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  1. Im pretty sure that GFS run sets a pressure record for Newfoundland. It's like 937/938 over the Northern Peninsula. There's your 50/50 right there...
  2. Yes. Especially given he fought the virus through passive vaccination (the antibody therapy). Its possible he doesn't have his own antibodies and the injected one will wane and he won't have memory B cells. Fauci said he'd get the vaccine on camera...im hoping others will too.
  3. Not a great look...though it sounded like it would have been done today or tomorrow anyway.
  4. I'll be more confident that we hit peak when the positive rate starts to drop. As far as I've seen nationally speaking, it's still slowing going up.
  5. I think this is the right interpretation...as in use some caution when making decisions based on the findings.
  6. Richard can comment more on that but i thought it was 25%?
  7. Its interesting data for sure. I'm guessing that all the restrictions in NY at the restaurants and gyms make them relatively safe (they wouldn't be under normal circumstances) whereas you cant do the same deal in the home.
  8. Would it be really surprising to have a recession given the change in people's buying behaviors, government restrictions and the lack of stimulus?
  9. The general nature of the rt pcr sample and test is that there's going to be more false negatives than false positives. https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1808
  10. I'm surprised the data are this strong. But I wonder if there could be sort of selection bias here.
  11. Its nice to see a return to blocking at least for now. Eastern Newfoundland and New England can both get good stuff from the same storm...
  12. I kinda wish they did more direct work on the ability of the vaccine to prevent transmission. We seem to know it greatly diminishes disease and severe disease.
  13. Isn't that symptomatic covid matt? I thought they didn't do random rt pcr testing to find asymptomatic cases?
  14. Of course. Bob watcher from ucsf had a good graphic that ill have to find showing all the disease happenings in the general population that some will attempt to erroneously tie to a vaccination.
  15. Consistent with the trend in the general population. Funny how you failed to mention that. The vaccine will not prevent other forms of disease or death.
  16. Its only crazy because they took strong measures to slow the spread. They have like 2420 covid deaths. I bet suicides will outrank covid in New Zealand Australia and South Korea too...
  17. Of course. Theyre bad enough in a percentage of people that you might be out of work for a day or two. Like you dont vaccinate all your nurses on a single day.
  18. I just don't like the use of the but there. It almost makes it seem like the fda says one thing but the trial participants say another. I've been following the vaccine stuff a lot. This vaccine does cause more side-effects than your typical flu vaccine. So science communication will be important to let people know that. The side-effects are from the immune system reaction. It means its working.
  19. I don't like the headline. They aren't in contrast to each other. Feeling kinda shitty for a day or two doesn't mean it's not safe.
  20. Getting some vaccine out here next week.
  21. Right, I usually use -6 out here and then -8 in Ontario, but it's just an estimate because of the stochastic nature of cloud droplets.
  22. Without the drier dewpoints you also lose any heat of vaporization effects, which is about 8 times larger than the heat of fusion. So you're only left with heat of fusion and a smaller contribution of sensible heat from the flakes themselves.
  23. Is it a mass issue? Melting large aggregated dendrites would remove more heat from the environment than smaller flakes?
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