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  1. the above tells me we have plenty of room on the calendar. I wonder what 1898 28 April was like at Dulles. Or at least the land that is now Dulles.
  2. I believe the latest ever accumulating snow at DCA was April 22nd. Not sure why that sticks in my mind and I could be way off. Don’t know the year either.
  3. That’s a very impressive GEFS run for that date. Snow tv? No no no
  4. 18z would have been a MECS last month as depicted. Looks at that thickness. Oh the humanity.
  5. 1-2” is fine. Not expecting more than that next week. Then call it a winter.
  6. Yeah I know but it’s fun to see fantasy near miss epic looking h5 patterns.
  7. Jeez. What an epic looking h5. Gotta laugh. Still won’t snow... here at least. But Maine has to be nearing a record April for snow. That should help
  8. At this late date not sure how it could verify any other way and that as depicted would take an extreme anomaly. One last kick in the pills before we head into deep spring. What a year this has been so far.
  9. Still in. Got nothing else.
  10. I assume the chance of getting any accumulating snow after 15 April outside of the highest elevations is fairly slim. I’m in
  11. Interesting look on GFS mid next week around 16th. Keeps on trolling us. 16 April is not too late I assume?
  12. But you’ll probably have some level of immunity
  13. That may be the are not drinking enough. I’ve already had one plus a couple glasses of red wine..and it’s not 10 yet.
  14. Cocaine is a helluva drug
  15. Nothing could be as bad as this winter was...I mean it was practically 0. I will take anything. However please reserve me something on a high floor for Thanksgiving weekend through TBD