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  1. It’s a shame winter really ended in Feb. March was a dud. It’s a long road to Nov. but it will get here.
  2. Not all of us are ready for the torch. I am ready for 1816 year without a summer.
  3. Ok. You made a compelling plea.
  4. That makes 118 inches of digital snow since 1 Dec. Still virtually shoveling. Don’t need anymore...oh what the hell
  5. Another sweltering day like today and the AC is going on. House was 70 today. Currently hiding in the basement.
  6. Agree. And you should enjoy today. Many of us couldn’t get a 25 degree storm with 4 inches all winter. No reason to think that changes in March.
  7. Does kinda suck winter seems to have ended early and started late for most of us. It was really about 3 weeks long. It was one of the best digital winters however so there is that.
  8. I’d say that’s blasphemy. I feel blasphemed!
  9. That’s guaranteed to hold and trend better because it’s rain. And I will jackpot for the same reason.
  10. That right there is the post of the season. It captures the essence of this winter beautifully for NOVA at least from my perspective.
  11. Pretty impressive with that thickness level. White rain I would guess. Especially central VA near 552dm.
  12. I went out for a run with a tshirt. Warm breeze, birds chirping, kids playing outside, even broke a sweat. It was pure torture. Let’s do this.
  13. Only 9 months until Nov. now that is something to smile about.
  14. Not sure if you knew this but you make this process of tracking winter fails less fun...if that’s possible.