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  1. Like the setup for tornadoes today across the region given CAMs support for low topped supercells and the clearing going on across the Valley. Lots of sunshine in Pigeon Forge currently. I wish I was going out but probably am not, good luck to anyone that does go out.
  2. Likely tornado approaching Thompson, Summit, and McComb, MS.
  3. Fizhugh cell wrapping up Also watch cell north of Huntsville, TX
  4. Woof that NAM run would certainly be a higher end setup if it were to verify. Also, would think SPC puts out at LEAST a slight risk for Wednesday, gotta watch this closely.
  5. Moreof really crappy wind profiles
  6. Man those high risk rumors are flying tonight on Twitter
  7. Yeah HRRR has a lot of intense cells but not a lot of UH tracks, was curious about that.
  8. NWS Jackson AFD Saturday night through Sunday night... Several rounds of severe weather will be possible across the region during this period as potent upper level shortwave pushes a surface boundary across the Southern MS Valley region. A preceding upper level disturbance embedded within the developing southwest flow aloft across the region will help to enhance storms along a warm front that will begin to lift across the region early Sunday. The main threat with these elevated thunderstorms on Sunday morning will be large hail and damaging wind gusts. An unstable airmass will quickly develop during the late morning period as the warm front lifts out of the ArkLaMiss and teh cold front begins to approach from the west. Dew points will increase to near 70 while SB CAPE values will range from 2k-4k. Surface based storms will begin to enter the region from the west late in the morning as the surface boundary nears the region. Ample amounts of deep layer shear will be available for storms to tap into, helping them to become and maintain their severe status as they track across the region. Guidance has also continued the trend of increasing low level shear with each new run. The main threats with storms across the region on Sunday late Sunday morning through Sunday evening will be damaging straight line winds between 60-70 mph, large hail up to tennis ball, and tornadoes. Parameters suggesting a few strong tornadoes across the region are continuing to improve, but will keep tornado wording in the HWO the same for now.
  9. Once in a few years kind of outbreak for sure.
  10. Tornado emergency coming out for Walterboro