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  1. Anyone that wants snow after March 1 is a sicko
  2. Difference is: it still gets dark at 8 o’clock, Sun is strong, and “cold” then is like 64.
  3. Both models now showing a big warm up after this wet/cool period
  4. Don’t worry, it’ll all be over in 33 days.
  5. There’s a subset of posters that like to convince themselves that RDU’s climo is 1876 Pittsburgh and we’re all good.
  6. 37 days. Each year, I begin this thread to count down and document first signs of spring. Up next, in a few weeks, daffodils will begin to emerge and bloom, followed by Bradford Pears and other fruit trees. Let the countdown begin! Here’s to March 1!
  7. I want a cold February for two reasons: 1) Snow, obviously; but perhaps more importantly 2) Spring to begin on-time in March.
  8. We’re already punting to February at this point.
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