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  1. A lot more of a consensus for next week on 12z suite, as a result NHC has added a hatched area 0/20 for this system
  2. Also am curious if this is a boundary or not, will be interesting to see any interaction with that cell entering NW suburbs of Knoxville or any cell that nears us later
  3. Curious if thats a tornado watch or not, the mature cells NW of Knoxville are showing at least mid-level rotation
  4. Winds were quite high end for our area last night which probably helped the fire explode. I am really curious to see how high the winds really were in those areas (I believe Cove Mountain gusted to 81 MPH0), and how high-end the winds were for our climate.
  5. Besides the massive tornado up north, the cell to the east of Austin has organized and is looking healthy
  6. Along with 00z HRRR, pretty good support from HREF ensemble of discrete sups tomorrow.
  7. I like Monday the most right now in terms of discrete supercells producing tornadoes. Tuesday looks messy storm mode wise and we've seen time and time again setups that didn't reach their full potential due to that, that being said we've also seen significant outbreaks from that same mixed mode. Just in terms of discrete potential I like Monday more. Going for Tuesday, I have seen a 4/13/19 comparison being thrown around and gotta say that's what I think about when I see this setup. Mixed mode tornado outbreak from East Texas to AL. Suffered some things like mixed storm mode that limited its full potential too given the parameter space. Just my unprofessional opinion though. POTENTIAL is definitely there for something high end either of those 2 days or both, though.
  8. Starting to fear we won't end up with a dusting, extremely disappointing as there isn't even a single flake on the ground here yet.
  9. Besides a few mixed in flakes, no consistent snow here at all. Has been a light drizzle all day.
  10. Ah yes the random Sevier County snowhole At least there's a solid sleet/mixing band heading up towards the area
  11. Sunshine here in Pigeon Forge Hoping for an inch or 2 at this point as HRRR suggests with backside snow later on, then move on to Thursday/Friday
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