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  1. The HWRF bombs every storm out. It was bound to be right eventually.
  2. Hahah this thing isn’t even a TS and they keep it a hurricane?
  3. Something has to be left to strengthen.
  4. Having grown up in coastal NC, I’m not sure I can recall a storm intensifying before landfall. They usually quickly degrade around 32N.
  5. GFS is trying to kill it off once it gets to FL. Barely a TD by NC.
  6. Tough to bet against the Euro within 36 hours of landfall
  7. Barely a TS at landfall on 18z GFS
  8. The saving grace is the fast forward movement. Won’t stick around an area long.
  9. From there it hits the afterburners and covers 700 miles in 24 hours
  10. Perhaps Cape Hatteras. The angle of approach would argue for OTS over mainland.
  11. Before this even starts, can we put out a warning against wishcasting or actively cheering for a strong hurricane? (Obviously doesn’t impact the storm, but is tasteless) These are people’s lives.