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  1. I think those guys make up crap to keep viewers tuned in. Moisture may feed into the front but direct effects...meh
  2. Wondering if I am being too late with my freeze predictions. Freeze warnings up out west already. Have to sleep on it and hope for a sign.
  3. BWI: October 27 IAD: October 19 DCA: November 9 RIC: November 5 TB: 84F
  4. A respectable 40 here. House has that chilled feel. Very nice!
  5. 39 or bust. How often do we get into the 30s in summer? Let’s go big
  6. I would be shocked if I ever saw the 3 month Temp outlook on CPC colored anything but red hues. All orange all the time. AN is the new normal I suppose.
  7. We seem to be peaking early. Chilly temps cutoff lows. I am going November for first freeze.
  8. Remember I made my reservation early under the breakfast and poison promo code..something with a view on a high floor to make jumping more effective.
  9. As much as I enjoy seeing those long range outlooks with blue in the East I can’t help but think Indian summer to follow. I fear early season cool temps.
  10. 6-10 on Xmas day would be historic. Not sure it’s ever happened at any of the 3 airports. There is always a first time
  11. I know but the sun angle might help it stay on the ground longer. Who wants 1-3 melted by noon
  12. This is exactly how it will happen. But front loaded is cool with me. Would rather snow in low sun period around holidays. Waiting for the March miracle is fools gold.
  13. The idea that Denver MAY get more snow this summer than my yard this winter is a bitter reality that I am oddly amused by.
  14. Just missed it here. By like 10 miles. Blew up just SE. Looks pretty solid.
  15. Almost time for first frost/freeze contest. It’s the most wonderful time of the year..or it will be soon