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  1. I guess we will just go with it...enjoy the ride...I have learned its not worth the stress of looking too long range. I did that for thanksgiving this year...looked ahead two weeks ago...looked digitally awesome for storminess on the models...and here we are
  2. I've seen more digital snow this year than all of last winter...and its only Nov....this can't be good
  3. Yeah I thought the op Euro 12z look was quicker to push the front south late on Thanksgiving vs. previous runs and GFS. Has that CAD/overrunning sig. long way to go and lots of calories to consume before next weekend.
  4. Next week looks underwhelming. The whole trough needs to shift about 200 miles west. Not a lot to ask for really.
  5. I suppose we are not in op range just yet. seems like each run of the op has muted the deepness of the trough. at least it looks somewhat interesting for now.
  6. BWI : 13.7" DCA : 9.1" IAD : 14.4" RIC : 6.8" Tie Breaker SBY - 4.2"
  7. Winter 21-22…RIP…we hardly knew ye
  8. I should have went way later. Jeez. Hopefully by Thanksgiving at least IAD will have a freeze.
  9. I bet late 80s weenies were fired up after that 87 event…thinking epic winter incoming…early snow is a helluva drug
  10. This place would melt down if that scenario happened next week...literally liquefied keyboards and phones...maybe we are due for a 100 year event
  11. then the GFS teases with early season fantasy snow late next week..gotta admit its fun to look at..11/11/87 redux
  12. we are south of the 540 so I can't get too excited yet...12z runs will be the most important runs since 6z
  13. Maybe it will be cool for Halloween weekend this year looking at the LR. that would be nice.
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