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  1. Car topper achieved. Trash can caved. It’s on!
  2. BWI: 11/3 IAD: 10/27 DCA: 11/23 RIC: 10/30 Peak Oct temp at DCA: 82F
  3. On my birthday no less....that's how we know its not real
  4. Forgive me but that sounds freakin awesome! Prime rib and scotch Sunday
  5. One more round...I didn't hear no bell...get you son of a bitch...cause Micky loves ya
  6. Next winter…money winter. NBT…nothing but tucked
  7. Just a hunch we will see snow of some kind again before it’s really over….above normal for days mid March seems to result in some sort of pattern change down the road. Who knows
  8. Yes I thought it could t get better…it can and it has
  9. Just when I thought it was out they pull me back in… Radar starting to look interesting and it’s snowing again here..now it’s 29…ummm ok
  10. Gotta admit that was fun. Perfect timing not having to be up at 3 am. Looks like winter again for a short time. Hope everyone has a good warm season. It’s been a blast as always. 30 and breaking clouds.
  11. We are going out in a blaze of glory right now. Hard to complain 31 SN+
  12. This thing is booking so it’s needs to happen soon…imagine if this slowed down and tucked…jeez
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