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  1. Yesterday was text book awesome. Today was meh. Bring back the wedge and 40s. I would take that all year.
  2. Sorry to see them go. I found a tiny little pile couple days back hiding under a shrub in the back. It was dirty and might have had some urine in it. I brushed off what I could and ate it. It had an odd nutty flavor. That's how committed I am to the winter. Maybe I should be committed.
  3. Awful 80 today. If there is a form of weather torture this is it. It's call spring. Hoping the backdoor front over performs like the heat usually does.
  4. Does anyone want to stay up for the Euro? Just for old time sake. Anyone? Bueller?
  5. Sometimes magic happens on Christmas...not the last two years but we are due. Maybe this year. Just got to get through what might be a hot steamy summer and warm fall.
  6. Yes. I missed that by 15 miles. Tough to swallow. Never get that lucky
  7. That's my birthday. I'm in. If it's real I get to start the thread.
  8. I can't wait until Thanksgiving...wish I could fast forward. Anything that extends winter I am all for.
  9. So no one is staying up for the Euro? I didn't hear no bell...one more round. Fine I'll go to sleep.
  10. yes it doesn't look particularly warm or cold over the next couple weeks. Cooler side of normal perhaps?
  11. where does the vort pass? how far south? just curious
  12. Sounds like a dramatic shift south. although not sure where it was 0z. I could do one more round.
  13. F
  14. I think we have all seen enough sleet to last us for a lifetime. still if offered a redux of Monday night I would take it gladly. Frozen is always good in my book.
  15. looks like low 40s/low 20s and kind of dry early in the week