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  1. Oddly this past week this place was booming. Now that it looks good for C/ENC, it’s a ghost town.
  2. Surprised to learn they even have a blue color on that thing. WRAL only believes we can receive mixed precip or rain.
  3. Boone, NC has a climate more analogous to one in Massachusetts but you let those people post here
  4. That really doesn’t look too dissimilar from everything else. Just a more expansive precip shield.
  5. Incredible Euro has 2.5 inches for Raleigh and 9 inches for Granville county. Always on the edge.
  6. Yes. I’ll take. Check. C/ENC would be shut down for a week
  7. CMC with 6 inches for most of Wake County. Pretty straight forward, and similar to 12z.
  8. An average of the Euro/CMC and GFS yields basically an ideal event for C/ENC
  9. From an overrunning event? I’d like to see examples. This isn’t some wound up bomb pushing SE flow.
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