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  1. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Yes agreed but we will need below average temps the further into Feb we go. and then March we really need some negative departures so I somewhat disagree that we don’t need an ice box. We may not need an icebox on top of us but we need one real close by . And then take our chances with precip. Just my opinion
  2. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Awesome! Thanks Bob. This is the eye of winter. Calm for a bit then the other side roars in. I guess.
  3. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    I'll see you there Good call sir. Might as well go to straight tropical weather, throw on some shorts, and make family happy too. Being home would mean solid seasonal depression. You’ll still check the forum between 120 minute wait times on rides. I know I will.
  4. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    It is? I had no idea. +2. Who wins the Super Bowl?
  5. January Med/Long Range Disco Part 2

    Good advice. Booked a family Disney trip for next week. Last minute good deal. What the heck Figure won’t miss anyhting here.
  6. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    I’m checking out on Feb 15th if things don’t look promising. Let the reaper just sweep me away. A bit early but longer for me than I thought I could go. March snow is nice but you know the end is near and warm is just around the corner. In some ways this winter has been worse since bad luck has been more of a factor than lack of cold air. Winston-Salem has more snow than Winchester by a large margin. How did we get here?
  7. January Banter String

    Somehow he pulls it off. He can basically say anything yet it doesn’t bother me. Like in that cold and snow lovers only thread. Started in 2014 and Ji proclaimed it was dumb. For some reason those simple words were funny
  8. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    I’m down in NW Florida. Wintry mix turning to snow. Glaze on everything. Amazing for this far south. 28F
  9. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    That’s because some people are being bamboozled into thinking February will be rocking… It won’t... it will suck like the rest of this winter has sucked and like last winter sucked. We are getting a winter weather advisory today because people can’t effing drive ...If being a snow town is on one side of the galaxy we are on the complete other end of the galaxy
  10. The Panic Room--Winter 2017-2018

    Feb is supposed to be rockin’...if you like heavy wet snow that only accumulates at night and upper 40s right after then maybe. I know we have had some good ones in Feb but those were extreme cases. Late Feb especially is just early extension of spring. Dec 15-Feb 15 is really the money period for the MA. So based on that and with no real threats for the rest of Jan after today’s disaster we have a couple weeks of winter left. We wasted extended bone chilling cold and couldn’t score. We suck. No two ways about it. Snow town my a$$...we are a blow town as in we blow
  11. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    It does... just not this winter. Playing the averages you made a good choice. Best choice for our region outside the obvious mountains is N. MD. They don’t miss too much usually.
  12. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Yeah that might have been it. ORF and RIC...money locations so far..who would have called that one back in November.
  13. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    Yeah I saw that. It’s not the first event where RIC stomped us. I remember an event some years back it started snowing in the metro area and then poof it collapsed on itself and RIC got slammed. Coastal robbed the moisture. Sure this will happen same way.
  14. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    That map tells our story quite nicely. I still think it’s over done for RIC but we shall see.
  15. Jan 16/17 Event Obs/Disc

    That’s kind of bullish. Maybe it will go that way if it over performs but I think we need to ratchet down expectations. Just my 2 cents.