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  1. Wait a minute...that’s T-day...ok we’ll take it. Lots more runs to go
  2. I am again liking the progression for Thanksgiving if nothing else but to avoid AN temps. And avoid turning on AC
  3. Thanks for the confirmation. That works ok. I was thinking incoming torch simply because if that cutter storm winds up..well you know the rest. But maybe we avoid it...still 8 days..wont get married to any solution
  4. Op Euro doesn’t look nearly as warm on Turkey day as the GFS. Just something I noticed compared to even 0z. But I am looking at crappy h5 plots on TT
  5. I chuckle every time I see my tombstone...once happy dead’s my are a master of comedy
  6. I would not be surprised to se another drastic change in the ensembles. I was flipping back through the last few days and it’s like seeing op run solutions 10 days out. Glad I am not a natural gas trader.
  7. We get through a less than perfect first two weeks Dec and then a flip when it starts to half full weenie logic.
  8. Seeing some widely variable op run solutions for Thanksgiving so it might be 45 or 70...raining or sunny.. deep creek should be an excellent location regardless.
  9. Yes because I imagine a warm Wednesday leading into it under that scenario until the front passes...windy too...but we are still 9 days out so not sold on any idea just yet
  10. is that the 27th or 28th? Yes, I can count but wondering if 10 days includes today. Thanks Yoda!
  11. Agree on all points. Back in October I thought first freeze wouldn't be until December especially at DCA and couldn't imagine what a cold day would feel like again.
  12. I can also imagine a scenario where a brief but potent warm temp day before thksgvng....just based on what is either a strong cold front or developing rainstorm...if that comes to fruition. I have now seen it on CMC and GFS op runs...but who knows. still 10 days out
  13. Yes exactly. I hadn’t thought of it from that angle but makes total sense.
  14. The final chapter of this winter story has not been written. Safe travels back from AZ.