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  1. That may be the only kind of pattern where the closed low really generates its own cold air. It’s the baked Alaska pattern. We are the ice cream.
  2. Good point. I’m not sure how the op GFS or any model does with closed lows. Both the GFS and Euro had a closed low for the longest time for T-day in many locations in the east...until it didn’t just about 4 days ago. At least we are tracking something.
  3. There are others we haven’t heard from in a while too. mitchnick comes to mind. He was a solid poster. Leesburg04 always made me laugh with his humor. Maybe some are waiting for a bonafide threat.
  4. Option 2. Christmas snow is the holy grail.
  5. 18z says it’s a cold front passage on T-day. I’ll take the clouds. Keep the house cool since there won’t be snow on the roof.
  6. Looks like it. Closed low albeit weak. LWX mentions rain and 50s..who knows
  7. Justin weather has me just in inside the 24-36” line...ok why not. I’d take half that.
  8. Of course you are just speculating. You like the rest of us have no idea what will happen. The next run could be completely different. Your post is basically saying winter is over week before Thanksgiving. Not buying that logic. You are counting your money while sitting at the table.
  9. Now that’s a blue wall. Hard to believe a trough could sneak under that. But we’ll take it assuming it happens
  10. 44 with the arrow slanted down
  11. option 2..snow falling is the fun for me