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  1. It’s cold however. No taking that away
  2. My guess is snow will tick NW to EZF and I will be smoking cirrus at game time. Barring any substantial changes.
  3. hope so...its not many winters you are in the jackpot zone. enjoy every flake.
  4. that line just had to cut through my yard..jeez...I am literally on the blue .50 pt line...fine kettle of fish this is
  5. that thing looks headed OTS to me with that trough base location and tilt on the ICON
  6. Toms River native here...I want snow here but they can have some...shut down Rt 37
  7. actually thats good question...Va Beach as of now as presented...I feel like the euro is slowly cruisin' on south for a vacation...having lived there few scenarios favor them...but this look is one of them sort of
  8. just hang your hopes on the sampling issue...that will get you through until its sampled then panic...does beg the question where does the euro get it's sampling data or is it just better at extrapolating...or none of those
  9. They started running out of colors. Once you get past 36 inches it’s madness. We should be safe from that this go around
  10. Yeah but it’s handy to have around when precip arrives. Looking at NA view it’s cold up there too…and looks aimed toward the east.
  11. Regardless of snow no short supply of cold. Looks like deep winter for a long time to come.
  12. You are always upbeat. Hats off to you. This was a good event and it’s only mid Jan.
  13. Jumped 2 degrees to 24. Had to happen. Fun nonetheless
  14. 21 with sleet. Pretty amazing. Not the sleet but the temps. It must be a mess on the roads.
  15. Thanks I guess. Man it’s awesome right now. Straight blizzard ish
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