spot. While they've been good at keeping Sars cov 2, they haven't done a good job at procuring vaccines. They might not be open for some time.
  19. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/landia/article/PIIS2213-8587(21)00089-9/fulltext This is the study RT was referencing.
  20. Do you have a link to the study?
  21. I meant to post this study earlier. Body Mass Index and Risk for COVID-19–Related Hospitalization, Intensive Care Unit Admission, Invasive Mechanical Ventilation, and Death — United States, March–December 2020. (2021). https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7010e4.htm ARR for death is 2.01 under 65 for BMI > 45 ARR for death is 1.50 over 65 for BMI > 45
  22. We might have prevented like 10s of thousands of deaths if everyone were of normal BMI. Seriously. There was 600k deaths or so far (perhaps more). Maybe you prevent half the 20k deaths or so under 50. I'm all for health. But it's only going to make a dent because obesity is a much smaller issue for death above 65.
  23. Order of magnitude less consequential? That's a lie given the risk association with obesity and covid. The biggest risk by far is age. Vaccines prevent disease. They are not a band aid.
  24. The biggest risk of covid is by far age not being overweight. Being overweight is much more important if you're under 50...but given that covid deaths are far higher in the old...it doesn't have a large effect on the total mortality of the disease. Vaccines are literally the ****ing solution to a once in a 100-year pandemic. It's not band aid. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm
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