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  1. Agreed, splits are something that may temper this event a bit. Imo needs to be talked about more.
  2. Pretty impressive for so far inland Also it's gonna be hard for eyewall to avoid Southport imo unless there's an east wobble.
  3. Western eyewall trying hard to come ashore between Charleston and Georgetown. Frictional convergence should allow it to ramp up in dbz over the next hour or few hours.
  4. Must've seen some pretty mean Nor'easters then because this does not at all look like a Nor'easter
  5. I thought it was NNW the past few advisories is why I said that. IR is improving markedly too.
  6. Dorian is going for it, improving on all fronts tonight. Motion looks due north imo.
  7. Pretty indicative from Jacksonville Radar that eyewall is becoming closed and stronger too. 3:25 PM EDT 4:07 PM EDT
  8. I think I remember you calling Florence overhyped or something like that. Clown.
  9. Banding coming ashore should carry solid TS conditions along the Space Coast.
  10. Sandy was also the biggest Atlantic hurricane ever, not sure why any comparison was made.
  11. Really starting to get that "half-a-cane" look.
  12. I'm not sure about nothing we've ever seen but there's for sure gonna be some marks that are permanent on those islands