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  1. I know it’s probably another incoming disaster...who knows maybe we get lucky
  2. Getting closer to November...redemption my friends...this is our year
  3. Man we have been getting hammered in W PW. Imagine if it was snow...go ahead imagine it
  4. I think the old GFS before the para became this GFS was better. Maybe I am imagining that
  5. Epic winter incoming. You can count o it!
  6. I know. But as RDM pointed out how much worse can it be? Famous last words
  7. November can’t come fast enough. I feel like this winter will suck less than last winter.
  8. May through August is pretty boring around here until we can track something tropical. Maybe we get a derecho line like we had several years ago. That was fun.
  9. 2020 continues to make me rethink everything I think I know. Let’s hope winters best show was not achieved this spring. 70 and partly sunny on Xmas...I can see that.
  10. That was me. But I am a turd with hair. I didn’t think it was possible. The weather never ceases to surprise me
  11. Hard to imagine if we get sun temps stay in mid 60s this time of year anywhere inland. Just my 2 cents. Unless it’s East wind an then it s hard to imagine sun.
  12. Been the story of our 2020...close in things collapse. Later on the GFS than Euro but most precip events seem to fade.
  13. Miserable evening. Hot like summer. Where is the cold November rain.
  14. Yep, it’s saying batten down the hatches and build that ark
  15. Looks about right. Change the 25 May to 25 Dec and it will still be right. I will save this image to compare 7 months from now.