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  1. Yep...via patreon, and worth every penny, trust me!
  2. Negligible is accurate...Marco cooled the waters to a freezing cold 84 degrees. still bath water aka jet fuel basically
  3. FWIW, we have friends in Albany, GA...when Michael hit, they only had 80-90mph gusts where they are...even with it hitting at 155, the winds had already died down that much by the time it reached South Georgia. and you’re right about Hugo. What he did to Columbia and Charlotte may never be repeated
  4. There was a time when Isaias was forecasted for that area too...
  5. Anxiously awaiting in Myrtle Beach. Gonna go down to the ocean before high tide to see how bad it actually is. If there’s any daylight left I’ll post a pic
  6. I didn't mean it in a looney toon crazy forecast way. If we were in "storm mode," I wouldn't have stated it. But just stating the fact that where it is currently, the general path forecast, the current forecast where may nearly weaken into a depression....this is all what Harvey did. Hell, Harvey dissipated into a tropical wave before coming back to life
  7. I swear, this storm has such an eerie resemblance to Harvey
  8. my stepson's family all live around Moultrie, GA. He talked to them a few minutes ago and said there were some trees/branches down, but it doesn't appear that it was anything too major
  9. Sun hasn’t even come up yet and we’re pushing 5”. For awhile earlier it was 3.5-4 in/hr rate
  10. We have three separate tornado warnings for Myrtle Beach right now. The weakest of the three was coming right at our house but a decent gust of wind could end up being the tornado going by
  11. Visible satellite just starting to reappear. Anxious to see what it’s showing around the core
  12. I’m pretty confident that I speak for everyone, including moderators, when I say that there’s no way this is “banter” worthy. Josh is someone we all respect and care about, and info regarding his safety and whereabouts belong on THIS thread!
  13. Some people in St Thomas were stuck for a month or more after Irma. The runway of the airport morgerman flew into yesterday will be peeled away today. Wonder how long it’ll be before the footage becomes available?!