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  1. Not too bad here just west of Myrtle Beach. Not sure how much this would be considered. roads were a little wet this morning but no ice. Bridges had some slush on them and wheels wanted to lock up when i hit brakes on bridge but going over cautiously caused no issues
  2. PLEASE…not this!!! That ice storm we had in ‘14 was nuts. Usually here we get winter weather and then the roads are dry by 3pm. Our whole area was paralyzed for a week. i can handle snow all day. But ice? Like the saying goes…”ain’t nobody got time for that!”
  3. trust me, I get it with wanting to see a hurricane, but wishing for one to hit you is just dumb. tell you what, if we get a cat 4 here in Myrtle Beach, come pay my deductible on our house if the roof goes
  4. Kids today don’t even know the struggle of dial-up…nor the god forsaken noise when dialing/connecting
  5. Busy day guys….got on here to do it just now.
  6. Latest euro showing Sam coming to at least high-five the southeast
  7. GFS and Euro currently in agreement of something significant in Western Atlantic 10-14 days out...fwiw
  8. my stepson's family all live around Moultrie, GA. He talked to them a few minutes ago and said there were some trees/branches down, but it doesn't appear that it was anything too major
  9. It was mostly 0.5-1.0” the whole day. It was more of a steady rain than torrential downpours for the most part
  10. Seems we are entering what’s left of the “eye” here just west of Myrtle Beach. Had a good bit of heavy rain and wind around 7:00-8:00, and it has calmed to a drizzle and lighter winds. Interested to see if it calms more the next hour or so...
  11. just a few miles from you in Forestbrook
  12. We just had a few minutes of freezing rain here at the house. We're about halfway between Myrtle Beach and Conway. 30° at the house so it's already about to go downhill here
  13. Confused...why is anything being deleted in this thread? I thought this was the thread to say whatever (within reason of course...)?!
  14. If Jose sticks around, but continues to fall apart like he has been, would Maria still get turned out to sea more than likely, or if Jose gets weak enough, would the high over the Atlantic shift back West and turn Maria toward the U.S.?
  15. Anyone have any thoughts as of now? The Euro shows an Outerbanks landfall on 9/26
  16. Hello. In the past, I had a small wireless thermometer that would cause our home alarm to give false calls to the alarm company. It was the strangest thing, as it would happen numerous times, and I could never figure out what was going on. Finally our alarm company came out, and luckily the technician had seen this problem before with somebody else, and was able to diagnose the issue for me. Once I turned off the thermometer, it's never happened since (3+ years ago). My question is, I'd like to get a good weather station (wireless) for personal use at home. I'd like one with a good anemometer. Can anyone recommend a good weather station that wouldn't cause that interference? I've noticed that a lot of them run on 433mhz, which is the main reason I need some advice...because unfortunately that's what our home alarm runs on as well :-/ Thank you in advance!
  17. Our friend's in-laws condo is on the left at 3:08. I wish I could get a better look at their building...I know they're worried sick about it but haven't gotten much information yet
  18. I would think Irma would have been "retired" just for this fact alone. After what we're seeing from the islands yesterday, it's a given now. That St. Maarten video someone shared about an hour ago on here is just tearing me up. Such a beautiful island...damn you Irma!
  19. I'm 36 now...I remember it vividly! Surfside/Garden City looked like Hiroshima. The forest where the eye hit was nothing but 25-30' tall sticks. It's what took my interest in extreme weather from being intrigued to becoming a full blown fanatic! heh
  20. Simply put, time. You will potentially have the southern third of Florida evacuating in the next 3-4 days
  21. maybe premature. Immature is a bit much...
  22. As a sub-900mb hurricane nonetheless. And we live just a couple miles from KMYR
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