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  1. It also sent more members to New Orleans
  2. 0z hurricane models split between north of Tampa landfall and Big Bend
  3. The mean is literally in the exact same position. Maybe 10 miles east.
  4. Can we take a minute and talk about the inland situation for GA/SC and northward? Pretty good rains forecast.
  5. Semantics. 12z has it going into Tampa, 18z has it parallel to Tampa
  6. Euro about 50 miles west, pretty similar to GFS. We may finally be getting a good idea on Florida target.
  7. Been bone dry in Raleigh for weeks. We can soak it up.
  8. As has been mentioned, winds are really a non issue compared to the surge
  9. The trough position really hasn’t change, it’s more storm speed/trajectory
  10. Kind of lurches it around to a Big Bend landfall
  11. Interesting they keep that NE trajectory longer term even with a H sliding off New England and models turning it NW after landfall
  12. Idk. I think the NHC forecast position is just about right.
  13. Euro goes Tampa-Atlanta-Knoxville-Columbus
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