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  1. Super Bowl snow. That could be fun. More reason to drink all day
  2. Sadly so many are asleep. We waited all winter for this and it probably won’t be snowing at first light.
  3. Yeah who would have thought first flakes in Feb for many of us. Soak it in while you can at 3 frickin am
  4. Light snow steady clip. Turning white some places. Not bad. Edit: Moderate snow now
  5. Nice. It’s a narrow window. Like snow on the models it looks like a lock until you get close in.
  6. Radar looks good. How much do we waste on snizzle…not much to waste…pour another scotch…Cutty…don’t waste the good stuff
  7. It really is lighting up down SW…temps me worried yes
  8. Well it was never good to begin with. I expect nothing. Weaker precip means rain or mix. New levels of shitty outcomes
  9. Damn that’s the best GFS run I have seen…did we talk about that already? Sorry I was constipated
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