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  1. Yep. I realized that when terp mentioned high and howling east winds. 81 would be happy. Gonna be a long winter
  2. If it was January with that low track of the GFS for Saturday...there would be some large Bob Chill emojis and the words DC crushed and anihilated would be needed
  3. Cantore is "worried" about a path between the B high and trough for it to push NW toward OBX...happen to just catch that few minutes ago...based on Euro...so he's saying there is a chance...slim one
  4. Getting ready for winter. Switch trough with “cold air” and arrives with “departs”
  5. I wonder how many times the idea "everything is perfect but its just not cold enough" will be realized this winter. If that happens we are just swimming upstream no matter what set up
  6. It’s hard to imagine when it’s an inferno outside right now that winter will arrive and not that far off actually.
  7. RN/IP in Chantilly. 48F. WTF
  8. Makes sense. That pattern should hold till about November.
  9. Base state. It’s new. And not a new hope. It’s the deathstar
  10. Excuse me stewardess I speak jive. And yes I want in
  11. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just live in Florida and forget snow.
  12. I’m thinking it can’t be worse. Chuckle chuckle
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