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  1. Highest elevation is 1,165 ft.
  2. TWC seriously sent a reporter to San Juan, PR. Also one of their better reporters, Paul Goodloe. Dumb move by TWC.
  3. 909 MB/175 MPH
  4. Question is. Is it remotely possible we get to 890s?....
  5. Don't compare earthquake damage to a category 5 hurricane damage. This is a pretty small storm, but it will be enough to bring potentially massive damage to the PR. Interaction with the mountains of won't do it in time to help San Juan significantly. I don't think you can really over hype a powerful category 5 hurricane heading into a small, but heavily populated island with mountains. Not to mention the economic struggles they have been having lately. Please don't post such irresponsible and blasphemous assumptions.
  6. Wayyy too early to make any calls on OTS or LF currently.
  7. 12z Euro coming in much stronger than 00z, 975 MB and looks like a direct hit to PR and DR.
  8. And just when we think we can just about rule out US LF. Sigh.
  9. Death toll to 71
  10. Honestly wouldn't look at much of the guidance until the loop is complete Really wouldn't like another US hurricane threat as Harvey and Irma have really drained the energy out of me.
  11. Apparently I'm in the tropical storm force wind area according to NHC's map, max gust here is a solid 8 MPH.
  12. Irma undepreformed some but will still be remembered as the scariest night of their lives for some people. Just really widespread and long ranging impacts stemming from these winds.
  13. No, I'm judging off of potential widespread tree damage. Not sure how that'll affect disney though Point made
  14. Yeah Disney won't be open for an extra day or 2.
  15. Brown ocean possibly having an effect maybe?