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  1. Starting to fear we won't end up with a dusting, extremely disappointing as there isn't even a single flake on the ground here yet.
  2. Besides a few mixed in flakes, no consistent snow here at all. Has been a light drizzle all day.
  3. Ah yes the random Sevier County snowhole At least there's a solid sleet/mixing band heading up towards the area
  4. Sunshine here in Pigeon Forge Hoping for an inch or 2 at this point as HRRR suggests with backside snow later on, then move on to Thursday/Friday
  5. Given downslopping, am just hopping for 2 inches in Pigeon Forge at this point. Pretty disappointing but we got 5-7" in the system a few weeks ago so it buffs out I guess.
  6. I am curious about the HRRR part because if I recall correctly, the HRRR did not do great at all last event and it ended up drier than expected in southern mid state and East TN.
  7. MRX seems to have upped snow accumulation a little
  8. No longer a Sevier County exclusive snowhole, I would accept 4-6 inches.
  9. Sevier County snowhole happens and I am quitting this hobby.
  10. Sevier County snowhole occurs and I am moving
  11. Light dusting in PF Hopefully we can get some backside snow showers later
  12. Little bit of an issue, seems like 18z HRRR isn't initializing the snow shield correctly in Middle TN. Quite drier than depicted by HRRR.
  13. All rain Pigeon Forge
  14. Seems pretty reasonable to expect 2-5" for Sevier Co on Thursday. I would love if models keep uptrending but 2-5" certainly suffices after the trash winters for the past few years. A lot of the county still without power/having a lot of power issues so have to get it resolved by then. Would be really nice to have another snow that's actually during the day and not at 5 AM though
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