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  1. I'm in RIC visiting family and they are starting to bloom here. That can't be good although GFS shows warm next 15 days so who knows maybe straight into spring for SE and MA.
  2. We lost LC. No faith in cold March for the east. Still say we get another window. It'll be painted shut with rusty hardware but a window nonetheless
  3. Keeping hope alive. Maybe I will just enjoy this warmth, exercise like I should as if summer is next week, and then maybe a surprise
  4. In some way this 31-32 winter comparison makes me happy. I often think the good old days is when it snowed Nov to April with wall to wall cold. Before I was born. Apparently not the case. Thanks for doing it.
  5. Yes. I see it now. Still blows but it's colder.
  6. How? Looks like lower heights west and higher east. I see no changes. SSDD
  7. It's more than I got here in MA. Truly unforgettable fail for us. Still despite all that and the incredible persistence of warm I still think there will be one cold period in March that will give us both a Hail Mary end of winter. We shall see. Today's GFS laughs at my idea.
  8. Hopefully this just proves to be that once in 20 year pattern that we will fear but no revisit anytime soon. It really challenged a lot of signals we thought we knew to be good for us. It seemed ok for New England though. They can get snow in almost any pattern it seems.
  9. The optimist in me feels like we will still have one more window of opportunity and then the realist in me says that opportunity will fail like the rest
  10. Maybe it's just that the ridge on the West Coast is just too far west and has been all winter. It's mind-boggling just the persistence of that look and I have a little faith that it will turn around at any point.
  11. Jeez a 1017 Low...that's basically a weak high pressure. We're back baby!
  12. Roger Smith's was not very good however. In fact it's the complete opposite of what has occurred.
  13. Such warmth in the LR on GFS. I wonder if we will ever see a winter like this again. This has to be a surprise to even those who felt that this would be a warm winter. I almost think March will be cold because how can such a sustained warm pattern last for so long.
  14. We are just doomed this year to bad luck, bad timing, bad pattern....never to be forgotten.
  15. Just walked outside. Has to be the warmest NW wind in Feb in the history of the world. That should be a bitter cold arctic blast. Almost balmy.