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  1. It’s like the equivalent of being in Warning criteria snow event, anticipating a foot and not even seeing a flake. Unfortunately have been a part of both.
  2. Pretty wild that this was a level 4 and even made national news.
  3. Looks like it’s kinda fading out for the Triangle east
  4. Took Greensboro down to slight, and just kept the Triangle in enhanced....
  5. One thing about whatever line develops in CNC -- it'll be over and done within 30 minutes. Gonna be a mover. Then some snow showers tomorrow? Wild stuff.
  6. NC stuck in a CAD wedge. Usually hangs on longer than modeled. Would be surprised.
  7. Kind of sick to want snow at this point.
  8. Next week is truly looking glorious. HELLO SPRING
  9. It's not the high that's squashing this. It's the confluence over New England and resultant positive tilt. Need that to weaken and s/w to dive down further west. Still time. Also -- this is mid-day in March. Need some great dynamics (read: phasing between streams) to overcome the laserbeam-like sun angle we've got now. Total wag, but I'd still be watching if I were east of I-95 in NC or soutwest mountain folks as it comes across. Mighty big lift to get everyone in play.
  10. Next week is really shaping up for a nice stretch of dry and 60s and 70s with the SER flexing. Should be some ideal bloom conditions for bradfords and others.
  11. I’m ready to call it for Wake County south, and east. Spring is about to arrive.
  12. The likelihood plummets after Feb 15 or so. Sun angle kills any marginal events so it has to be anomalously cold.
  13. Last few days of met Winter. Let’s chase Spring and all it’s splendor. Post your mid and long range Bermuda Highs, pollen and blooms, bees and other telltale signs.
  14. 31 here 5 miles north of 540 in Wake. Getting slick.
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