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  1. Better than most of C VA and south thru NC. They can’t even get 3 inch probs in the mountains. In Feb no less. Could be worse I guess. These maps are cool. Someday there will be red over the MA.
  2. I’m gonna just say it ..things don’t look so great in the LR with a less than ideal look for wintry weather in the MA. Everyone is dancing around it but it needed to be presented as an idea that might have some merit.
  3. We vacation in Delaware. The elderly lady of 81 at the hotel in Rehoboth said she remembers snowy winters and cold from Nov to March when she was a youngster. Maybe selective memory on her part.
  4. 979! Well we can’t say precip has been the issue this winter.
  5. We certainly have folks south of NoVA. But we don’t hear from them much unless things look good for some event.
  6. This does look like a 1 or 0 with R/S line. Hoping the 0 is East of me along the fall line.
  7. Based on the CMC or just because of past historical disasters? I’ll be enthused or dethused based the GEFS.
  8. Ha! Ok all in. Why not. But starting a thread? Only clowns and my wife scare me more. And my wife dressed as a clown of course. The minute I posted the thread things would take two steps back.
  9. March like storm in Jan. That has to be good...or not. Can’t get better time climo wise. Who knows. It’s tracking so what the hell
  10. We’re talking miles as PWC is split in half now R/S. Not a bad place to be 5 days out in peak climo.
  11. Now it’s just small adjustments for the cities. Interesting. Very.
  12. Look at that date Ji...20th anniversary of One of the most memorable events in weenie history...1-2 inches was revised to 1-2 feet overnight. Dogs and cats living together...mayhem
  13. Winchester is the winter king of VA. It’s the city all other cities wish to be. But can’t. You live a charmed life my friend. Only people in Lucketts can battle you for supremacy
  14. Whiskey helps. Saw that on a t-shirt. Turns out it’s true