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  1. It’s pretty amazing how this winter ended up. As bad as I could imagine this was worse. Take out that one good week in Jan and it has to rank as top 3 worst ever. Maybe not snow depth but overall winter feeling. My house is literally hot today. See you guys in Nov. cheers and god bless!
  2. November not that far away….hopefully it’s a better path. Just gotta get through the next 8 months.
  3. What level of this sucks are we at now? Is there a suckage scale? If not there should be
  4. Little snow on snow action...if weather was an adult entertainment site this would be featured category
  5. That’s what we won’t get. 40s and wet yes. Clean 70s. Nah…maybe a day or 4…
  6. And after the time change. Nothing good happens after that. 1130 for GFS run? Nope.
  7. Thank god we don’t track to hour 840. Hour 84 is hardly reliable.
  8. Yep. And if I remember correctly we had multi model agreement. Each one better than the last one.. Remember, those ensemble runs? There was a period of time where every day couldn’t be better until the next day.. two days ago I was knocking on 5 inches both ensemble runs, and operational runs at my house. Skeptical is an understatement.
  9. We’re calling the whole thing? That’s it…no it’s mid latter Feb and a leap year…plenty o chances
  10. What’s BWI? Seeing my snowfall contest status. RIC gonna fork me in the cornhole so far
  11. Jesus. Me too. It’s over already? Wait a frickin minute…..yes yes it’s over and looks like the dog shit in the hallway. Think I will do the same
  12. I’ll be at car topper status by the next GFS run. Better pour me something tall and strong
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