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  1. MattPetrulli

    1/28/19 - 1/29/19 Winter Storm Thread

    I'm not seeing what David Aldrich is saying. WVLT should bring down totals because people are going to be disappointed. Big ol bust unfortunately.
  2. MattPetrulli

    1/28/19 - 1/29/19 Winter Storm Thread

    Thinking 2-4" county wide here, maybe we can over perform due to lift too.
  3. MattPetrulli

    1/28/19 - 1/29/19 Winter Storm Thread

    I wonder if we can get any lift from the mountains and pad our totals a little. Happens kinda frequently here.
  4. MattPetrulli

    1/28/19 - 1/29/19 Winter Storm Thread

    Only places I think should stay in a winter storm warning atm is East Valley maybe into knox and loudon counties based off NAM
  5. MattPetrulli

    1/28/19 - 1/29/19 Winter Storm Thread

    Think we're in good shape here in sevier county. Most models have 1-3" countywide which is fine with me.
  6. MattPetrulli

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    No snow on the ground here currently, however think the system overnight will provide 1-3" of snow county wide.
  7. MattPetrulli

    Fall Observations 2018

    A noon temp of 70 degrees and a dew point of 64 degrees. Could get into upper 70s maybe even 80 today before cold front moves through.
  8. MattPetrulli

    Fall Observations 2018

    A very nice and cool 66 degrees today, reached 50 degrees this morning. Fall is most certainly here!
  9. MattPetrulli

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Mesovorticies well inland, truly an impressive hurricane.
  10. MattPetrulli

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Because apparently a category 2 can produce EF3-like damage across an entire city?
  11. MattPetrulli

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Damage there is quite like a tornado, heard the entire city was severely damaged.
  12. MattPetrulli

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Nice and sunny out currently, though pretty hot. 86 degrees with a dew of 70 on my PWS for a heat index of 90 degrees. So much for fall.
  13. i gotta say, this is a top notch troll
  14. Category 1 or 3 at landfall, we got a death toll of 16 which is probably gonna rise and multiple FFEs ongoing. What the strength it came in at doesn't matter much currently. NHC did great and couldn't have handled it any better.
  15. MattPetrulli

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    Flash Flood Emergency for the city of Charlotte. Very strong wording with this one. * Flash Flood Warning for... Mecklenburg County in the Piedmont of North Carolina... * Until 730 PM EDT Sunday. * At 123 PM EDT, emergency management reported severe impacts from flash flooding in Mecklenburg County. Streams and creeks are running very high in South Charlotte, Matthews, and nearby areas. In some areas these bodies of water have risen to record stages and the extent of impacts may be unprecedented in some locations...flooding areas which have not flooded in recent memory. Up to three inches of rain have fallen since early morning, with an additional 2 to 4 inches likely to fall through tomorrow morning. Flash flooding will continue. This is a FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY for central and southeast Mecklenburg County. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. SEEK HIGHER GROUND NOW!